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Fun and good, but not great

Bottom line: The e-stim is simply incredible and provides immense pleasure. With the right mindset, the e-stim is an orgasm producing machine. Design is well thought out and intuitive to use. A total chore to clean but it's worth it.
Easy to use
Hard/time consuming to clean
Clit arm is buzzy
Shaft length
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Jopen's Intensity is both a kegel exerciser and a rabbit vibe in one. The shaft inflates to accommodate nearly (if not all) everyone. The Intensity exercises your kegels by means of electro-stimulation. For the vibrations, the clit portion of the vibe has 3 little prongs and the shaft obviously vibrates as well. There are no separate controls for the clit stimulator and the shaft; if one is on level 3, so is the other. You can use either the vibrations or electro-stimulation or combine the two. They operate independently of each other, thanks to the intuitively located controls on the base of Intensity. Also located on the base are the buttons to inflate and deflate the shaft.

Material / Texture

There is no smell to Intensity that I noticed at all. It's also not realistic although it certainly will raise questions if left out. The base is hard, except for the part where the air pump is. The shaft feels a little wobbly but I have not had any problems with it yet. It's somewhat squishy along the sides as it is inflatable, but it's not bendable.

The shaft and clit arm are made of silicone (so only water-based lubes) and the base is plastic with a silicone coating. The silcone is smooth and does have a bit of drag. The e-stim contacts are stainless steel. 4 AAA batteries power the Intensity.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of Intensity certainly does look medical to me, but considering the intended use, I can understand that. Once I started using it, the design made perfect sense. From the control placement to the way the base is sculpted and the placement of the inflate/deflate buttons, everything seems to be the most ergonomic design possible. I really commend Jopen for putting a lot of thought into the way Intensity feels and how easy it is to operate. The size is rather large, however, I think it's acceptable. It's not like I'm going to be traveling with it anyways; this is more of an in-home only toy (for me anyways).

In no way is the Intensity discreet; leave it out and you'll be answering a lot of questions. The shape is not realistic, but it's still obvious that it's some sort of sex device.

I believe that for most people, the size of Intensity will be a good fit as the shaft inflates to whatever girth is desired. The clit arm is probably the variable here. At 2.5" it's too long for me, but will work perfectly for some people. The inflatable shaft is only 5" long, which seems really short to me. The issue I have with the length is that the longer I use Intensity, it's like it gets sucked up farther inside me. By the time I'm finished, it's sucked up to the point of the seal on the base. If I make a conscious effort, I can control how deep it is, but I don't always think of that! Note: the product page lists 5.75" as the shaft length, but I measured 5" from tip to the base of the shaft.

Care and Maintenance

Ah care and maintenance....on the Intensity, it's a chore to say the least. Since it's not waterproof, extra care must be taken when cleaning. Here's how I clean it: hold the base, apply anti-bacterial hand soap to the shaft and wash it, making sure no water gets in the seam at the base of the shaft. At this point I will also wash the clit arm under a slow stream of water. After that, I'll grab a couple of toy wipes and wipe down the base and go over the clit arm and the shaft again. I find it easiest to clean when the shaft is fully inflated as there are fewer crevices that way. After cleaning and drying it with a flour sack towel (to cut down on fuzzies), I place the Intensity back in the original box. When I'm ready to use it again, I just rinse off any fuzzies.

As we're dealing with silicone here, the only lube that should be used is a water-based lube. There is also a tube of the electrode gel in the box also and that also acts as a lube, somewhat. When the tube runs out, I'm sure that replacements can be ordered. If not, I would check around to make sure that any electrode gel you plan on ordering are compatible with silicone. There's a small storage slot cut into the box so you can store the gel right in the box also.


Intensity is packaged in a very nice looking purple box with a foam insert that holds the toy and the electrode gel in place. The foam is nice for keeping it in place while stored, but it gets little fuzzies all over the Intensity, which is pretty annoying. A quick wash/wipe down before use will remove them though, so it's not too big of a deal.

Personal comments

I have never owned a rabbit vibe, nor have I had any desire to. I prefer pairing an excellent vibe or dildo with an excellent clit vibe. The Intensity feels lackluster in terms of the clit stimulator, but it still gets the job done. It is noisy, but when held at the base of the clit arm, it does lower the buzzing noise significantly. The vibrations in the clit portion feel buzzy to me, while the shaft feels more rumbly. Perhaps this is common in rabbits?

Another issue that I have with the clit arm is the length, which is 2.5". Maybe it works for most people, but it's too long for me. I have to maneuver it into position by bending it just a bit. If only it were 1/4" shorter I think it would work.

The clit arm was annoying me so much that I decided to try an experiment. I flipped the Intensity upside down so the clit arm was facing downwards towards my butt and used my We-Vibe Touch on my clit instead. During this time, I used only the e-stim function of Intensity. Wow. It was incredible and I instantly wished there were a version of Intensity made without a clit arm. With no vibrations, I was able to feel every single muscle contraction and it was intense. The only drawback was that I had to operate Intensity with one hand and the Touch with my other. Awkward.

It seems that I have to be in the right mood to get maximum enjoyment from Intensity. If I am already worked up and then start using it, it's pretty much an instant orgasm the minute I switch on the e-stim. If not, it's still immensely pleasurable, but I just don't orgasm. My muscles still contract in the same manner as if I were having one, but it's not the same. Very difficult to's like there is a disconnect between my head and my body, one is having an orgasm and the other isn't. I don't know if that makes sense but that's what it feels like.

Another thing I've noticed is that the less turned on I am when I start using Intensity, the more e-stim I can handle. As I continue on, I start to feel the e-stim a lot more and typically decrease the level of e-stim for a little bit before increasing it again. Using the vibrator part of Intensity also helps to be able to use higher levels of e-stim. Level 5 or 6 seems to be the most pleasurable for now, although with time, I feel like I will be able to work my way up higher.

One thing that bugs me is the length of the shaft...I wish it was about an inch longer, at least. When I start using Intensity, the shaft is not all the way inside me, it's about an inch maybe from that. But, the longer I use it and the longer I have the e-stim on, it's like it sucks it up into me farther. Before I know it, I'm in to the part where the shaft meets the base (where there is a little seam or gap). The e-stim seems to affect this more than the vibrations do. I don't know why the shaft was made this short, but it could definitely stand to be longer. Disappointing.

I know, I've kinda ripped the Intensity in the few paragraphs above. I really do love it though, but the things that I don't like about it, I REALLY don't like. The pleasure I get from the e-stim though makes up for these shortcomings in the design. I'm sure this product was tested over and over again, yet it seems like these things are common sense to me and I'm not sure how the design team overlooked them. Flaws or no flaws, the Intensity is still an amazing device and it is definitely the most unique toy that I own. Would I pay $250 for it? No, definitely not. If the Intensity had a redesign and fixed the issues that I have with it, then I might. I would love to see a version with NO clit arm so I can use my own clit vibe. If the noise and length don't bother you, it may very well be worth $250. I'm still delighted to own it and and the buyout assignment price puts it at a more reasonable price point.
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