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Intense Orgasms Now...And Later

Intensity is a multitasking sex toy. Sure, it can give you an orgasm, but it can also strengthen your PC muscles at the same time. It works with electro stimulation, contracting the muscles internally as if you were clenching them. This results in incredible orgasms not only during use, but later on as your PC muscles tone. It's fatal flaw is that the vibrations just won't be strong enough for everyone, meaning you may need to add a second toy in to get the "Intensity Effect."
Electro stimulation, Tones PC muscles, Contracts muscles in waves, Easy to use controls, Inflatable
Vibrations may not be strong enough for everyone, Loud, Strange appearance
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Jopen's Intensity story actual begins somewhere you may not expect - in a medical lab. Two clinicians were working on a device to improve urinary incontinence. During testing of the product, women began to speak up and say that they were experiencing some of the strongest orgasms of their lives. Armed with this information, the medical staff brought the idea to California Exotics (owner of the Jopen line). Thus the Intensity was born.

So what exactly is the Intensity? Well, it's use is twofold. It's first use is a Kegel exerciser. The electro stimulation contract the muscles. The replicates a "set" of Kegels. Instead of sitting and squeezing, Intensity does the contracting for you. The second use is purely sexual. It's a dual use rabbit style vibrator. The small arm vibrates for clitoral stimulation. There is a raised bump on the shaft for the G spot. The waves produced by the electro stimulation also add to the sexual experience, even while they are busy strengthening the PC muscles.

The benefits of PC muscle toning can include increased vaginal tightness, more intense orgasms, and increased urinary continence. These will be seen over a longer period of use with Intensity, though amounts of improvement can be noticed within a relatively short period of time.

Intensity is best used as a solo toy. In use, it stays still with no thrusting or movement of any kind. It's pretty boring as a visual for a partner. The results from using it can be enjoyed by your partner, but perhaps not the toy itself.


Intensity is an electro stimulation toy. This comes with some additional warnings not included with many other toys. I feel they are worth mentioning up here as it is incredibly important you NOT use Intensity in these ways or under these circumstances.

You should not use Intensity if you are pregnant. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator. Do not use on infected or irritated skin. Be sure Intensity is fully inserted and inflated before activating. Do not remove from vagina until turned off. It should not be used anally or orally. Never immerse in water.

If you have any questions concerning your health, you should consult a doctor before using this product.

Material / Texture

There are a few materials on the Intensity. All of these materials are clearly listed on the packaging of the toy. The shaft and stimulator are made of silicone. The handle is made of ABS with silicone coating. The stimulation contacts are made of stainless steel. The release valves and battery cap are made of ABS.

ABS is a type of plastic. Plastic rates an eight on the safety scale. Stainless steel rates a ten on the safety scale, as does silicone.

The silicone is a moderate layer of thickness on the sides and a thin layer near the middle that goes on top of a rod. It is very flexible, which it needs to be since the toy inflates. It has a good bit of drag to it. If you try to run your finger across it, your finger will want to hop instead of glide. It feels soft, but this may be due more to the flexibility than the material itself.

There is a seam that runs down the shaft of the insertable part of the toy. There is also a seam that runs across where the feelers of the small arm are attached. None of this is noticeable during use.

The shaft is done accordion style. Since it inflates to accommodate a wide variety of users, it must have a way to come back in. The answer to this was have the three side indents, exactly like you would see on an accordion. Since you don't thrust with this, it shouldn't be an issue even if you are texture sensitive. You can feel that they are there, but it isn't anything that will be going in and out of your body causing friction. You can also inflate it a little to decrease the amount of texture.

My Intensity smells strongly of vinegar. After multiple washes, I cannot get this scent off. I do not know what the cause of this is, but it gives me a migraine. It has not caused problems with burning internally, so I don't think there is a residue on it. There is a slight sour taste to it.

