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Oh my...unbelievable!!!

The pleasure, the pure pleasure is enough for me to have and use Intensity. The automatic strengthening of my Kegels makes Intensity an absolute must have. Having multiple more intense orgasms, well who wouldn't want that? Intensity is the only delightful and gratifying hands-free item in my Pleasure Box - oh my, unbelievable...
pleasurable Kegel contractions, clit and g-spot orgasms, increased multiple and intense orgasms
the price is high and adding any other features would increase the price at the time of this review
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I want to say up front that I have not read any of the EF Intensity reviews so I can keep my review fresh and based on my extensive online research and personal experience. That being said, I hope I answer enough of your curiosity and questions so you have little, if any, left after reading the review. Also, I believe sharing an in depth view of my experience will offer you the information you may need to see how you might experience the many pleasures of Intensity.

Jopen's Intensity Kegels exerciser is the most innovative of it's kind in the world. The story of it's creation is quite interesting. Pioneering medical technology created a tool to help strengthen the Kegels of women with weak bladder control and women who were pregnant. The medical tool prescribed by doctors was about to become something more.

These masterful technology creators, unbeknownst to them, had created a pleasure producer. That's right ladies, I said PLEASURE PRODUCER. You need do nothing but lay back and enjoy. "Instructions: no effort on your part required" - my instructions, but it's true. The Dr.s who prescribed the medical tool learned their patients were orgasming while they were using it for treatment. One day soon after, medical technology knocked on sex toy manufacturer's door and they combined their skills and knowledge to produce Intensity.

Jopen, sex toy manufacturer, added special touches for their creation known as Intensity. Oh , yes, bring it on!. Clit AND G-spot stimulators were combined with the amazing PLEASURE PRODUCER. Can't beat that. I can just lay there and do nothing else and I can enjoy? - oh my, unbelievable... That's what I was thinking until I used Intensity. Once I had my first Intensity experience, the question marks faded away. My Kegels never felt so "enjoyed", mmmmm...

Ladies, Intensity develops our Kegels by automatically contracting those muscles through electrostimulation. Through eleto-rostim-what? Electric pulses are created by the electrodes on the shaft. These pulses automatically cause our pelvic floor muscles, a.k.a., Kegels to contract, thereby, strengthening them over time with regular use of Intensity. The amount of time for regular use is individually determined. Of course there are several other ways to strengthen our Kegels, but not through automatically induced contractions as is the case with Intensity!

Intensity can be used with a partner joining in on your fun. They can hold and manipulate the shaft up and down, sideways as well as control the clitoris and g-spot stimulators. But no thrusting. There is a precaution to not pull the shaft out to to the electrodes to avoid any discomfort. Even though our Kegels are being worked to make them stronger, we can orgasm during all those amazing automatic contractions - oh my, unbelievable...

Solo is probably the best frequent way to use Intensity since regularly using it with prolonged periods of time are needed to tone our Kegels. That period of time is individually determined. I like to feel those delicious contractions daily for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

I find my vaginal and g-spot orgasms are so much more yummy when using Intensity! I even have clitoral orgasms while I'm getting those special muscles stronger. Stronger Kegels can lead to longer and more intense orgasms. Longer orgasms! More intense orgasms! Can you imagine? Yes, oh my, unbelievable... An added bonus of Intensity is that the automatic contractions are held a bit longer than the typical length of time our Kegels contract on their own as we orgasm.

If that isn't enough, I found another special feature from my exploration with Intensity that I never came across through my online research. When I only use a lube, like Jack-Aide medium density, and do not use the special Electrode Gel included with Intensity, and I hold the shaft at an angled position downward, I feel muscle contractions of my anal muscle or muscles. Not only that, I feel pleasure sensations just inside and on the outer surface of my anus.

Believe me, I do feel those wonderful pleasure sensations. No wonder people like anal sex! I've never been interested in anal sex because of that "sharts" thing. FYI, anal use is not a recommended use. Due to the unusual nature of Intensity, I highly suggest only using it as intended - a Kegels exerciser for women.

Material / Texture

Intensity is covered with silicone and has two metal plates, one placed on the top and one on the bottom side of the shaft for electrostimulation. The silicone has no smell and of course is well known to be non-porous safe material. The shaft feels and looks smooth to the touch. The remainder of the unit has a slight texture with a nice feel to it.

To accommodate all desires for that feeling of fullness, the shaft is inflatable up to six levels that I could find. The inflation control is located on the bottom of the sloped part of the base. Pushing in on the corner curve, I feel this airy, pumping, pushable spot which inflates the shaft with each pump.
Right next to the inflation pump is what's called a quick release button. Whenever you want to decrease the shaft, you can repeatedly quickly press the button for incremental shaft decreases or press and hold the button for complete deflation.

The shaft has an accordian construction on it's sides allowing for the shaft inflation. And regarding the shaft size, I found it to be neither too big or too small. The un-inflated shaft was quite adequate for feeling those unbelievably delicious contractions. I did inflate it at different levels but found it did not add to my automatic contractions or my feeling of fullness.

