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Ice in Price, Warm in Feel.

This is almost a rite of passage for the masturbation enthusiast. Beginning with the hand, progressing through sleeves of varying quality, eventually the Fleshlight will be purchased. Offering a soft realistic sensation, the ability to experiment with sex like positions and even couples play, it's certainly versatile. The only downsides are the cost and the effort that goes into cleaning.
Unique soft sensation
variety of uses
Learning experience
$70 price tag
annoying to clean
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The Fleshlight Ice Lady is an oft reviewed product from the Fleshlight line which has seen its share of puns, as such; they shall be eschewed for the review. This is fine, as Icy more than speaks for itself. With a wide array of uses, a fantastic feeling, interesting packaging and a long life, it’s a fantastic toy. The only downsides are the price and the pain of cleaning and maintenance.

Icy is a toy of many uses and has few limitations, with a use for men, women, the experienced, inexperienced, couples, singles and polyamorous pigmies from Peru. That being said, men will certainly benefit from Icy far more than women, as it lacks any significant way to pleasure a woman physically, apart from rubbing it directly against her genital region. Such a use has not been tested, but sounds less than appealing.

The most basic use is for masturbation akin to simple stroking. Before the multiple uses of Icy are to be described, there are two steps that must be taken before beginning use. First, the penis must be adequately lubricated and the materials page recommends only water based lubes. Second, a squirt or two of lube should be inserted into the opening, in order to ensure a slick, comfortable use.

The use for Icy which requires the least effort is leaving the Fleshlight within its container and stroking. This however offers a significant disadvantage for the shorter user; most of the textures are located towards the ended of the Icy, which measures a solid 10 inches long. This isn’t to say that the texture provided at the base isn’t enjoyable, it is likely the best part of Icy, but when paying $70, it seems fair that all sections are utilized.

To remedy this, the sleeve may simply be removed from the container and utilized like any other sleeve. Be warned however, this comes with its own disadvantages. The flashlight styled container provides structure and stability for Icy, once removed it becomes floppy and difficult to control. Further, whereas the container offered a firm base to grip onto, any grip of the sleeve is tenuous at best, likely resulting in the occasional slip.

These are minor inconveniences and well worth the grievance as this allow for full access to Icy. The base is still the easiest section to experience, as it covered the penis first, but when the gentle softness becomes tiresome, all that’s needed to shift gears is to scrunch Icy down and utilize the textured tail.
It wouldn’t be a Fleshlight if some time weren’t devoted to hands free use. Once placed between couch cushions, on a wedge built for the Fleshlight, on a bean bag chair, or any other object meant to aim and stabilize it, a person is able to use the Fleshlight by thrusting. This has its downsides however.
Porn use becomes more difficult, try changing windows while thrusting; especially as the container may slip of its hold (long, preloaded videos are recommended). Preventing slippage, keeping the penis inside the sleeve, all while focusing on the task at hand makes hands free a complex masturbation session. There’s a reason why it’s so popular though, hands free offers a psychological thrill that normal masturbation lacks. It feels more like being engaged in sex, or at least something new and wild, in contrast to sleeves, which is just stroking with added texture.

As mentioned there are uses for women beyond rubbing against it, but these are couples oriented. The size and shape makes it excellent for hand jobs, or simply warming the male partner up for sex and the Vagina shaped opening can be played with and even licked as foreplay depending upon shared preferences. This pales in comparison to the pleasure men derive from this toy, so for single women Icy will likely be a waste of their money.

As only water-based lubes are usable, shower play quickly becomes untenable. Even the higher end water based lubes, such as Maximus wash off quite easy in the shower. Without a thick, safe lube that doesn’t wash off, the friction brings thrusting to a standstill.

One final note is that virgins may find a Fleshlight extremely useful. For all that’s said about sex, very little is actually discussed concerning the mechanics. Proper levels of lubrication, how to enter, thrusting, these issues are glossed over in most sex books in favor of the mental aspect and it’s one of those things that doesn’t make sense until it’s experienced. Icy provides a reasonable facsimile of said experience for those who need an idea of what to expect for sex, before actually doing it. For them (and even intermediate users) this may be educational as pleasurable.

Material / Texture

The Ice Lady is made of material patented by Fleshlight called Superskin. It's non-allergenic, free of latex and can be used to retain heat, although this takes a bit of effort. Superskin offers numerous differences from more conventional sleeve materials, which makes Superskin both a boon and a bust for the Fleshlight. While soft and more realistic than other sleeves, it’s harder to clean, both in upkeep and basic cleaning.

There’s no shortage of the materials available for sleeves. Tenga’s and the Maven are made of elastomer, head honcho and the super variety are TPR Silicone and TPR respectively and the Senso Sapphire is Senso. While all of these are relatively easy to clean, sensitivity is their primary failing.

