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Ultra moisturizing shave cream Ultra moisturizing shave cream

Shaving foam by Evolution of Smooth

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Ultra moisturizing shave cream reviews

61 reviews
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61 reviews

eos vanilla shave cream smells like vanilla cake, but left my skin irritated without a close shave and killed even expensive razors. I gave the product away after a few uses. The individual I gave it to threw the product away because he had problems with it as well. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

I'm really quite impressed by this EOS shaving cream. It has given me much better outcomes and much more pleasant experiences shaving than any other cream or gel I've tried, especially in terms of it not irritating my sensitive skin.

If you aren't in love with your high priced razor, don't mind changing out a disposable razor all the time, and don't have super sensitive skin, this might be the shaving cream for you. I liked it for shaving in the shower, but it really made me love it when I used it for dry shaving. This is my new shaving cream of choice!

Great scent and feeling for the price but other cheaper products may do the same thing. It is the only product I've used that doesn't leave razor burn.

This Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream will leave you feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom! I found the only downside to this was that it would clog up my razor blades pretty quickly. However, if you can look past that, this is a wonderful creamy shaving cream that works well and will also moisturize your skin.

I was excited about this shaving cream but in the end, it was just nothing special. It did a good job on my coarse underarm hair and left my skin feeling more moisturized than regular shaving cream does, but I probably will not buy it again. It dulls razors quickly and I had to rinse my blades constantly just to finish my legs because the cream was so thick it clogged them up.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable, high-quality shave cream. It smells lovely, it moisturizes your skin, and a little goes a long way

I love the EOS line of products. The lip balms are the best, but this shave cream is also nice. I can't believe the unscented in actually unscented.

While I, personally, don't care for a dry shave this is perfect for those who do! The shaving cream performs superiorly in the shower or even in the tub. The fragrance is pleasant and doesn't have a chemical tang to it. Love this stuff!

I was at first skeptical about EoS, but I'm hooked. I originally thought this was only a little more expensive, but because of the amount needed this is actually a lot more expensive. You'll need a lot for one shave, so the amount of shaves per can is probably a lot less than your foam dispensing creams. I took off one star for that.

The Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream made by Evolution of Smooth is not especially bad, but it's not especially great, either. Personally, I’ll be passing on this one from now on, but you might just love it. It does have some great things going for it.

EOS shaving cream has shea butter, antioxidants, aloe, and oats, which will help keep your legs silky-smooth and moisturized. I really liked the way it made my legs feel, but the shaving process wasn't all that great. It's not my favorite, and a lot of product is wasted, but I may get this stuff again just because it really makes my legs super-smooth!

This shaving cream smells great and gives a nice smooth shave, but I was not sold on it. I rather stick to my coochy shave crème. The only reason I had got this one was because coochy was out of stock and that was in all scents. Even after reading the not so good reviews on it I wanted to try it. Does not hurt to try everything once but this sure will be my last.

Overall, I liked this product. It's great for sensitive skin as hubby used it as well. Some may not like it or think it's just okay because of the thickness and scent of the cream. It's worth the price to give it a try. The thickness is a big help. I think it helps to minimize nicks during shaving. The scent, as I mentioned, is very pleasant. I only tried the lavender scent as it is my favorite.

I would suggest this to everyone who is looking for a great shaving cream that will leave their skin soft and smooth. I will always continue to buy this product over any other.

Unless you don't mind paying too much for a shaving product that you don't get many shaves out of, then I would recommend you skip past this here at Eden and at the local retailer. I just don't feel this stuff is worth the crazy price. You can get a way better product at a cheaper price. If you don't like throwing away your money, then get something else. A good bit of this ends up in the trash because it sticks to the sides. Totally not worth it.

This is a great shaving cream that most people would enjoy! It would make a great gift to someone. It's a creamy shaving gel and it smells amazing. I would highly recommend trying this one out!

This is a great shaving cream. It has a great scent and gives great results. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a close shave with the lingering scent.

The perfect shaving cream. Hands down, after years of searching I have finally found the best thing on the market. Thick and creamy, this shaving cream gives you a super close shave. Long lasting, just a dab of water brings the cream back to life. Fully moisturizing, it conditions your delicate skin and prevents razor burn. If you are like me and had all but given up on finding something that actually works, this is truly worth a try.

This is a great shaving cream all the way around. It's good for your skin. It's good for the environment. It won't leave a rust ring, so it's good for your tub or shower! It can be used wet or dry and it moisturizes better than any other shaving gel or "cream" on the market. I recommend it to all.

