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Overall the Ice Lady never leaves me in the cold. The realistic exterior detailing and the fanciful transparent material makes the Ice Lady quite appealing, and never fails to get me hot and ready. Though caring for the insert can be a little bit more demanding compared to silicone or TPR sleeves, the skin-like feel makes up for it. The clear design of the case does cause the Ice Lady to lose a few discretion points, but unless you plan of leaving it out, this probably isn’t a concern.
Transparent for a great view, safe materials, good balance of realism and fantasy
Stickier than other Fleshlights, vent design could be improved
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The Fleshlight Ice Lady is a handheld semi-realistic masturbator belonging to the Flashlight’s expanding lineup. Featuring a removable soft insert inside a hard plastic case for support, each version of the Fleshlight is designed provide a great masturbatory experience while maintaining a degree of discretion when stored. With the caps on, the form of the Fleshlights resembles a large (and somewhat oddly-shaped) flashlight. The larger cap covers the opening, which for the Ice Lady is a rather realistic vulva, complete with labia majora and minora, a clitoris, and a vaginal opening. The smaller cap controls the vent and allows the user to vary the amount of suction experienced while thrusting.

What sets the Ice series apart from other Fleshlight models is the transparency of both the insert and the case. Unlike the other models, which are flesh-toned, the Ice is nearly transparent, allowing the user to see the action inside. Though clearly this experience is less than realistic, it adds to the visual stimulation of playing with the toy, and for me is quite a turn-on.

Though Fleshlights are primary aimed at solo handheld use, they also have a few tricks up their sleeves. As an alternative to holding the case, it can also be wedged between cushions or underneath a mattress for hands-free use. For those who particularly enjoy the hands-free style, Liberator created a line of sex furniture that is specifically designed to hold the Fleshlight for simulating specific intercourse positions, such as missionary or doggy-style. Fleshlights are also partner-friendly, whether used when one partner doesn’t feel like intercourse, or just to add variety to the bedroom. The slightly fanciful nature of the Ice Lady makes the toy a bit less realistic, and may help make it more approachable for partnered play.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

As with all Fleshlights, the Ice Lady is made of SuperSkin, Fleshlight's own patented elastomeric gel. The exact composition is not disclosed, but Fleshlight reveals that SuperSkin does not contain phthalates or latex. The material has a very faint sweet-powdery smell that is neither strong, nor offensive and is not noticeable during use. Neither does the material have a noticeable taste, aside from a slight chalkiness from the cornstarch used to keep the Superskin soft and non-sticky. The material emulates the feel of skin quite well, and is particularly convincing when moistened with a good water-based lube.

The only difference in the composition of the Superskin between the Ice series and other flesh-colored models is that the Ice series does not contain any pigment. In combination with the clear case, the lack of pigment allows you to see through the material.
    • Light odor
    • Plush
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Fleshlights are a case study of function and good design. Compared to one-piece sleeves, the Fleshlight’s combination of a hard exterior case and soft insert allows for the use of a softer material than otherwise be possible. Additionally, the two-piece design allows for better access for cleaning. The most important improvement over one-piece designs, however, is that the hard case makes it easy to use the Ice Lady one-handed or even hands-free. The width of the case makes it easy to hold and the ridges help to keep a grip, even in the midst of lubed-up, slippery experience.

The opening to Ice Lady is also well-designed. Though the Ice Lady’s vulva is not realistic to the extent featured in the Fleshlight Girls series (especially since it is transparent), it is realistic enough to be convincing. Surrounding the opening, the labia majora and minora, as well as the clitoris can be clearly distinguished, both by sight and by touch. When moistened with a good water-based lube, fingering the Ice Lady feels quite realistic and is a real turn on. Though there is a significant range in exterior appearances among masturbators, a major advantage held by Fleshlight is the sheer mass of material around the opening (surrounding the hole). This soft mound makes it much more pleasant to thrust into the Ice Lady. You really get the feeling of “going deep" in this manner. It also provides additional cushioning and a little bit of bounce. Furthermore, I really enjoy the visual aspect of the material spreading out as I penetrate it, the sight of which is enhanced by its transparency.

The interior of the Ice Lady uses the "Crystal" texture, which can be viewed here. The crystal texture is exclusive to the Ice series, and is one of the more interesting Fleshlight textures. Featuring a variety of chambers, the crystal texture has several difference sensations along its length. I would place the overall intensity of sensation as a medium-high, though depending on the depth to which you’re penetrating the Ice Lady, you can vary the intensity. The tightness of the first inch or so is great during the initial penetration, and also provides good stimulation of the shaft, especially if the head of the penis is in one of the more open chambers. Unfortunately, those of average, or even more than average, length will not be able to reach the full range of textures available in the insert. This could prove frustrating, but wasn't a dealbreaker, as there were still plenty of sensations accessible to me.

After a few minutes of use, the SuperSkin warms up and adds to the sensation. For extra warmth right from the start, you can preheat the insert (removed from the case) in a bowl or sink of warm water for a few minutes prior to play. Just shake out the extra water, place the insert in the case, lube it up and enjoy.

Overall, the Ice Lady strikes a good balance between realism and fantasy. The outer detailing around the opening makes it very realistic in terms of feel, while the fanciful transparent material is still fairly realistic looking (aside from being clear). I find that fingering the Ice Lady get me nice and hard by the time I’ve applied enough lube to get her nice and wet. The interior texture is a bit more interesting and varied compared to a real vagina, but I don’t consider this a disadvantage.