I also wanted to make a note that the silicone around the stimulator contacts is coming up. It's peeling a little like there was too much silicone put in that area. Jopen has commented on the forums that this is only an aesthetic issue and will not cause problems with the toy. You can rub the peeling silicone to remove it. They said there was an "over-pour" of silicone in the first few batches made. They also said they would speak to the manufacturer about being more careful about this in the future. The assured it should not pose any health concerns.

Design / Shape / Size

The Intensity is pretty large, but only in it's overall size. Most of the size is due to the control area. It's total length is 12" as per the product page and my measurements. The product page lists insertable length at 5.75". I measured the shaft and got 5". From the top of the attachment arm to the tip of the shaft is 3.25". The attachment arm is 2.75". The diameter is 1.5" normally, but can be inflated up to about 2.5".

Here you can see the Intensity in my hand for size reference:

There's a few different things to discuss about sizes here. The first is the attachment arm and rabbit issues. If you take a look at this thread you will see that women differ greatly in terms of how far they are from spacing from clitoris to urethra. This means that finding a rabbit to work for everyone is a near impossible feat.

I measure 1cm from clit to vaginal opening, or somewhere in the 16mm from clit to urethra area. This puts me on the smaller spaced end of things. I have a very hard time finding rabbits that work for me. What happened with Intensity is that that attachment arm sort of fit, but I didn't get the flutter effect. It basically mashed the arm up against me where the head of the slug looking attachment hits my clit. This means it fits, I just don't get to use the flutter.

Since you cannot play around too much with how far you insert this as the metal contact must be inserted at all times, the attachment arm is going to be a hit or miss. It should fit most average users. Those who are on the further spaced end of average will get a flutter effect while those who are closer will get more direct contact from the head of the slug. If you are spaced very far or very close, it may not work.

The second aspect is the diameter, which is adjustable. It starts at 1.5" but can inflate up to 2.5", giving a full 1" of wiggle room in width. You should inflate this to a comfortable level, nothing overly filling. The point of this isn't to test your limits, but to connect with the vaginal walls. If you over pump it, you can release it and try again. Since it is adjustable, the size should work for most everyone.

While it's not realistic, it is shaped like a rabbit. It looks different than most because of the metal contacts. I think this looks like a weird medical device, honestly. If I saw it at my doctor's office, I would think it fit in. My guess is that if you leave something out that looks like a pink medical thing, someone is going to ask what it is. If you have some explanation for why you have this, I suppose feel free to leave it out. If not, putting this away is your best bet. It is a bit larger, but not impossible to put away in a large drawer. I wouldn't recommend traveling with this as the head is a little wobbly and this just seems to expensive to risk messing up with traveling. It's also just a bit larger than I would personally want to travel with. If you do travel with it, be sure to remove the batteries before you go.

Care and Maintenance

Intensity should not be submerged in water. Due to this, extra care should be taken when cleaning. You have a few options. You can clean it with a toy wipe or spray it down with toy spray. The toy spray can then be removed with a dry cloth. It can also be wiped down with a damp cloth and soap, but be sure the cloth is not too wet. I have been inflating mine for cleaning as I found it hard to remove all the fluids in it's normal deflated state. Intensity attracts lint about an average amount, so it's not a bad idea to wipe it off before use.

Intensity comes with a box that can be used for storage. However, this box does lint all over the toy, which then needs to be wiped off every time you use the toy. I've simply been storing mine in a plastic baggie until the lint gets a little less "new" in the box, at which point I will likely switch it over.

Only water based lubes should be used with Intensity. Silicone lubes could damage the material. Intensity also comes with electrode gel, which is used to intensify the electro stimulation. This is safe to use with the toy.


