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The Intensity is an ingenious way to strengthen your kegel muscles effectively, and get pleasure while you're doing it. The price tag is a bit steep, but overall it's a nice piece of equipment to have. Women who are already pretty tight may not notice much of a change, but anybody who uses it should still receive some pleasure at the very least.
Easily works out Kegels, Easy to figure out, Surprisingly strong for AAAs
Expensive, Smell doesn't air out
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The Intensity is designed to be a Kegel exerciser that also provides you with a lot of pleasure. The shaft is inflatable to give every woman a custom girth that works the best for her, and the electrodes work your muscles out in a way that you just can't do on your own.

Material / Texture

The Intensity is made of a medical grade silicone that unfortunately, picks up a ton of lint and other physical debris that may be floating around the air. It's definitely got some drag to it, so you'll want to make very sure that you do use lube. The silicone does have a nice feel to it otherwise, but it does also have a scent that to me, smells a lot like vinegar. The scent has dissipated with time, but is still very noticeable.

The electrodes are made of metal, and don't smell or have a taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The Intensity isn't what I'd call "beautiful." Looking at it makes me think of an ugly duckling, and it definitely looks more utilitarian than pretty. It's got a large handle that's a lot easier to grip and work with than it might first appear. Shaped somewhat like a capital L, only with the tail end pointing down, the tail is pretty much the perfect angle for you to hold onto it while it's inside of you. The butt end controls how inflated the shaft is, and a black button right above that releases all the air from the shaft and brings it back to its smallest setting. The battery compartment is also located on the handle and the cap unscrews so you can feed in 4 AAA batteries. The handle also features relatively intuitive control buttons, and the base of the clitoral arm. It's about 7" long, 2" wide, about 5 1/2" around the skinny part of the handle (where you'd hold it), and 9" around the widest part (including the butt/heel where you'd inflate it).

The clitoral arm extends a total of 2 1/2" and reaches over the shaft a total of about 1 3/4". The shaft is tapered for easy insertion and a total of 5" long, 4 1/2" around deflated, and a max of about 6" around inflated; although there is a decent amount of give while inflated. Along the top of the shaft there's a 1 1/2" long G-spot bump about 1/2" in, and about 1/2" after that the 1 1/2" long electrode; with one placed symmetrically on the other side as well.

While the Intensity isn't realistic, it's not exactly discreet either. Anybody who's ever seen a rabbit sex toy, or heard almost any of the jokes will be able to figure out that this is something sex related.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance isn't a breeze, but it's not terribly difficult either. When the shaft is deflated, there are a few ridges that will catch lube and discharge. To clean it out easily, just inflate the shaft. You can either wipe it down with a toy wipe, a wet soapy washcloth, or you can wash it carefully in the sink. It's not waterproof at all, so do be careful about getting it too wet. There's a seam where the shaft meets the handle that may eventually let water into the inside, so I would probably stick with wiping it down. Since the whole thing is coated with the same silicone, you can wipe off the handle too to keep it lint free.

For storage, I would try to find somewhere to keep it that it wouldn't pick up lots of fuzzies, but barring that it would stay nicely in the original box.


A large outer box covers the box that actually holds the Intensity. The outer box is not discreet at all, but isn't really tacky either. It tells you key points about the Intensity in a few different languages, and can easily be recycled when you're done reading it.

The Intensity is actually held inside a sturdy cardboard box in a foam liner. Also in the foam section is the electrode gel and the instruction packet. The foam is the type that sheds, so you'll want to wipe down the insertable portion of the Intensity before using it.

The tube of electrode gel is 2 ounces, and lists its ingredients as reverse osmosis water, humectant polymers (acrylic acid/cellulose polymer), propyl paraben and methyl paraben in bacteriostatic concentration, fd&c blue #1, and yellos #5.


I honestly have a hard time using this on a consistent basis. Between finding the time and it being uncomfortable to insert for me, at least at first, and then removing it after I'm done is also uncomfortable, I just have a hard time wanting to use it, even though it does feel awesome while in use. I'm able to get up to level 9 of the electrostim before calling it all too much, although I feel like I'm right on the brink of getting to level 10.

I'm glad that I have it, and that I have the opportunity to review it, but unless something changes I won't be replacing it if it breaks.

**Disclaimer, I did actually receive this for free, however an unfortunate series of events led to having to submit the review as a not assigned**
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