Unlike the aforementioned sleeves which sensation ranges from softish (Super Head Honcho) somewhat tough (Tenga Module) to abrasive (Senso Sapphire) Superskin is more like a gentle embrace. The interior of the first section (the head) is smooth and without added texture, but once lubricated, it provides gentle, yet surprisingly powerful sensations. Further into the module is a wide array of textures.

The nodules are the right size, texture and spaced evenly enough to provide immense sensation without seeming dull. Some sleeves have textures that are too large for it to stroke the penis; it’s more like rubbing against something than THROUGH something. This may not seem like an important distinction, but rubbing against something means that most of the texture never actually stimulates the penis, depriving the user of the toy’s potential.

One final note (don’t worry, cleaning and care is the coming up) about the material is that Icy is translucent. This goes back to the debate regarding realistic versus nonrealistic toys. As a translucent toy, Icy avoids the association a user may have with a disembodied vagina in a tube, along with any objectification of the female body. Having a realistic body part available at a beck and call for personal pleasure has the potential to turn creepy if taken to an extreme. That being said, this loses the arousal, or ability to lose one’s self in the fantasy that stems from realism.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There’s not much to say regarding the size and design that wasn’t already discussed. To recap, it’s 10 inches long, three inches wide and able to accommodate penises up to two inches in width and weighs one pound. Put quite simply, this is a hefty toy that’s difficult to hide and even carry. Further, the design tends to reward the longer user by offering more textures toward the back, but this can be remedied by removing Icy from her container and ensconcing it on the penis. Also, as mentioned it is translucent, which is beneficial for those who prefer unrealistic toys.

Of course there’s also the fact that the entrance is modeled to resemble a vagina. The vulva, and clitoris are all visible, although not as easily as a realistic model. This may add a sense of realism to the experience and can even provide foreplay by fiddling with the opening beforehand. This however, especially for the translucent Icy, requires imagination and a desire to play with it in this fashion.
Icy is an open ended sleeve which will limit the suction. Covering the opening, or using it in the container helps, but it doesn’t create as strong a vacuum as a close ended toy.

Don’t buy this without either an empty house, or a good hiding place, or preferably both. The entire size of Icy, counting not only the flashlight container, but the Fleshlight container, the outer packaging, is over one foot long. This cannot be simply tucked away into a lockbox and would be iffy at best inside a drawer. A more complex storage system such as a lockable trunk, footlocker, or toy room is needed.
Travel will likely be an issue with Icy. The words Fleshlight, along with the masculine symbol are blazoned upon the packaging and even though icy doesn’t stand out as much as a realistic model; it’s hard to mistake the vaginal opening. Discreet is not in this toy’s vocabulary. Especially since it’s an inanimate object incapable of thought, much less language skills.

TSA agents look through suitcases and aren’t likely to be fooled by the packaging. Don’t bother storing it in luggage or carry-on if you want don’t want it discovered. Either mail it to your destination, or if traveling by car, keep it covered in a bag inside a locked trunk. Few precautions are too cautious or paranoid when traveling with Icy.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is perhaps the primary, or at least the secondary reason why people do not purchase Fleshlights. They require extensive efforts to clean and maintain and are often tedious and annoying. Once used however, it seems well worth the effort.

Superskin cannot be cleaned with soap, toy cleaner, boiling water or any other type of harsh or scalding fluid. Instead hot, but not boiling water is recommended for cleaning. All cleaning should occur immediately after use to prevent a bacterial buildup.

For cleaning, run hot water under the opening, while pointing the open ended tail towards the drain. Run it through for several minutes and then rinse the body of the toy with hot water as well. If this fails to clean the Fleshlight, add isopropyl alcohol. Superskin is prone to picking up debris, as well as weaker materials, such as cheap towels, or toilet paper. It’s best to use a firm towel wen wiping don and for an overall cleaning, pace it inside a tub of warm to hot water after cleansing the interior.

Once cleaned, set aside, preferably on a towel, or otherwise clean surface devoid of debris and let it dry for several minutes. Once it is dry, check for remaining residues, or dried semen and place Icy back in the container.

Even after cleaned, the maintenance issues don’t end, there’s also the stickiness. Superskin becomes progressively sticky the more it is used and cleaned. While this will not make the item unusable, more lube will be required for use, it collects more floor debris and it may even cling to the pelvic region. To combat the stickiness, cover Icy in a liberal dusting of cornstarch after every use. Other powders are not recommended.

Personal comments

The $70 price is something to be wary of, but should not be a disqualify Icy outright. It has a long life, offers a sensation not found in the cheaper sleeves and has a sturdy carrying case, but again, is $70. This toy is best purchased by the masturbation enthusiast, for those who tend not to masturbate, the cost probably isn't justified.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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