If you're looking for something that doesn't get your skin all worked up, and also prevents razor burns and ingrown hairs, than give this shave cream a try. It keeps your skin protected, helps you get a close shave, and leaves your skin in great condition!

Is EOS shaving cream worth the price for its performance? Yes. I don't mind paying a little extra for a shaving cream that performs better for my skin type. I really like the scent of this product and I love how soft my skin feels after I use it. Though everyone is different, because you can use it wet or dry and with six different flavors, I'm sure anyone can find happiness in this product. In my opinion, it would be well worth the price to at least try EOS once.

EOS' Pomegranate Raspberry Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream smells truly delicious! The cream is soft and smooth but leaves some irritation. If I didn't have such sensitive skin, EOS shave cream would have been a bigger hit in my bathroom!

This shave cream from EOS just doesn't cut it. It makes claims it can't live up to and is just too much of a hassle to deal with. The scent is wonderful, the bottle is great, but the fact that it doesn't moisturize, doesn't help prevent razor bumps, and isn't made of natural ingredients, makes this a shaving cream to look over.

If you love your skin, you will get this product. Your skin will thank you later. Leave your skin feeling soft and smooth instead of greasy and irritated. The bottle is easy to hold, easy to pump, and rinses away very easily. Nothing compares to it. Though, as always, if you have sensitive skin, make sure the ingredients will not irritate your skin.

This is a must buy for anyone who gets dry, irritated skin from shaving. It's ultra-protection from cuts and razor burn. Might be a bit heavy for oily skin, but I'd still say give it a shot!

If you're looking for a shave cream that is natural and moisturizing and smells great but also leaves a lot to be desired, this is your product. If you want something that doesn't make your skin feel like it's got a thick layer or residue on it afterwards, This isn't your product.

I love this shaving cream. It smells good, it feels good, the container is cute and it's got a pump handle as a dispenser which I really like; the only con to me is that it has a lot of ingredients, but they even offer a scentless kind for those who are sensitive to smells. I'd suggest this to ANYONE looking for a good shaving cream, because it definitely always works for me!

This has now become my new favorite shaving cream. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling especially since I have sensitive skin.

This is a great product that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and smelling great. It is definitely worth its price.

I had an alright experience with Eos shaving cream. It is relaxing to dry skin, but I would tell anyone with normal to oily skin not to buy it.

I don't regret getting this, but there are other products I prefer to it. I was disappointed to have the vanilla fragrance be so faint on this. The smell was part of the reason I was really excited about it. Also, I always feel like I don't get as close of a shave compared to my shave gel that I had previously.

EOS Shave cream worked fairly well for me. I was surprised to see that it sells for almost twice as much on Eden as it does on the EOS website, which is not the standard for other products offered. I would still purchase it using points and/or a discount code, as I liked the way it smelled and performed.

Having seen EOS shaving cream on EF & other sites, I was intrigued. Then, while recently in a department store I saw it, for half the EF price, so I had to try it. I picked out the vanilla, as I'm a huge fan of anything vanilla scented. At first, I wasn't blown away by EOS. Then, I realized I hadn't accidentally cut myself like usual, and I was happy. The first day that I had to use my old shaving cream I nicked myself, for my next shave I went right back to EOS.

This is the best shave cream I have ever used it smells so good I really want to try the other scents. I can't wait to get some more and the price is so reasonable it is totally worth the price.

EOS has the aesthetics down, but this is not the product you want for shaving in sensitive areas or if you're really concerned about moisturizing. Try Coochy or Inttimo Shave Kreme Instead, the latter which has a great tester size available. The plain ol' conditioner you probably have also does a better job shaving than this overpriced product.

I loved this product for the most part and would say this shaving cream is worth the money. Having said that I found it in a different scent at my local Target for 1/2 the price I paid on EdenFantasys. That's an issue with EOS. It left my legs and armpits soft and smooth. I loved the vanilla scent and how easy it was to dispense from the pump.

As someone who used Coochy Creme as a shaving aide religiously, seeing Eden carry a new brand was kind of exciting if I ever wanted ‘just a change’. The EOS (Evolution of Smooth) shave crème is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself.

While there is some work to getting out the cream that will be left inside, this is hands down my favorite shave cream ever. I use it on everything and haven't had a nick, cut or bump of razor burn since using it. My husband loves to use it on his face and hasn't had a nick, cut or bump either. This is some seriously creamy goodness in a pump bottle and is worth every penny!

There is nothing spectacular about Eos shave cream, so if you frequently shave in the shower, don't spend the extra money. Although, it's nice to have on hand for those shaving emergencies when you don't have time to shower.

