Intensity - electro stimulator by Jopen - review by TheSlyFox

Man, This thing is INTENSE.

This is an amazing toy, if you're willing to pay the price for it. The only complaints I have are the price and the rabbit part, as the rabbit part gets in the way sometimes.
Almost constant orgasm.
Feels amazing.
Great storage box
pretty color.
Rabbit part.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I use this toy every single night, and man, it's amazing. How you use this toy is you put water based lube all over the shaft, you put the electrode gel (Included) on the electrode plates, and then you insert it, and use the pump on the handle to inflate it to your desired size, be sure that the electrode plates are touching your vaginal walls, or the toy won't work right. This toy is best suited for an advanced user who is looking for something different, or maybe even a beginner looking to strengthen their kegel muscles. Since I use this toy daily, I recommend using it every day if you want to strengthen your kegels. So far, it seems to have strengthened mine a good bit in 2 weeks. This toy also extends the 'life' of your orgasms by a bit, and when it's on, it's almost like a constant orgasm. (Though, when you have an actual orgasm it makes them last a LONG time.) Make SURE you have the electrode gel on the plates, or you might get shocked. Also, make sure you allow time for your body to adjust to the lower settings, or it may hurt you some. (I can't feel the electro stimulation unless it's on 3 or higher, but if you can feel it on 1, make SURE you accustom yourself to that, since I went straight to 5 after I felt it without letting myself get used to it, and it wasn't exactly 'pleasant' since it was more stimulation then my muscles could handle at one time.)

Material / Texture

Jopen lists the materials of all their components: the shaft and clitoral stimulator are made of silicone, the handle is made with ABS plastic with a silicone coating, the stimulation contacts are made of stainless steel, and the inflation release valve and battery cap are made of ABS plastic. This toy doesn't really have a smell or taste to it which I adore.. This toy feels really smooth, and has a slight drag. This toy kind of reminds me of a duck bill, it's a bit strange looking, but it isn't awkward to handle at all. I wish this toy came in different colors, but the pink is okay. Most of the shaft is flexible, since it inflates and has 'extra' so that it Can inflate. The texture of the silicone does add some extra stimulation for me, but may not for others. The toy, below the electrodes is pretty firm, but above it is pretty flexible so that it can inflate so much. I would really recommend this toy to all advanced users, but quite a few beginners would adore this toy, too!

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design, though the fact it kinda looks like a duck bill is a bit disturbing, other then that, it's a great color pink and the idea is great (I mean, who wouldn't want to have lots of fun while strengthening their kegals?. The shape is actually really versatile, it worked great for me, and should work pretty good for any woman. The shaft is inflatable to fill up any woman to her max. Also, the rabbit part is a bit short, and I Personally think this toy should have two versions; One without the rabbit, and one with. Women who are closer spaced together then I am will enjoy the rabbit enough, though, and even if you don't, you can always move it out of the way and use a bullet or something like I did.. The size in length is great, just long enough to get far enough in me to fill me, but may be a bit too 'long' for some women. The width is great and can fit basically anyone. The size is a great fit for most average users, though. The toy really isn't discreet at all, though at first glance it's not obvious what it's made for.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is easy to care for, just wash the lube off with water and soap or toy cleaner, and then store it in it's box. Since this is silicone, DO NOT store it with other silicone toys, or use silicone lube with it, or else you may destroy a very expensive toy.


The toy came packaged in a box with 'jopen intensity on it' Inside that box, is a purple box with the actual toy inside. The purple box has the toy, gel, and instructions on it. I recommend keeping your toy in said box all the time unless you are using it, as it protects it from getting damaged, since the box is pretty discreet, it could also be used as a gift box.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this, and still have a lot of gel left, however, I just don't use this as much as I used to, it is still a treat when I do though!!
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