Design / Shape / Size

Well, the design.... When I saw Intensity the first time I was surprised at the appearance. It was much larger than I expected and oddly shaped. The shape reminds me of a Yoga movement, "Sitting Chair" There's nothing sexually realistic looking here girls. However, given it's purpose, what else can it look like? What do I know, I didn't invent this PLEASURE PRODUCER.

There are dual motors for the g-spot and clitoris stimulators. They are controlled together by a single button The g-spot stimulator is a sloping bump about 1 3/4" long. The bump is located at the lowest end of the shaft. The clitoral stimulator has two long fingers and one short finger. This stimulator is positioned at the top end of the base. The clit stimulator is flexible enough to hold at an angle, it's just not bendable.

The whole unit is about 12" long. The shaft is about 5 1/4" long and 4 1/4" in circumference while not inflated. At the fullest inflation I measure it at about 5 1/2" in circumference. The base used as a handle, is about 6" long and 3" x 2" at its widest curving point. The tip of the shaft is tapered for easy insertion.

Intensity is powered by 4 AAA batteries. As always, remove the batteries when not using it. Battery conservation also appears to be a special feature of Intensity. I'm still using the same batteries after twenty-five plus pleasurable hours.

How to best handle and hold Intensity while using it took some practice to find what worked best for me. I lie on my back with my head on some pillows and bend my knees either with them up in the air or feet on the bed. Every time I use Intensity I experiment with a pillow to hold the unit so I can just lay back and allow myself to be consumed with pure pleasure - hands free.

Intensity is anything but discrete. So I highly recommended you not travel with it. You don't want some check-point rep. pulling it out of your luggage waving it about asking YOU, "What is this thing?", and then have to explain while all the curious are gathered about.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone lube use is discouraged with silicone surfaces so I use a water based lube since Intensity is covered in silicone. I have made it a habit to never hold the top of the handle where the on/off button is located when handling Intensity so as to not accidentally turn it on.

The unit is not waterproof so do not immerse in water to clean up. Simply wipe with a soapy cloth or use toy cleaner with the shaft fully inflated to ensure all traces of the Electrode Gel and lube are removed. Special attention in cleaning the accordian sides is necessary. Fully air dry and deflate before storing separately from your sex toys. Be sure to remove batteries before cleaning.

I'm very careful in handling the unit while the shaft is inflated since in becomes quite wobbly. While inserted, there are no wobbly sensations. There is a seam down both the top and bottom of the shaft. The seams have no effect on using Intensity. There is a noticeable feel to where the electrodes are attached to the top and bottom of the shaft. Again, this has no effect on using the PLEASURE PROVIDER.


The packaging for Intensity is nice as well as protective. It comes in a very nice box inlaid with foam to cradle the unit and has a place for the Electrode Gel and small diagram booklet.

I personally wanted some kind of instructions but that isn't included. In fact, through all my research on Intensity there aren't any specific instructions ever offered. There are use precautions, but no usage instructions That's one reason why I want to share my experiences.


I get aroused before using Intensity. This sets the stage for me to experience the most I can get from using Intensity for the next thirty + minutes. I enjoy my delicious Kegel contractions for at least fifteen to twenty minutes before adding the clit and g-spot vibrations. Within minutes of turning on the vibrators, I'm off into an explosion of clitoral orgasm - YES! Then I lift the clit stimulator up for awhile so I can enjoy the amazing work of the g-spot stimulator - double YES!! I don't orgasm often, might be because I'm already concentrating on not writhing too much or to not thrust, but it doesn't matter, it's sooo amazing. Somewhere in there with all of that I focus on the anal contractions and just simply enjoy. And all this happens as I'm getting an automatic workout of my Kegels! Oh my. unbelievable...
Follow-up commentary
I so enjoy the sensations of the automatic contractions I experience when using Intensity. I use it 3-4 times per week for Kegels strength maintenance. I have yet to find another Kegels exerciser as effective. I'm very impressed with how long the batteries last that power Intensity. I have discovered that if I don't get aroused before using it, the contractions I feel are so much more stronger and sensational - oh my...believable!
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    TerBear, there is no information comparing which Keggel exercisors are better. Intensity does it differently than other Kegelers plus it is a type of Rabbit vibrator at the same time it's an exercisor. The way I understand Intensity is that it's quite different for Kegels and offers benetits not offered by other Kegelers. hope this helps.
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    also TerBear, the review contains information on how the Kegler part of Intensity works.
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    if anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.
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    Hands-free you say? I like it!
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    Great review. Thanks for all the details. I think I'm going to try it.
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    Great review. I like it.
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    After re-reading this encyclopedic review (and your good follow though on answering comments), I am disgusted to see 'somewhat useful' votes for this!! You know, I am glad it seems this sort of crap has stopped, so there is something to say for the changes, lol!
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