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Sue Johanson's head honcho reviews

27 reviews
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27 reviews

If women grunt when you enter them, you're probably too big for this toy. If you're too big for this toy, it looses suction FAST.

All in all this toy is a great toy for the money. With its easy clean up and powerful sensations, this toy is ideal for a man looking for some extra pleasure outside of the bedroom.! I'd recommend this toy to anyone who asks me about it!

Although this toy is very fun to use, and leagues better than the hand, I do not recommend turning it inside-out for cleaning. Despite the damage, it still performs well, and is still a favorite of mine. When this one finally dies, I'll be sure to get another.

Overall, this is a well designed toy. The only flaw that we could find is easily fixed by poking a little hole in the end. Two thumbs up for Sue Johanson's Head Honcho.

This is a really great toy; all the pleasure, less of the cash, minimal storage and cleaning worries. It's all fun!

For a price of under $20 this toy is great. It gets the job done rather quickly & apparently with or with lube. It is a see-thru silicone so you can see when your man cums which adds to the excitement in the bedroom. It can be used in water play since it is waterproof. Only complaints I could possibly find is the size, unfortunately larger men probably couldn't use this since it is only 5 inches long. Beginners & advanced users should give it a try right away!

Overall, this is a decent toy for the low price. However, if you are more than a novice user, I would highly recommend going with something that has a more realistic feel to it, even if you have to spend a little extra.

My husband loves this toy, and I'm already looking into getting him another one. This toy was worth the money, and was a great beginner masturbatory aid for him.

The head honcho is a great toy for men or couples to use. It makes a hand job a lot more fun and stimulating. This inexpensive toy should be added to any guy's collection to make a masturbation session interesting or to give some variation to foreplay before sex.

Perhaps I was biased, having tried the Super Head Honcho first, but this was terrible in comparison. The toy was bland, limp and it took vigorous motions and copiuous amounts of lube to finally win. It's what I imagine sex with an unerect penis must be like

The Sue Johanson Head Honcho is a hand held masturbator made for men. The word "Honcho" originates from the Japanese word "Hancho", which means "group leader". In this day in age "The Honcho" means "the big shot". Sadly, this masturbator does not live up to its name. This is my husbands first masturbator sleeve and he was not impressed. I love the idea of this toy but wish it had delivered more. I think it's time to invest in a Fleshlight!

In all, I would recommend this toy as a foreplay tool. It's far too small and loose to make for a good masturbatory tool.

This was my first sleeve masturbator and I really liked it. It was really easy to use and the price is great. It is a great product if you are looking to try something new, or are looking for a masturbation sleeve that is sure to please.

This was a great intro for me into masturbation sleeves, but after using it a few times and having it fall apart, I had to move on. It does the job, but if you want something that lasts, cough up the money for a Fleshlight.

I would say that the one thing that I really didn't like about this was cleaning it. Outside of that, it was just awesome. The internal design is second to none, especially coupled with the suction that it gives. If you have never tried an enclosed toy before, start here!

This item might be great for some men but those of us with more girth should probably try something else.

If your looking for a cheap once in a while thrill go for it, it has it's merit and I think it overall is better than it's shortcomings.

It's a really nice feeling toy, but be careful with thrusting and turning it inside out for cleaning. The feeling is more like a blow job than anything, definitely worth buying in my opinion. It can't replace the real thing, but it is worth using on lonely nights when a partner is not an option.

Stick your dick in this as long as you don't mind chemical smells or the fact that it doesn't simulate a vagina nor a mouth.

Overall, great stimulation and amazing suction but is far too weak and does not last for as long as desired.

While nothing can ever replace the velvety feeling of a woman's heated mouth, this product gets as close to it as something possibly could. The suction chambers work wonders that only a real tongue could possibly best, and the entire thing lasts for a considerable time. If you can get it and are looking for something, buy it.

For the single guy who loves the sweet smell of model glue. For the man with a partner, it may just be a mediocre oddity that isn't close to the real thing (hand, mouth, or vagina).

The item was great for making me cum. I actually cam twice my first time. However, it is priced a bit high. I think it should be at most $15. This is because it tears easy. We all work hard for are money and come home to a sex toy that we don't want to break just after we worked to pay it off.

Sue Johanson's Head Honcho offers a one of a kind stimulation that feels great. While it may be difficult to clean, its price and durability make it worth the trouble. Definitely worth trying out.

If this toy didn't smell so bad, it would get a lot more use. Smell aside, it is an amazing toy and a great bargain. On just feel alone, it would get an overall rating of 5.

Although I don't have a lot of experience with masturbation sleeves, I think the Head Honcho is a great one. It is very stretchy which means one size should fit most and makes it easy to clean because you can turn it inside out. Whether you are using it on your own or with a partner it feels great and can really enhance a hand job.

This is a super stretchy toy. It is as close to the real thing as you can get with out the real thing.

Sue Johanson's Head Honcho is my first masturbation sleeve; That first experience was a week ago, and I have used the Head Honcho everyday since then.

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