Intensity comes in a gigantic box done in whites, pinks, and purples. One side shows a picture of the Intensity and says "Intensity by Jopen" on it. It says that it is 100% manufactured in the USA. It gives some information on the toy. Some blubs include "inflatable shaft allows to personalize her fit" and "the first east to use Kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles responsible for intensifying orgasms." The other side says "Intensity by Jopen" in large letters and "See It, Feel It, Believe It! The Elation of Innovation" at the top. It says again that it is "designed, tested, perfected, and manufactured in the USA." The outer box opens to a purple box that simply says "Intensity by Jopen" on it. This box can be used for storage. It has the Intensity nestled in foam along with the electrode gel and manual.

It comes with a very short instruction manual. The photo you saw in the Performance section was half of it. I did want to post the other half here, due to the warnings contained in it. I know I posted them at the start of the review, but some people are more willing to look at things when they are in picture form. Plus, it may give you a better idea of how the toy works, so perhaps it may be useful to some of you. This plus the previous photo are the entire manual. It is done in multiple languages in a little booklet.

You get 2 oz. or 59 mL of gel with the Intensity. It's a good amount of product and should last a while if you only use a small amount each time. I cannot find any information on Jopen's site about a way to purchase more of just the gel, though perhaps this will be added later.

The box is not discreet due to the pictures and wording. However, the outer box can be removed. The inner box is more discreet and could be used for storage or gifting. As mentioned, it does lint all over the toy, which could present a problem. My Intensity arrived covered in lint despite the fact that it was shrink wrapped. It took two Eden wipes to get all the fuzz off of it.

Personal comments

There's a few other things I wanted to mention and I didn't exactly have a place for them, so I'll put them here. The shaft of Intensity is wobbly. I'm not sure if there is some deep meaning behind needing this to be that way because of the electro stimulation, but it makes me nervous when I handle it. It's not like a bobble head or anything, but it moves from side to side a little.

There are also areas to the Intensity that feel a little bit prototype-ish to me. The attachment arm looks unfinished. The slugs' antenna has a seam on it where it is attached to the slug. The silicone coming up around the metal contacts makes it apparent to me I got one of the first batches of this toy and some things hadn't been perfected yet.

Aside from that, Intensity seems well made. While I am careful with it due to the wobble, I do think it would hold up pretty well if I wasn't.

Is the Intensity worth the big asking price? Well, it depends. It depends on what you're going to use it for, your anatomy, and your needs in terms of vibration strength.

If you want a PC muscle toner only, I really think this has good long term potential in that area. It's very hard to say without months of testing, but in the two or so weeks I have had this, I have noticed a difference. I'll go into my experience more in that section. I do feel like I get a good workout when I use this. More so than when I do my own exercises alone or with vaginal balls.

If you want something to make you orgasm, my answer is maybe it's worth it. If you don't need a lot of vibration strength, probably yes. The electro stimulation will pretty much force your body to orgasm, so if the vibrations will work for you on the attachment arm, odds are you'll have some of the best orgasms of your life with Intensity. If you need super strong vibrations, you'll end up needing to use a second vibrator along with Intensity, which honestly is a pain. The strength of the orgasms with that added toy may work out to be worth it in the end, so my answer at that point is that maybe it's worth it, if you have extra money or points to spare. If you're going to end up annoyed by having to add a second toy and need strong vibrations, then no it won't be worth it.


So you may have seen Antipova's review of the Intensity. Her review hadn't come out when I ordered this, but the video she made had. I had never seen her so excited about something and all the talk of "never ending orgasms" had be sold. When I first saw the Intensity a while back, I was meh on it. I'm big on aesthetics and to be honest, this is pretty ugly looking. It looks like something you see at the gyno's office. Who wants to use something sexually that looks like it goes along with your PAP? Maybe some, but I'm not one for medical play. She had me drooling though, so I ordered away.

