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Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two reviews

44 reviews
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44 reviews

Overall Fifty Shades Darker is an enjoyable story to read. It is a love story, with a little BDSM mixed in. Ana and Christian try to help each other overcome personal obstacles, bringing them closer together, and building a solid relationship.

Eventful and engrossing, there's actually a developed plot, and visible character dynamics in this second installment of the Fifty Shades series. Even if you were discouraged by the first book, I think you should give the sequel a chance, because I'm so, so glad that I did.

I've never been so bored reading an erotic novel. The sex scenes are, to say the least, repetitive and boring. Anastasia's innocence went from slightly charming to annoying--at one point she even said, "I didn't know having anything there could feel good."

These books are just not interesting. The characters suck and the plot is poorly developed. EL James has a very amateur style of writing. I would not recommend these books to anyone because reading them will just eat up time you cannot get back.

Fifty Shades Darker is the second book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L James. It is a bit better than the first one and continues on with Ana and Christian's relationship. It is ok as a romance novel, but if you are looking for a true BDSM novel then this is not for you.

This book was definitely worth reading. For people who simply hate the Fifty Shades series, leave the second book for the fans that are just waiting to see the rest of the iceberg - seeing as the first book only covered the tip! The second book really blew me away in how well it highlighted each character.

This addition to the trilogy is much better than the previous book and gives hope to the series. Invest in book covers so you can read without strangers judging you.

Whether you're looking for a good love story or a book to read in the tub alone, this is a MUST read book! It will not disappoint.

All in all a great read! Fun, engaging, and a great story. I would make sure you have your significant other or privacy available while reading this book, you will want one or both! It definitely creates arousal and adds ideas and spice to the bedroom!!

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick book to read. It is something interesting with sex, love, dark evils, and change.

To me it's definitely worth the money. It can be very irritating at times with all the repetitiveness, but in the end its a good love story with some kinky BDSM sex involved. So as long as you know ahead of time that it's an entertaining, poorly written book and you read it with an open mind, then you will enjoy too.

All in all this book was great and I was done in 4 days. I could not put it down because I didn't know what was going to happen to Christian and Ana next.

Better the second time around, if that is even possible! Book two starts up where Fifty Shades of Grey left off. This installment was an amazing journey of two people, especially the journey for Christian. He has progressed so far as a man and it truly is because of the love he has for Ana. This series is so much more than erotica, it's a great love story! For me, this book is about as close to perfect as it gets.

This book was definitely not as good as the first one, and probably not even worth the time I took to download it, let alone the time I took to actually read it. It was an utter waste of my time, brain cells, and probably dropped my IQ slightly. My inner Goddess is dying inside at the thought of even attempting to read the third.

I have had a lot of fun reading these books and they are never boring! The plot is very interesting, yet has you wandering what will happen next. You won't want to put the book down until you're too tired to keep reading. At least that's how it is for me. I like this book better than the first one, and I hope that the last book is even better and more intriguing!

Between the first book and the second book, it's getting more interesting. I'm learning more about the characters. I really enjoyed the second novel. It's getting juicier.

I really wish I could manually add a 6th star for this book. I never would have believed it was possible but Fifty Shades Darker is even better than Fifty Shades of Grey. Hard to believe, but true. Reading Fifty Shades Darker is like witnessing metamorphosis in action.

They toss all the rules out the door. But then one of Gray's ex subs comes to hurt him. Ana has to deal with Mrs. Robinson. Some of Gray's past is revealed.

Don't read this book if you have a decent to awesome sex life. You'll be bored and it will likely ruin your ego after spending money on the book.

If you're planning a trip into the woods anytime soon, consider packing this novel in your emergency kit in case you need to light a fire. The story inside is utterly worthless and the characters easy to hate. The plot goes in circles when the characters aren't too busy having sex. Save yourself and remember: Friends don't let friends read 50 Shades.

James's growth as a writer is apparent in Book Two of the 50 Shades series, as she walks Christen Grey and Ana Steele through trials and tribulations of their budding relationship. The writing is better, the sex more exciting, and the dynamic more believable. Although I'm still dumbfounded that these have become best-sellers, it was well worth the cover price and if you enjoy erotica, you should give Book Two a shot, as it's much better than the original.

This is a good fictional romance novel that should put you in the mood to have a fun romp with your partner. It's a light read, short so it doesn't take a lot of time to finish and leaves you wanting more information.