If you are looking for a new shave cream or looking to get something gentler, I would choose this. It's wonderful.

Ultimately, I switched back to soap, despite the nominally-increased moisturizing effects. I need something that rinses clean from my razor.

When I first began using this product, it was just fine. It smells nice and has a nice creamy feel to it. It apparently only works, however, when you have a razor that has tons of moisture/shave gel in it to begin with. As soon as I changed shave creams away from this one, my new razor worked wonderfully.

Wet or dry shaving for when you are on the go. The vanilla has a great scent, other scents available. It is a non foaming shave cream that I found better than other drug store brands. I found my skin smooth and soft feeling after the first time I used it.

I find this product to not be absolutely horrible, maybe I am just not used to products like this. I emailed the company and they told me it's supposed to be a little watery because it's creamier than other products. I just found it not to be for me. The Fact that it left razor burn on both my lady parts AND my legs when I used the usual razor I use, left be extremely disappointed!

If you are looking for a great moisturizing shaving cream much like lotion, look no further! EOS Shaving Cream is fantastic!

This shaving cream is very nice if you want a luxurious shave. Sure, it's a little expensive but it does feel and smell wonderful. I highly recommend the Lavender Jasmine scent.

Completely unscented and free from most common skin irritants, this unscented shaving cream lotion is a perfect unisex product for anyone dry sensitive skin.

The Ultra Moisturizing shave cream by Eos is by far one of the best ones I've tried to date. It's creamy and thick and stays where you want it making it easy to shave with. It's also really simple to wash off when you're finished and the bottle is recyclable when it's emptied and cleaned out. Find your scent and enjoy!

EOS Shaving cream worked great for me! It gave a very nice lubrication during my shave that left me with an impeccable shave and my skin feeling soft and silky smooth. My only hesitation about this product was that the fragrance might be intrusive to use on my girly parts.

My sensitive skin usually makes a fuss when I try anything new, but this product smoothed and soothed! It's a little on the expensive side, but if you can find it at a bargain price, it's definitely worth the higher price tag. It functions as well as it claims to, but if you're looking for a bikini shave cream, you'll want to look elsewhere. I love the scent, the feel, and the packaging, and I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone hoping to have touchable, tempting skin.

I was completely satisfied with this product. I won't use any other product for shaving. I enjoyed using it and I will continue to use it.

Evolution of Smooth's Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is a thick, conditioner-like shaving cream that leaves skin soft and moisturized. While it does contain glycerin and doesn't give me the closest shave possible, it does reduce skin irritation and the fragrance free version is actually completely scentless.

Compared to the other eos products I have tried, this one didn't stand up to the five star performance of the others. It's better than others at certain things, but when it comes down to it, the non-foaming formula falls short of giving me the most perfectly smooth shave I desire.

This product is hit and miss. It works for almost everything that I would need to use it for, but it does not cover all of my bases. The thick nature of the product can be both a pro and a con at times, as can the scents that have been added into the product. If you are looking for a general shaving cream, this is the best, but if you are looking to do bikini areas, you may want to find something specifically formulated for that area of the body.

Ehh, it's not the best stuff ever. I was highly impressed with my other EOS products, but this one was lacking a little. It's not as good as some of the other creams out there, but it is better than the cheap canned stuff. It works for some things but not others. It doesn't have a super girly scent. The packaging is discreet.

Lavender jasmine scent...sounds very luscious, but is in fact a bit misleading for this shaving cream. I noticed a berry aroma mixed with a floral scent that permeated the bathroom while I was using this product. It did not give me a headache, however those who are sensitive to smells might want to think about this one. It worked nicely, but no better than, most shaving creams and left my legs a little bit moisturized. A great drugstore shaving cream, but not a luxury product.

I am surprised by how much I like this shaving cream. It makes shaving easy on a number of levels, helps create a smoother shave (so says my partner -- hard for me to tell), and is great for travel. I've gone from someone who never used shaving cream to someone who will be sad when this bottle is empty.

Shaving can be drying and damaging to gentle skin. This product prevents, protects and heals while you shave. I love that it is truly unscented, but for those who want lots of scents to stimulate them, EOS offers many options. This is animal and chemical-free, so it is something everyone will find comforting and pleasing.

This shaving cream was not as impressive as I had expected. It is not as natural as other eos products, and it is not very moisturizing at all. I can get a can of Skintimate shaving cream for half the price of this and it works twice as well, so you're better off going to your drugstore and picking up a can of that.

Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is one of the best women's saving products that I have ever tried out, and I am someone that has a lot of trouble with burn.

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