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Fleshlight ice lady crystal reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

Following the success of both the regular and 'designer' Fleshlights, the Ice Crystal is a great idea on paper that fails to deliver in real life. If you want to see a teaser of what goes on during sex then it's fine, but if you're hoping to see anything clearly then forget it. An uninteresting internal texture and a much sticker SuperSkin only helps to make this something of a flop. Save your money and buy one of the superior Fleshlight Girls models instead.

Overall I give it an easy 5/5. The texture is very unique and basically just a larger version of the Flight with some added textures and goodies. Anyone under 4.5" girth and 6" length will love this.

The Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal is a crystal, see-through, realistic looking, highly textured male masturbator. The superskin material is as close to the real thing as it gets. The textures are very great for penis stimulation. What is even greater about this particular model is that it is see-through so you get to enjoy the sexy show even better!

This is by far one of my favorite toys. Not only does the crystal texture feel amazing in every way, the fact that I can see myself inside the sleeve really turns me on even more.

I think the toy is worth it, however I would buy it on sale. I don't know if it is worth the $50. My husband said it felt good, but remember to have yourself and the toy well lubricated before any playing begins.

This item combines the feeling of a vagina with the ease of masturbation. It catches what you give it, can be easily washed out when you're done, and won't demand anything in return. If you're interested in something that could possibly replace a girlfriend in the bedroom, this is it.

This may not be as stimulating, but it does get the job done. I will continue to use it because I have had some that did better from being used more. Kind of like breaking it in. Keep in mind that just because I don't find it very stimulating, doesn't mean that someone else will feel the same way. Lots of people debate which one feels the best and there are a lot of varying opinions on this topic. Please try it out and find out for yourself if this one if the one for you.

This toy really is a fantastic toy. The material is perfectly soft and is almost as soft as the real thing. The Fleshlight Ice series is see through and is alot of fun to use with your partner. You will find that the toy needs to be cleaned often and can get sticky if not powdered often. If it isnt properly dried it can also develop mildew and smell. The good qualities of this toy clearly outweigh the bad. This toy is a must for every guy.

This is almost a rite of passage for the masturbation enthusiast. Beginning with the hand, progressing through sleeves of varying quality, eventually the Fleshlight will be purchased. Offering a soft realistic sensation, the ability to experiment with sex like positions and even couples play, it's certainly versatile. The only downsides are the cost and the effort that goes into cleaning.

Heavy and hard to grasp one-handed, the Ice Lady Crystal sleeve is next best to the real thing. It starts out cold, but a brief soak in hot (not boiling) water warms her right up. If your partner is unavailable, has a headache or you are going through a self love period, try Fleshlight's Ice Lady Crystal next time you are looking to get yourself off. A quickie or a nice long and slow session is guaranteed to end with a big orgasm--and the best part is that you get to watch the show!!

The Fleshlight Ice Lady makes a great addition to solo play or some time spent with your significant other. This lady is high maintenance but worth it in the end!

The Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal is another good male masturbation sleeve made by Fleshlight. As long as you are okay with the upkeep required by a Fleshlight, the texture, this one allows you to enjoy your masturbation with an intense texture while your partner can watch on and enjoy her/himself too!

I liked it, just didn't really enjoy the fact it's a bit messy when you use too much lube or don't clean it out.

Well worth my time and money! This is something that I can use myself or with my wife when I am feeling lazy. My wife likes it because it makes it easier on her when she gives me a hand job. A great substitute for sex with her, but don't tell her I said that!

The Ice Lady Crystal is totally worth it and is the best Fleshlight I have tried to date. Despite its awesome feeling, it does require more care than other Fleshlights, but don't let that deter you from crystal clear love!

This product is well worth the money spent on it. Everyone gets those lonely nights and this will help relieve yourself with a stimulating flesh light.

Overall, this is a pretty good product. It does have its drawbacks, but those can be overlooked in my mind because the rest of the product is superior to everything else I have ever tried. The feel of using it is amazing. It's not quite the real thing, but pretty close. It's definitely worth the money, and I would buy it again. There's just nothing else quite like it.

Why you'd want to buy a clear version of the Fleshlight is a very individual question; but what's certain is that you'll get the same top-notch performance, function and feel as any of the other products in the Fleshlight range. This is a masterful product given a unique, transparent twist.

The Fleshlight Crystal Ice is a new texture design that offers a different feel. Depending on how sensitive you or your guy is, if buying for a partner, don't be afraid to try different amounts of lube. It can make all the difference for the overall feeling. I now have 6 girls that I wouldn't give up for anything.

Overall the Ice Lady never leaves me in the cold. The realistic exterior detailing and the fanciful transparent material makes the Ice Lady quite appealing, and never fails to get me hot and ready. Though caring for the insert can be a little bit more demanding compared to silicone or TPR sleeves, the skin-like feel makes up for it. The clear design of the case does cause the Ice Lady to lose a few discretion points, but unless you plan of leaving it out, this probably isn’t a concern.

The Fleshlight Crystal Ice Lady is a winner for your wiener! She'll quickly warm your wazoo to penis bliss! I suspect that this is one of the best Fleshlights available.

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