The Ice Lady is generally one-size-fits-all. The length from the opening to the end of the sleeve is about 9". The opening to the Ice Lady is slightly larger than the “butt” models, which eases insertion. The opening is also very stretchable; I had no problems with it, and I was able to insert several toys larger than me. Anything up to 2" in diameter (a little over 6" in circumference) seems to fit well.

The discretion provided by the Ice Lady is debatable. From across a large dark room, it does indeed look like an oversized and slightly misshapen flashlight. However, the transparent case is revealing. Though this toy doesn't scream male masturbator, one would notice the Ice Lady’s pretty pussy with anything more than a cursory glance. If traveling by air I would limit it to checked bags, unless you don't mind taking the risk of going through security with it.
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

With its combination of visual appeal and fairly intense feel, the Ice Lady performs well in terms of pleasure. Moreover, the noise level is fairly low. Whereas some masturbation sleeves seem cursed with their loud slurping/sucking noises, the vent cap system in the Fleshlight restricts the noise to something of a middle-pitched whooshing of air, even when the Ice Lady is wet to the point of nearly dripping. With the vent completely open, the noise is barely noticeable. However, vent could use some improvement. In my use, it seemed like the vent had only two settings: opened or closed. While I tried to tune the vent to somewhere in between, I was unable to set it to anything other that wide open or mostly closed (the vent is still slightly open even with the cap tightened all the way). A redesign of the vent cap might give the user finer control over the amount of suction.
    • Easy to use
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

The only significant downside to Fleshlights is that they require somewhat more care than other common masturbator materials (such as TPR, TPE, and silicone). The elastomeric gel construction requires that only water-based lube be used, and that soap is strictly forbidden. To clean the toy, the manufacturer recommends removing the insert from the case, flushing it just with warm water to rinse away any "fluid deposits" then letting the sleeve dry before fitting it back into the case. In the event that the insert isn't sufficiently dry when stored, it may develop mildew spots, which should be removed with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Again, do not use soap to clean the Fleshlight insert. In the event that you want to clean your Ice Lady beyond a warm water rinse, Fleshlight sells "Fleshwash" which is an anti-bacterial fluid (the active ingredient is triclosan, an anti-bacterial agent commonly found in liquid hand soaps). However, be aware that Superskin cannot be thoroughly sterilized, and should not be shared unless condoms are used.

I haven't had any problems with thoroughly drying the Ice Lady. Generally, it seems to take about a day outside of the case for the insert to dry completely. I usually shake it a few times during drying to help remove the water inside. After drying, I carefully put the insert back in the case, secure the caps, and store it in my nightstand.

Eventually, Superskin will start to get sticky, which is just a consequence of the material. The stickiness can be mitigated by lightly dusting the sleeve with cornstarch. I bought a cheap paintbrush just for my Fleshlights to "paint" the dry sleeve with cornstarch over the kitchen sink. Trying to sprinkle cornstarch on the insert directly from the box is makes quite a mess. Compared to the fleshtone models, the lack of pigment in the Ice series makes the material somewhat stickier. Whereas the pigmented models need dusting with cornstarch only occasionally to keep the exterior soft and non-tacky, I found that the Ice Lady needed dusting after every other use.

Unfortunately, applying cornstarch to the exterior makes the material more opaque, slightly impacting your view of the action inside. However, without the cornstarch, the material quickly becomes sticky and in my opinion, unpleasant to handle. Those who are deciding on their first Fleshlight should be sure weigh the visual enhancement of the Ice series with the need for additional maintenance.
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


The Ice Lady arrives in a metal cylinder, similar in construction to a tall coffee tin, with a metal lid. The cylinder feels durable and would be good for storage of the toy. As part of the Ice series, it is finished in icy blue, black, and silver, with metallic gray silhouettes nude models contrasting the silver lettering of the product name. Opposite the product name is a model-specific label that provides some brief information on the product. For more detailed info, you can reference the Care and Usage Guide found inside. The guide is quite useful, and has useful pictures accompanying the text. Packaged in the metal cylinder, the Ice Lady makes an attractive gift.

Very important: make sure you remember to remove the plastic rod that secures the inside of Misty during shipping. Failure to remove before penetration may be painful or injurious.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

The Fleshlight holds a couple of patents as a "discreet sperm collection device”. If you like technical documents, the patent is a fun read; it can be found here. Interestingly, the inventor, Steve Shubin, devised the Fleshlight as an alternative to intercourse with his wife during a difficult pregnancy where the doctor advised against penetration (source).


I've had quite the good time with the Ice Lady. I would say the most important observations I've had are first, that the Ice Lady needs to be powdered (with cornstarch) frequently to maintain her beauty. Second, don't hesitate you use a bit of extra lube. I found that I like to squeeze a couple of pumps directly into the Ice Lady's opening, and additionally put a bit extra directly on myself. With the extra lube, you are good for at least 15 minutes of play without needing to reapply, especially if you use a long-lasting lube like Maximus.

I've had good luck with using the Ice Lady hands-free. Thrusting into her pussy is highly satisfying and a lot of fun to watch. If you can find a suitable place to wedge the case, it's worth the effort.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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