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Let Intensity do your kegel workout for you

Intensity is the most unique product for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, providing electrical pulses that force your muscles to contract. It makes working PC muscles very easy and enjoyable too. Intensity's vibrator is weak, however. If you need a strong vibrator you will want to hold Intensity's clitoral arm aside and substitute your own vibrator.
Makes strengthening PC muscles easy and enjoyable
Expensive, strong orgasms during use don't happen for everyone, weak vibrator
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Lovely Intensity. You are such an intriguing toy even if you don’t give me the powerhouse orgasms that you give others.

Intensity was originally designed as a product to help women strengthen their PC muscles. Many women who tested the prototype product reported that they were having intense orgasms as they used the product. Intensity is similar to the original product with the addition of a vibrating clitoral arm and a vibrator in the shaft.

I've been using this product daily for more than a week. I do believe it has strengthened my PC muscles - not dramatically, but steadily. And so easily too. It really does all the work for you. It reminds me of a make believe product advertised in Grand Theft Auto 3, the Dormatron, a high voltage electric blanket that you wrap around yourself at night and which uses "biorythmic subconscious gymnastics" to exercise your muscles for you as you sleep. You actually could fall asleep as you use Intensity and it would keep on working your PC muscles, although I don't recommend that.

Intensity is covered with silicone and is therefore a bit of a lint magnet. Intensity should last 8 hours on one set of the four AAA batteries that power it. I expect it to last longer for me since I don't use it's vibrator. The bulbous, round part of the handle is what you use to inflate it to fit. Uninflated, the shaft is 4 1/2" in circumference. It expands to 5 1/2" in circumference when fully inflated. Intensity does not need to be on to inflate the shaft. The black button on the bottom of the handle deflates it.

Intensity comes with a tube of electrogel, a thick blue gel that is to be applied to the electroplates before use. After applying it, inserting Intensity, then immediately removing it, the majority of the electrogel squeegeed off, so I'm not sure exactly how it can work. But in my one trial with Intensity where I didn't apply electrogel first, it felt terrible, like I was being zapped with electricity the whole time. Electrogel is supposed to allow the pulsations to transmit through your skin to the muscles underneath, allowing the electrical sensation not to concentrate on the skin.

I apply electrogel to the plates, then water based lube to the rest of the shaft, insert it, then inflate it as far as it will go. You can feel the pulses and contractions much better when the shaft is fully inflated.

Intensity is so easy and intuitive to use. Turn Intensity on with the power button on the top side of the handle. Those who want vibration can use up and down buttons to move it to one of its five vibration speeds. The clitoral arm is flexible and will probably fit most users well. I just use the other up and down arrows to move it through its ten electrical power levels.

What it feels like
I've tried using it with the both the vibrator and electric pulse parts in action. I find that the vibrator isn't nearly strong enough for me. Those who need strong vibrations will want to use something else for vibration. Fortunately, I find that it isn't difficult to hold the clitoral arm away from yourself and use a more powerful vibrator instead.

Even with this, the orgasms achieved while using Intensity aren't stronger, longer or better than those achieved with vibration alone. Perhaps this is because the pulses that Intensity gives aren't at the same frequency as my own orgasmic contractions. Intensity's pulses are slower. That is my current guess about why it doesn't enhance sensation for me.

I do, however, expect that as my PC muscles strengthen, orgasms in general will strengthen.

I can feel the pulses starting at level three. With each increase in power I briefly think "OMG, this is too strong" but by the third pulse I'm used to it and it feels fine. Gradually I increase power up to the highest level I can stand. In the beginning, I could only go to level five. After a week and a half, I could handle level ten, although I have to move to that level gradually over the course of a half hour.

Once you reach levels seven or higher, the contractions Intensity induces will feel quite strong. Only at level nine and ten are they as strong as what I can do on my own.

I do wish I could achieve the wonderful intense orgasms that other women report. Sadly, what I feel is just the contractions. Even the addition of a strong vibrator doesn't result in improved orgasms. When I use it with the electro-pulses on and the vibrator off, it feels like I'm receiving medical treatment. (cont'd...)
I just feel contractions. The contractions remind me of the painless Braxton Hicks contractions you have in late pregnancy or the contractions of very early labor. I don't mind this. It's all for the benefit of my PC muscles. It's by far the easiest way to work them. Squeezing them yourself is so much effort by comparison (definitely a first world problem.)

After 15 minutes of use, I feel aroused. If I purposely squeeze during the contractions, I can't feel Intensity's pulses anymore.

I use it for about a half hour each time. When I remove it, the electroplates are always completely dry. Only sometimes do I feel a bit like I'm being zapped at the higher settings. It always feels like it's the edges of the electroplate that are zapping me. Even when this happens, it is NOTHING like what you would feel from an electrical socket. Intensity is nowhere near as strong.

Find that at a certain level you feel slightly zapped? Move back to the previous level. Problem solved.

Involuntary ejaculation
I notice that while I use Intensity, almost every time, there is a puddle of colorless, odorless liquid on the towel under me afterward. And Intensity's shaft is covered with the same liquid. While I'm not having full on orgasms when I use Intensity, it seems to be triggering me to squirt. It's so odd.

Results after two weeks
Before Intensity arrived, I'm sad to admit that my PC muscle strength had lapsed to the weak level where I could feel only a depressingly weak squeeze with one finger inserted when I squeezed as hard as I could. After two weeks of regular use, I am capable of a moderate squeeze - probably about average.

Before Intensity arrived, I had slipped back from my peak of PC muscle strength (4 on a scale of 1-5 according to my gyn - RAWR!). I've been slacking off in my PC muscle workouts, plus I've had a chronic cough and don't seem to ever remember to do a protective kegel until after the cough is over. I've lost a LOT of ground in the last month or two.

Now that there's a product that takes the work out of kegeling, you can imagine how happy I am. It took me much longer to make this much progress kegeling on my own. While most of the electrical settings of Intensity are weaker that what I can squeeze myself, I can use it for much longer than I'm willing to kegel on my own. How often have I done kegel squeezes for a half hour on my own, or even 15 minutes? Never.

I just hope this site starts carrying electrogel. I worry about what I'm going to do when I run out.

Jopen now guaratees that if Intensity doesn't give you "orgasms stronger than any other vibrator you’ve ever tried" return it for a refund within 30 days. This just makes me feel like a freak because I AM NOT HAVING THIS RESPONSE. And I'm not the only one who just feels contractions either. But even so, I'm keeping my Intensity. It really is the easiest, most intriguing way to strengthen your PC muscles.

I'm giving it four stars just for the vibrator being so weak.
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    ty As much as I think I'd like it, it probably wouldn't give me the orgasms it says it gives others. I will never have orgasms like other women. I just realized that. If a woman has not has orgasms by age 63 she won't have any after that.
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