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Intensity reviews

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23 reviews

The benefits of this "toy" simply outweigh the cost. It would easily become almost any woman's best friend immediately. It's like owning my own personal orgasm machine and not having to do ANY of the work or have to "get in the mood" to do it! Now, if only they could come up with a prettier exterior and a case that doesn't "shed" onto the freshly cleaned toy, THEN I could give it a 5-star rating!

An orgasm after orgasm is insane! I never thought I'd be able to achieve the height of an orgasm as I have. Its the perfect way to get kegels done at the same time as an orgasm! There has been a few times it hasn't been strong enough so I added in my hitachi wand and it just made it so much more intense.

Warning: If you have an issue with your heart or other medical issue, I say to go out and find another kegel exerciser so you don't end up in the hospital. That being said, I have to say this is the best sex toy I have ever owned! It does it all: exercises your kegels, gives you great clitoral stimulation and an amazing orgasm!

I love this thing!! I would suggest it for beginners or experienced toy players. It is well worth the cost to me for the benefits that I receive from it. It provides me with continued orgasms. I was surprised at how long the batteries last in it an the power that it has.

Bottom line: The e-stim is simply incredible and provides immense pleasure. With the right mindset, the e-stim is an orgasm producing machine. Design is well thought out and intuitive to use. A total chore to clean but it's worth it.

This innovative toy not only exercises your kegels but can also lead to some great orgasms. Getting used to shocking the inside of your vagina can take some time and be a little intimidating.

This is one of the most expensive sex toys on the market today, but it is not without quite a number of cons. It does help to increase muscle tone, but with the silicone that pulls away, huge arse clunky feel... I question the asking price. If you are interested in increasing the strength of your kegels and your pelvic floor and have tried other vaginal exercisers with no success? This is something you might want to look at if you have that pocket change!

The pleasure, the pure pleasure is enough for me to have and use Intensity. The automatic strengthening of my Kegels makes Intensity an absolute must have. Having multiple more intense orgasms, well who wouldn't want that? Intensity is the only delightful and gratifying hands-free item in my Pleasure Box - oh my, unbelievable...

This toy delivers a powerful Kegel that you will never be able to do on your own. Don't let the noise scare you away.

So long as you don't expect this to be an end-all super automatic orgasm device, you shouldn't be disappointed. Kegels are good for your body and regardless of whether you get pleasure from this device, time spent using it is worthwhile. I am thrilled with the ability it has to make me kegel harder and better than I can do myself because eventually I should be able to do those deep kegels on my own. This is a well-thought-out device and I am happy with mine.

Unfortunately, this toy did not make the cut. It was nothing like I was expecting, it did not tighten, and I didn't even orgasm while using it, besides that one time that I used my Hitachi with it, but I'm putting my money on O by Wand. (kenobi?)

If you are looking for a bit of fun with your kegel exercises, this toy is a perfect fit for you. Even if you are not into doing your kegel exercises, this toy will do them for you! This toy is inflatable and can fit any vagina perfectly and with ease. This toy is quite costly, but after one use I bet you will feel it was totally worth it!

If you are looking for a toy that does it all, then the Jopen Intensity is perfect for you. With the electro magnetic plates, it gives you an everlasting orgasm and not only do you get that amazing orgasm, but you are also working your kegels at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Do you forget to do your kegel exercises on a regular basis, but know that you need to do them for your health? Don't fret, Jopen introduced the Intensity to do just that. It uses electrostimulation to force your pc muscles to contract allowing them to become stronger without you having to do the work.

This is an amazing toy, if you're willing to pay the price for it. The only complaints I have are the price and the rabbit part, as the rabbit part gets in the way sometimes.

The Intensity is aptly named. The inflatable shaft provides the necessary thickness, and the electostim plates on the shaft, when covered with electrode gel, provide contractions that increase in intensity depending on the level. A moderately strong rabbit provides clitoral stimulation to make using the Intensity an overall intense and enjoyable experience.

I don't think I have to tell you that I'm beyond impressed with this orgasm machine. While the price tag is HEAVY, I think this is a get what you pay for kind of situation. If you can save your nickels and dimes, you'll be happy that you did! The ONLY negative I can think of is the velvet storage box tends to cause the velvety material to settle onto my Intensity. Of course, you can easily arrange for alternate storage ideas! A MUST have for everyone who loves a never ending orgasm!

I love anything which can combines women's health with medical technology; it has a great customization for girth, dual clit and G-spot stimulation, along with exercising your kegals. Why shouldn't something be fun and good for you? Pelvic floor workouts will never be the same. Now you can exercise your pelvic floor and get out of puff with pleasure.

The Intensity is a high end fancy medical device turned sex toy that is used to do your kegels for you. The metal plates on the shaft provide electro stimulation to the inside of your vagina. The shaft can be inflated to the desirable circumference. And there is even a clitoral arm for added pleasure.

The Intensity is an ingenious way to strengthen your kegel muscles effectively, and get pleasure while you're doing it. The price tag is a bit steep, but overall it's a nice piece of equipment to have. Women who are already pretty tight may not notice much of a change, but anybody who uses it should still receive some pleasure at the very least.

Intensity is the most unique product for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, providing electrical pulses that force your muscles to contract. It makes working PC muscles very easy and enjoyable too. Intensity's vibrator is weak, however. If you need a strong vibrator you will want to hold Intensity's clitoral arm aside and substitute your own vibrator.

Intensity is a multitasking sex toy. Sure, it can give you an orgasm, but it can also strengthen your PC muscles at the same time. It works with electro stimulation, contracting the muscles internally as if you were clenching them. This results in incredible orgasms not only during use, but later on as your PC muscles tone. It's fatal flaw is that the vibrations just won't be strong enough for everyone, meaning you may need to add a second toy in to get the "Intensity Effect."

Combine a classic sex toy with medical technology, and what do you get? The Jopen Intensity---a g-spot and clitoral vibe which produces electrostimulation, sending your vaginal muscles instantly into the same contractions that an orgasm does---the Intensity Experience is basically an orgasm that lasts as long as you want. Slow and building in the lower settings, or body-shaking at the higher settings; inflatable to fit a wide range of bodies; intuitive controls---Yes. Intensely, Yes.

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