The first day I got this, I made a big mistake. I wrapped my hands around the Intensity and turned it up to the second level. It shocked me! BAD! I mean, I know it's supposed to shock you, but it hurt! I put it away for a few hours and told my husband I thought I wasted my money because I didn't even know I wanted to put it inside of me anymore. If it felt even close to that internally, I was not going to be a happy camper. It took a bit of talking myself up, but later that night I decided to test it out. It felt like a totally different thing was in me. Where on my hand it was like quick electrical shocks, internally it felt like rolling waves. On my hand, I couldn't get past the second level. Internally I can go to nine, but prefer to hover between six to eight, depending on my mood. My advice to you? Don't test this on your hand!!

When I used this, I did not have a never ending orgasm. In fact, the first few uses I didn't orgasm at all. Well, my body did, but I didn't. Makes no sense, right? The weird thing is that the Intensity makes your muscles contract like they do for orgasm. So it feels like your having an orgasm, but until you actually orgasm along with it, it's like a dry orgasm. And orgasm without an orgasm. Maybe another way to say it is your body orgasms but your mind doesn't. I tried and tried and as good as it felt, I just couldn't seem to orgasm along with the Intensity and my body.

My next plan of action was to replace the vibrations. My first attempt was with Spirit, which I picked because it was small and easy to move around the clitoral arm of Intensity. No luck there. While Spirit is strong, it's not the strongest vibrator I own.

My last ditch effort was to pull in my standby for all things - MiMi. As usual, MiMi came through for me. When it did, boy did it! Between the external stimulation and the waves of electro stimulation, I finally got some of what Antipova was talking about. It wasn't never ending, but my orgasms did seem to last for incredibly long amounts of time. When one would stop, another would start shortly after. At some points, I would have to pull MiMi away from me to stop the orgasms because I felt like if I had any more I might die or something. I could get about three of these in a row and then they would stop for a bit. I could get them to pick back up sometimes and other not. I'm usually able to orgasm over and over, but something about these orgasms seems to drain the ability to orgasm from my body. After I finish with Intensity, I need a break before I can orgasm again with anything else.

My issues with the attachment arm were that they weren't strong enough, they were too buzzy, and they were distractingly loud. The combination of things was a major fail for me. I just couldn't get the arm to work. I guess my feeling on this is that if I pay a large sum of money, the vibrating portion should have some serious kick and not be buzzy. I expect this even more so from Jopen, maker of my favorite type of rumbly vibrators. Having to hold the attachment arm to the side to use a secondary toy with a $250 one is really frustrating, to say the least. Is it worth it? Well, yeah. But I still reserve the right to be annoyed after I come down from the orgasm.

The G spot bump doesn't get anywhere near my G spot. I do have a picky G spot, so it may not be a failing of the design and may work for others. I also really just can't see to notice that it vibrates internally for some reason. I can feel that the bump vibrates when I touch my hand to it, but barely. Inside, I just feel the electro stimulation. I guess the electro stimulation is so strong that it overwhelms the weak internal vibrations.

The word on PC muscle toning after about two weeks seems to be that it has done something a bit different than regular Kegels or vaginal balls. Generally, if I do extra Kegels or use my balls more often, I notice increased tightness first and then after a while I notice stronger orgasms. With Intensity, it seems the opposite has happened. Neither my husband nor I have noticed any increase in tightness with the use of Intensity. Both of us have noticed a very significant increase in the strength of my orgasms. I actually feel sort of bad for him. Since I've started using this, I clench down on him even harder than I did before (which was "really hard" for reference) when I orgasm. He's now started wearing two cock rings when we have sex until he gets used to this increased orgasm response. I can also clench down harder when doing my regular Kegels, even though I could clench pretty hard to begin with. My assumption is that I will soon have Kegels of pure steel with regular use.

My final word on this is that while there are things that annoy me (ugly appearance, slight prototype-y issues, not thrilled with the vibrations), the fact that I can add my own vibrator and create pretty much the most intense and long lasting orgasm ever overrides that fact. Even if it didn't, can you really put a price on a device that will give you stronger orgasms when you use your other toys or have sex? I'm thinking maybe not. Jopen did and they decided it was $250. So now you just have to decide if you're willing to pay it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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