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Fifty Shades - Take 2

I liked this book better than the first. I liked the fact that it gave more of a history on them and told more about thier relationship. The sex scenes were ok, much like the first one.
Continues where the first one left off.
Explains more about thier relationship.
The writing is still a little week.
A few typo's still exist.
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Fifty Shades Darker continues exactly where it left off with the story of Christian and Ana from the first book. I got tired of the same repeated lines (especially the overused lines of "Don't bite your lip" and him constantly nagging at her about her eating). It's not centered around BDSM so much in this book as the last, but they have a few scenes with it. Christian is becoming more 'vanilla' instead of keeping up with the BDSM lifestyle as much. The book isn't just about their relationship, but rather it goes into Christian's life a little more (which was really getting me intrigued and what kept me reading) and Ana's new career.

In Fifty Shades Darker they begin to get used to one another a little more, and begin to open up and share more. They have both opened the other's eyes. In this book, Ana tries to find out more about Christian's past. While he does open up a little bit, his past comes back and begins to haunt him. Christian becomes more controlling and protective of Ana (which you will be able to tell right off the bat in case you didn't pick that up from the last book). He's the type of guy that you want to drool over and then slap because of his actions and the way he treats Ana sometimes. He has a very hot/cold personality, some may describe it as bi-polar. He's just an ass and all kinds of fucked up. He's Fifty Shades.
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Personal comments

Even though this isn't my favorite book of the series, I do highly suggest in reading it. I decided to keep reading the series simply because of Mr. Grey's "back story" so that I could learn why he is the way he is. The book will help add to the last book in the series as well. You will notice that this one ends the same way as the first (as a cliff hanger) but will pick up on the third. My husband thought the series was completely ridiculous but because of this book we have began to experiment (lightly) with BDSM. I had the idea to before I started to read this series, so no this book did not give me any "inspiration" what-so-ever. I say to not give up on the series - just push through it. After the first and half-way through the second I wanted to just quit and be like, this is just ridiculous. I was screaming on the inside because of some parts. The ending is so exciting and you will want to start the third one right away (much like I was with the first one's ending and this one's beginning). Also a lot of things happen between them that you want to know more about. If anything, you can ignore the BDSM parts and just simply focus on their story. I believe that's what I'm beginning to do.
Overall, this series is interesting in some way. There is just something about them that keeps me turning the page!


I still found a few typo's and things that aggravated me, so I still think that the writing is not the best quality but the story is all that matters. There are also a lot of emails in this book just like the first. They take up a lot of un-needed space and pages that I feel could have been used to add more sex scenes. Again, I was disappointed with the very few trips to the "Red Room of Pain" much like the first one.
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    I read it while it was still a Twilight fanfiction story. It was ok, but nothing I'd run right out and spend $30 or more to get all three books. Thanks for the review!
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