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Liberator shag throe reviews

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Sure, you can use a towel, but the Liberator Shaw Throw is so much softer, so much sexier, and way better quality. Makes fun time less worrisome and easier to clean up. And like all Liberator products, you won't regret adding it to your collection!

This blanket has saved me many loads of laundry. I used to have to wash at least five towels after camming; not anymore!

If you can get your hands on one of these throes, I would suggest doing so. The price tag could be pretty hefty for some, but it saves you money in the long run between laundry runs and mattress life.

If you are someone who is a squirter or plays a lot with liquids, you need this to protect your surfaces. Great for worry-free playing with your partner or to use solo. Noise of the satin side can be annoying and disrupt the mood if you're not careful. Easy to clean, great for any type of play with liquids or fluids.

This blanket has by far exceeded my expectations! While a little on the pricey side, it's been well worth the investment.

If you're tired of wet spots that come with getting intimate with your partner or with yourself then you need to get yourself a Liberator shag throe. This satin and plush waterproof throe will protect your bed (and any other surface) from those "love spots" with it's absorbent inner material. It's a great investment.

The liberator shag throe is a must have for everyone! It protects your bed from the dirty part that comes with love making. You don't have to worry about getting up and stripping your bed when you are done. If you are a squirter, you can squirt without a care in the world. You don't have to worry about "Oh, God am I on the towel?". You can play with food, lubes, massage oils, without a care in the word. This is my first Liberator product, and I love it. I plan to order many more items from them!

I think everyone should have one of these. It'll keep your bed safe from fluids, allowing you to sleep on dry sheets after a massage or sex. You won't need to wash your all the layers of the bedding just because you weren't cautious enough. This also means more freedom so for example squirters can let go. Aside from the slight sound it makes when you move, it's very mood-enhancing and beautiful.

With this being our second throe, there must be something great about them for us to get another. And there is! The two negatives I listed above don't bother me, but I always like to put something in both cons and pros. Overall, the throe's are great little things!

If you need something to protect from body fluids, something comfortable to sleep on that is low maintanence and will last for a long, long time, then you can stop and order any of the Liberator Throes and be happy with your choice. The most difficult part is deciding how many you want. You will want more than one.

The Shag Throe from Liberator is the best product I own to date. There are no words to describe how soft this blanket actually is. On top of being an everyday blanket the throw is the perfect addition to anyone's play sessions. It absorbs any liquids you can throw at it! This is without a doubt squirter approved!

If you're looking for an item that is great to cuddle under or on, and helps protect your sheets during a lovemaking session, then this is your perfect throe. With it's super soft shag fur (fake), and it's satin under-layer, this is a romantic staple for every couple's bedroom. It's waterproof, machine washable, and dryer safe. This product is worth every penny!

This is a luxurious feeling throe, and no one will be able to tell what it is you actually use it for. It looks like a blanket, and you can even use it as one. Whenever the mood strikes, this throe has you covered.

Liberator Throes are must have sex accessories for squirters, or anyone who loves playing with the messier side of sex. They wash quickly and easy in machine washers and dryers and can be used time and time again to sop up the wet messes of sex. The Shag throe is luxurious, like a soft teddy bear, and works just as well as the Posh Throes.

Liberator makes a great high quality product. You add that to the fact they are made here in the USA. You cant go wrong with that combination. My only gripe would be a lack of options available for colors and sizes. But it is not enough of a gripe to take away any stars. They get 5/5 stars from me yet again.

The throe has been a true Liberator of our sexual experience, starting with the freedom to squirt. Originally intended to be our first and only toy for a singular purpose, it has become the platform which spawned the building of an ever-growing, sexual-health, tool kit, including, oils, lubes, plugs, dildos, vibrators, harnesses and other accessories.

The Shag Throe is worth every penny and more! You can't go wrong with this purchase. If you enjoy squirting or messy sex without worrying about the cleanup, this is for you. The only problem is that once you buy one, you will want another!

I like this throe and think that it is useful. I do not like the price; I feel that it is way overpriced when you can invest in rubber sheets or toss a towel or two on the bed. I love the feel of the fabrics on my skin and the color is fun.

The bottom line is that this throe is the only barrier protection you will need for a very long time.

Even though the Liberator shag throe is on the higher end price wise, it's well worth the money. Crafted fabulously and a sexy addition to any bedroom. It's worth the splurge!

A perfect sex gift for just about anyone, even those who do not like toys. A romantic gift, simply saying you want to spend some quality time together, naked.

We both believe that any couple needs a throe if you want to have sex anywhere and anytime, but don't want to create a mess where you choose to do so.

All in all, I would definitely splurge and purchase this item. I think that if you are having lots of sex and want to be messy about it, you will save a lot of time and frustration if you have this handy gem of a blanket around to help with the clean up. Especially for the ladies out there who want to try to learn to squirt but who are worried about a mess. This is the go-to sex item for you!

Sex Is My Favorite Kind Of Mess

A surprisingly versatile item, I've found many uses for the Liberator Throe since it arrived. It's much more sexy than tossing down an old towel to protect the sheets from you or to protect you from the ground.

Oh this is so worth your money especially if you use a lot of oils, lotions or are a female squirter. While you still have to wash something it will save your bed clothes and possibly save your bed if the fluids leak down into the mattress.

A must-have blanket for those who squirt or have messy sessions, this throe will keep your bed and furniture dry while you get it on. Easy to wash and store when you're done, it's an investment that'll help cut down on your laundry and keep you from sleeping in those wet spots for as long as you use it.

This item saves time and money. No longer do people have to replace sheets ruined by lubes or body oils, and clean up is a breeze. Just throw it into the washer, and wash at home.

Great product so many uses throw this throe anywhere to make it more of a sensual experience. Keeps the area clean and easy to wash and ready for another round the next day or a few hours depending on how you are both feeling. Worth every dime

There isn't much which can be said about the Throe which hasn't been said. If your sex life is messy or contained to the bedroom, then the Shag Throe can help you let go. Or you could just take it on a picnic.

This is the best product to own if you are prone to female ejaculation like myself. You will not regret buying it after just once use. No more worries about having to wash sheets and towels, just this! Seriously, buy this if you have wet and wild sessions!

The Liberator Shag Throe is the best solution out there to all the wet messes we make while having sex. It is very soft, beautiful, well made, and easy to care for. It could only be made better by making it a bit larger and thicker.

The Liberator throe is the best sex toy and product accessory for single people and couples everywhere who are tired of dealing with the messy aftermath of sex.

I wish we would have gotten a Liberator Throe YEARS ago. The blanket slurped up everything we put on it, large amounts of ejaculate included. This product is a MUST HAVE for prolific female ejaculators like me. The Throe is sexy, sensual, and soft against your skin, and best of all it in no way resembles the un-sexy towels that have plagued our bedroom for so long.

Discovering your body and sexuality is very well helped, by having this wonderful duvet covering and protecting your sheets! It will save them from lube, and other products, getting on your sheets or any surface you place this upon. It is soft and luxurious, and a wonderful addition to a squirting woman’s toy cupboard.

This throw is great to use for after nooky cuddling. It catches any leaks before they get to the sheets! The softness of it feels great on the skin. It is so easy to clean too, just throw it into the washer!

Squirting and sloppy sex is no longer an issue with the Shag throe. It will save your sheets, having you feeling sexy as can be surrounded in luxurious satin and plush faux fur, and save you money in the long run. Come on...shag where ever you want with this throe there to protect you!

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