Fifty Shades Darker is a great book in comparrison to the first. It answers a lot of questions and keeps you engaged. Unlike the first book it has several storylines and is not as repetitive. Though the sex scenes are far too short and unrealistic, it still is erotic.

If you can get by all of the bad, the story is kind of interesting...especially if you are looking for something you can make fun of.

Overall if you are looking for an easy read with your vibrator pick this book up and skip to all the sex scenes. Don't expect too much from the plot and know that the relationship portrayed in the book tends to be controlling and unhealthy. If you keep your expectations low for this book you won't be disappointed.

Opens your eyes to some new tricks to try with your man! Read the series, you will have fun reading them and they are a very easy read. You will get turned on reading this book.

I rarely say this about books: but don't bother. Just don't bother. The first one was okay if you like terribly-written porn, but this one is just outright offensive to BDSM and kink culture and I am thoroughly upset that it's actually out there in society for people to read. Kinksters will be fighting the assumptions from this book for years.

While the first book was entertaining despite the many flaws the second wasn't even that. The first book felt like any other cheesy romance novel, nothing special but nothing overly terrible. This book on the other hand could be best compared to a overly dramatic soap opera, and not even an entertaining one at that.

This book moved fast, had lots of sex, and was overall fun to read. It could have been better, but was nice, light reading.

If you're looking for something truly sexy and mind blowing, find any other erotica book out there. Pass this one up.

"Fifty Shades Darker" is a brief introduction to the BSDM lifestyle. It doesn't delve into the complex world of BSDM, but it does give a quick look and brief overview. The sex scenes are very sensual and the story is entertaining.

Book two of the series is just as bad as book one. Christian and Ana are back together, and trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Of course it's not easy. Christian has a crazy ex who's on the loose. Ana still doesn't understand relationships. It's all just terrible literature, and I don't think I'll be able to make it through book three without setting the books on fire.

I liked this book better than the first. I liked the fact that it gave more of a history on them and told more about thier relationship. The sex scenes were ok, much like the first one.

Overall I'd say its a good story and steamy. You get the hearts and flowers along with the spanking. It's in no way a guide to BDSM it's just a story that has some elements of "kinky fuckery".

When hearing about the 50 Shades Trilogy, I was given the impression that the second book is so much better than the first. I disagree, very much so. While the first book was okay and a very easy read, the second book is incredibly boring throughout the first five chapters. There was not enough "Red Room of Pain". This book became popular because of its, so-called, shocking BDSM scenes. This was just way too mild for my tastes.

Overall, this was a good book. It was not as great as book one, but still a decent read. If you're into a LOT of sex, then this book is for you.

Little kinky f’ery in this book, Mr. Grey has switched to mainly vanilla, but a good story line with twists and turns, and more adventure takes place outside the bedroom than in it in volume two of this trilogy.

As a person who likes to read all the books in a series I read this as the second book, however I was not impressed with it and do not think it lived up to the hype at all. For me it was a quick read and did not hold my attention very well.

You can't just read the first book and not want to read the second! You wanted to know what the fuss was about, so you read the first! Now you are sucked into Seattle with Ana, needing to know what happens with her Fifty Shades.

Ultimately, while this book was not quite as terrible as its predecessor, it still fails to meet the basic standards for realism, for enjoyable erotica, and certainly for a healthy portrayal of relationships, BDSM or otherwise.

With Fifty Shades Darker the Fifty Shades series cranks up the cheese level another notch. The writing is worse, the characters are even more shallow and one-dimensional, and the sex scenes are as hot as lukewarm tea. Don't go into this book expecting great things, it reads like bad Twilight fan fiction… oh wait that is what it is based on. I will admit that while it is not an amazing book it does make for a good summer read, perfect for an afternoon by the pool.

The second volume in the trilogy, the plot moves along rapidly through the second book. The end of the second book sets the stage for an exciting conclusion to the trilogy, and the sex scenes are engaging and titillating. The characters are engaging and you will want to know what happens in the conclusion.

50 Shades Darker takes us deeper into the mind and soul of the mysterious Christian. We see Ana bring parts of him out that no one, not even his therapist could do for years. There are some passionate sex scenes and some not so exciting ones. We see a little more kink in this book. The suspense delivers despite some repetition. It's not a literary masterpiece but it's an OK book.

I'm not going to say it was a waste of time because I truly enjoyed reading it. But I just wish it was written better, and that it wasn't an adaptation of Twilight. I'm glad that I didn't know that until after I enjoyed it.

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