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L`amour p.w. pleasure system reviews

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Overall, this product does what it says it is supposed to do. If you want a vaginal exerciser that will remind you to do your kegels, then purchase this product. Do not purchase if you're looking for any type of vibrations or thrills.

The L`amour p.w. pleasure system is definitely a wonderful product for a great price. Made out of safe materials, easy to insert, and coming in a variety of colors, the system provides a fun reminder to do your kegels. Small internal balls jiggle around to create mild vibration for extra stimulation. Doing your kegels will lead to better sexual health, and give you potential for greater orgasms.

These are a great set of eggs for beginners, that are not used to clinching their kegals. Their large size makes them easy to keep in.

The L’amour Pleasure System provides the user with subtle stimulation while strengthening the PC muscles. The balls may be too large for some users and may also pose some difficulties in cleaning. Nevertheless, they fulfill their intended purpose: they add weight to Kegel exercises, making them more effective.

These silky smooth unthreatening eggs feel fantastic inside and the jiggle doesn't feel too heavy and it reminds me to clench. They Spice up everyday normal activities and are ideal for girls that are used to kegal balls and prefer a larger style egg. A fun kegal toy that's great for your health.

If you, like me, are new to vaginal exercisers, I would recommend the L’Amour balls; they are inexpensive, comfortable, and—judging by the reviews of some other products—stronger than many other Kegel balls. However, the uselessness of the retrieval cord and the misleading product photos prevent this from being a five-star product.

This lady has balls...and loves them!

This kegal exerciser is great for both beginners and pros who want to strengthen their pelvic floor. It's easy to use, and cleanup is a snap. Also, it's so affordable that you might want to get one in each color...just to match your outfits...not that anyone would ever know...

Overall I feel these were a very worthwhile purchase. The size and smooth material of these balls makes them easy to insert and wear comfortably and I love the generous length of flexible and stretchy retrieval cord.

This set of vaginal exercise balls are not only affordable, but they provide a well made product of safe materials, easy to insert shape, easy to remove retrieval cord, fun and useful inner moving ball bearings and fun colors. Any woman can learn to do her Kegels; exercises that strengthen the vaginal muscles and increase urinary and pelvic floor health. This product provides a fun and stimulating incentive to remember to Kegel.

Do your Kegels and get off. What's not to enjoy about these balls? These are something I will actually use!

Depending on the level of activity, these can be a fun product for building up your kegel repetitions and helping with stronger orgasms. They will not give you unexpected orgasms but can be pleasurable. Use them as a tool for building up your pleasure and you will be a happy woman.

Let the L`amour P.W. Pleasure System be your little secret! Easy to clean, travel friendly, and quality materials make this a great toy for those who have used a vaginal exerciser before.

Another quality product by California Exotics the L'Amour Pleasure System is my favorite kegal exerciser. The balls have the perfect weight without feeling too heavy. They bounce around inside and remind me to "tighten up" doing their job with ease.

I haven't noticed a difference in kegel strength or orgasm intensity, but these feel pleasant and sometimes remind me to do my exercises. Even though I'm not wowed, I still think they're fun.

L`amour p.w. pleasure system is a wonderful, body-safe, reasonably stimulating, vaginal exerciser. These are very comfortable, smooth and sleek weighted eggs connected by very flexible silicone. California Exotic created a sturdy, comfortable, vaginal exerciser.

This toy is small compact and easy to use. It's great for wearing around the house or in intimate situations. It is great for exercises like kegels. It provides a soft pleasure and helps tighten the muscles of the vagina.

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