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Ina, you tease

Ina is a gorgeous, beautifully designed rabbit, but with a major flaw. While the clitoral nub is strong enough, the g-spot part has vibrations that are weak and are only strong enough to tease, or at least the vibrations aren't at a frequency/oscillation that works for me. So sad.
Strong clitoral vibrator, no batteries, beautiful design.
G-spot part vibrates too weakly, expensive.
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Ina, I had such high hopes for you. I wish we were still on better terms.

Ina is the most fashionable rabbit vibrator I've seen. So beautiful and modern. It could be a good choice for those who want a rechargeable rabbit vibrator with plenty of functions and a good clitoral nub, but who don't need strong internal vibrations. Or perhaps its best use is for those who are satisfied with internal vibrations that don't oscillate back and forth very far.

Material / Texture

Ina is made of silicone and plastic. Silicone covers the business end - the colorful part. The white handle and controls are plastic. It has no scent, no texture and has the same amount of drag as other silicone products.

Design / Shape / Size

Ina definitely wins points for style. She is so beautiful, like a vibrator designed for future generations.

Ina is almost eight inches long with an insertable shaft of almost four inches. The clitoral nub is about two inches long. The shaft and handle are firm and unbendable. The clitoral nub can easily be opened away from the shaft.

She's easy to hold and control too. Her size is unimposing.

She comes with a satin storage bag with a drawstring closure. The buttons can be locked, which, in addition to her light weight, make her a good choice to take with you while traveling.

Ina is rechargeable and holds a charge for several hours. Instead of just stopping or becoming weaker when her charge becomes low, the buttons glow red when she needs recharging.

Ina is splash-proof, but not waterproof.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Ina has separate motors for the shaft and clitoral nub and offers eight patterns of vibration:

1) steady shaft and clitoral nub vibration
2) steady shaft vibration only
3) steady clitoral nub vibration only
4) rapid alternation between the clitoral nub and the shaft
5) both the clitoral nub and the shaft pulse on and off simultaneously
6) the shaft pulses several times, then the clitoral nub vibrates
7) vibrations seem to roll back and forth between the clitoral nub and the shaft
8) this mode appears to be a random mix of clitoral nub and shaft vibrations with occasional beeps. I call this one rap mode. It reminds me of rap music.

Ina also has multiple levels of vibration intensity. It's hard to tell how many. Eight? Ten?

The controls are easy to use and allow you to change vibration pattern and return to a previous pattern without cycling through all the patterns again. You can also easily change the intensity of vibration up or down. The top and bottom buttons control the pattern. The buttons on the sides control the intensity. This is the opposite of what seems intuitive to me. I occasionally found myself pressing the wrong button.

Care and Maintenance

Ina is an easy care toy. She's not immersible, so some care must be taken while cleaning her. The business end is silicone, so only water based lubes should be used.


Ina comes in a sturdy, beautiful box. Instructions and warranty information are included. The box isn't practical for storage though. It isn't easy enough to put Ina back inside the molded plastic part that holds her. A satiny pouch is included which is a much more practical storage option.


I looked forward to using Ina so much. I really wanted to love her. Sadly, she just doesn't cut it for me. Yet another expensive toy has failed me.

The problem is that I can barely feel the vibrations of the shaft when it's inside me. Holding her in my hand, they seem like they should be strong enough. Yet once inside I can just barely feel them even on the highest setting. Setting it to the mode where only the shaft vibrates doesn't help. I still can't really feel them.

It's not that I'm vibrationally challenged inside. Plenty of other internal vibrators have worked very well for me. And yet Ina just doesn't vibrate in a way that I can feel. This is very frustrating for me.

I believe the difference is that Ina vibrates with less oscillation than the others. I need more back and forth movement apparently. By the way, if you too need plenty of back and forth movement in your internal vibrators, the Dreamer's Bliss is the toy for you.

I tried Ina several times and each time ended up tossing her aside in utter frustration and reaching for a more reliable method of getting off.

And what's worse is that after using Ina for awhile, I'm numbed inside so other internal vibrators or G-spot toys can't help me. What could be worse than a toy that you not only can't feel but that anesthetizes you?

As for the clitoral nub, that part works ok. It's strong enough. While some reviewers have said that the nub pressed down too hard on them, I pushed it against myself even harder. For me it easily moves away from the shaft. I can thrust with my Ina, no problem. While many people thought the nub was too short, I would have liked it to be shorter. It's much longer than fits me. We're all so different. But I doubt being able to insert Ina fully with the clitoral nub in the right place would have made a difference.

So Ina is actually just a very expensive bullet for me.

My whole point in writing this review is to describe the situations where Ina will and will not work for others. If you think you need deep vibrations internally, look elsewhere.
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    Great review. I had a very similar experience, except that the clit pressure was way too much for me. The clitoral vibrations in this one seem so much stronger and more intense than the internal vibrations.
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    Love P, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who finds Ina's internal vibrations to be lacking.
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