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Shock Those Kegels Into Shape

The Intensity is a high end fancy medical device turned sex toy that is used to do your kegels for you. The metal plates on the shaft provide electro stimulation to the inside of your vagina. The shaft can be inflated to the desirable circumference. And there is even a clitoral arm for added pleasure.
Kegels on demand, interesting stimulation, most women will be able to use it.
Expensive, doesn't work for everyone, not waterproof, no color options.
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The Jopen Intensity is a vaginal exerciser combined with a clitoral stimulator. The shaft is only to be inserted into the vagina, so the metal plates can provide electro stimulation to the Pelvic muscles. The shaft can be blown up and reduced to fit the size of your needs. The clitoral arm is flexible, so if you find the vibrations weak you can move it to the side and use your choice vibe.

You should be sure to read the directions of how this is recommended to be used. The first step is to apply a compatible lube to yourself, then apply the electro glide gel to the metal plates, insert and inflate to desirable size, and then turn on the functions. Be sure to shut off the functions before removing. I am not sure if there is a risk of not following these directions, but I figure best to be safe than sorry when messing with shock therapy in your vagina. There are also other precautions to take with this toy.

*Don't use if you are pregnant.
*Don't use if you have a pacemaker.
*Don't use on irritated or infected skin.
*Don't use anally or orally.
*Don't get Intensity wet.

Material / Texture

The vast majority of the Intensity is made of 100% silicone, but there is also Stainless Steal and plastic. The smell of my Intensity is a very strong odor of vinegar and I have not been able to get it to wash away with two weeks of daily washings. The only materials inserted are silicone and Stainless steal. Silicone and stainless steel have a safety rating of a 10, so both materials are great. The majority of Intensity is made of silicone. This silicone has a decent amount of drag to it, collects a fair amount of lint, and is squishy at the insertable part. It is squishy though because the insertable part inflates to your desirable size. On the shaft are two stainless steal plates, these are used to conduct the electro stimulation. The cover over the battery unit and the button to release the air are made of plastic, which has a level 8 safety rating. All three materials are latex free, phthalates free, hypo allergenic, and non porous. Should you want to share this item you can do a cleaning with a bleach solution in between users. I am not sure currently if a condom can be used.

The texture varies depending on whether or not you inflate the shaft. The more the shaft in blown up, the less texture there is. The texture that is there is ripples similar to accordion with a bump on the front of the shaft to hit the G-spot. These are less prominent when the shaft is blown up all the way, but these don't add to anything. The metal plates are not felt either, since they are flat on the shaft. The clitoral arm has three nubs to lightly tease the clitoris, these are flexible.

Design / Shape / Size

The product images do make the coloring of the Intensity more of a light pink, but it is more of a pink and lavender color, but still very pretty. The design does definitely looks like a hair straighter or a medical device, but in some sense it is. The total length of this device is 12" long, so it can be awkward to store, however the insertable length is only 5" (not 5.75" like the product page says.) The circumference depends on what you blow the shape up to be, but it ranges from 4"-7", so you can adjust it to your comfort level.

The intensity starts off as a 5" shaft that is designed like an accordion, so it can be inflated. These ripples can collect juices. There are two stainless steel plates located 1" down that are 1.5" long and 0.75" wide. There is one on the front of the shaft and one on the back of the shaft. The shaft is slightly rounded, but not enough for easy insertion. Under the plate on the front is a 1.5" long bump that is for the G-spot. The shaft is attached to a decent sized base. The base is 7" long itself. It is an awkward shape that I find hard to describe. It looks like a bubbly letter L with a cutesy curl at the bottom. Right under the shaft is the attached 2.75" clitoral arm, which is a rabbit. The rabbit has two ears and a tongue sticking out? I am not sure what the third nub is suppose to be, but I like the tongue sticking out, so that is what I am sticking with. The outside of the bend of the L is an air pocket with a hole on the bottom. This is were you pump to get the shaft to inflate. Rightly above this air pocket is a black button, this is to release the air. In the center of the cutesy curl of the L is a twist cap, which twist out to reveal the battery unit. This curve/curl also comes in handy for hand placement. One the front below the clitoral arm are 5 buttons to control the functions of the Intensity. Then there is an impression on the Intensity marking it with "Intensity by Jopen.

I would only travel with the Intensity in the box it came in. It is awkward to store due to its shape and size. The size is adjustable to your desire, so it ca be enjoyed by all.

Inflated Shaft

Air Pocket

Clitoral Arm

Care and Maintenance

The intensity should be cleaned using a damp rag with soap and water or toy wipes. Be sure to get in very groove to remove all juices. You will want to do this before and after each use, because it collects a decent amount of lint.

You should keep intensity stored in the box it came in and along with your other toys.

Silicone is compatible with water based lubes. I advise against silicone based lubes, since they could damage the silicone and this product is expensive to replace.


Intensity comes in a box with images of the Intensity on it, but inside is another box. The second box is a deep purple color. When you open it inside is the Intensity properly placed in foam. There is a little booklet in many languages for directions of use. These should be followed. Then a tube of Electrode Gel comes with. This second box is great for storage and is what I am using. It does leave fuzzies all over the Intensity.

Personal comments

Electrode Gel Ingredients and break down

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

Humectant Polymers (acrylic acid/cellulose polymer)



FD&C Blue #1

FD&C Yellow #5

The gel comes out with a slight blue color. It is not sticky. It is very similar feeling to hair gel. I am not sure what I am going to do when it runs out, but I will think of something.


I am currently only able to get to level 7, but I can not feel the first 3 levels what so ever. I do notice that from day to day I am more sensitive to this device. Some days level 4 is hardly felt, but other days it is felt just fine. I do find that sometimes I do not like the contractions it gives me, but this seems to correlate with placement of my cervix (which mine is sensitive.) I am unable to achieve amazing orgasms with this toy, but I do enjoy the use of it.

Now down to the main question, is it worth its price tag? I have to answer this question honestly, yes. I do think that $250.00 is too much for a toy, but it is a device designed to do exercise for you. You pay $300 or more for a treadmill, so why not a toy that exercises your kegels?
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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