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My new furry friend

I wish we would have gotten a Liberator Throe YEARS ago. The blanket slurped up everything we put on it, large amounts of ejaculate included. This product is a MUST HAVE for prolific female ejaculators like me. The Throe is sexy, sensual, and soft against your skin, and best of all it in no way resembles the un-sexy towels that have plagued our bedroom for so long.
No mess sex. Soft, snuggly, and sexy Fairly large size. Easy to take care of.
I don't have two of them!
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The Fascinator Shag throe by Liberator is used as a covering for whatever you are having fun on. It is my new best friend in the bedroom (or the couch, floor, table, whatever). I am a 'prolific squirter' (a term from the packaging insert), and have soaked through numerous towels, sheets, into the bed, pillows, etc.

I am certain that it would take a VERY extreme amount of liquid to soak through the Fascinator. It is great during oral sex, play with lubricants, just making love on, or heck, even rubbing the soft shag against your partner (or your own) body! I find the throe to be a must for women who have explosive oragsms. No more towels, changing the sheets, etc.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

We bought the purple throe. It is made of some sort of ‘satin’ backing on the one side, and extremely soft plush shag on the other. The ‘satin’ side feels a lot more like a cheap ‘sateen’, and is not the most luxurious. Although, I can imagine it would be a lot more comfortable than the other side, if it were very hot in whatever spot you decide to get busy. But the shag side... OH the shag side! It is so unbelievably luxurious; it feels so soft and sensual against my skin. I could curl up on it just to sleep.

The blanket itself is fairly thin, definitely not comforter thick. But somehow, the nylon barrier inside it keeps all the juices in.


As mentioned before, I am a very prolific gusher when it comes to orgasms. I have often felt embarrassed, grossed out, or just annoyed by having to use towels in the bedroom to protect the bed. There is nothing worse than having to get up to grab a towel because you are "close". ARGH!

This throe has changed all that, and has given me more confidence back in the bedroom. My orgasms are no longer something to clean up afterward, you just pull the throe off and go to bed. It feels so soft and sexy, that I didn't even remember that I had something protective (for the bed!) underneath me, it just feels like a soft, sexy bed covering. It has really enhanced our love making, in that I no longer try to "not" have an orgasm during sex; to protect the bed if we forgot to put something down, and we do not have to search for a thick enough towel to put under me (and hope I don't shift too much) when we do remember. We can now be much more liberal with lubricants and massage oils. We know that the throe will take care of everything.


Our throe came in a vinyl bag that fits it perfectly. I would recommend taking it on the road with you, that way you can protect the car, hotel bed, or ANYWHERE else you want to get frisky. We haven't taken it on the road with us yet, but you can bet we will when we go out of town in two weeks!

Care and Maintenance

The washing directions are on the blanket itself. Nothing strange, just machine wash separately, or with dark colors on a gentle cycle. Then for the dryer tumble dry on low. It came out just as perfect as it went in.

The bag that the throe came in is vinyl and zips around the top. When you fold it to size it fits in it perfectly with no complications. Right now we store it in the bag, but I imagine we will begin storing it at the foot of the bed folded like a blanket.

Personal comments

The throe is 5x6 feet in size. It does not quite cover our queen size bed, only about 2/3 of it. It is more than big enough to lie on when making love in any position. We haven't found that it slides all that much, but it could be that our bedding is not slick. It does move during sex, but so does any other blanket. I did not find there to be an excessive amount of sliding. I imagine it would slide less if you lay on the satin side, and put the furry shag side down. However, I love the fur too much to turn it over.


We were very excited when we got the throe in the mail. That night we spread it out, and my husband fingered me with some lubricant. Any excess lubricant was immediately slurped up by the throe. Impressed, we continued on, as he performed oral sex on me. Again, any excess fluids were immediately taken care of. We also had some new flavored lube to try out, so we went heavily on that in order to test out the throe. Yet again, we were very impressed.

When I orgasmed, it happened to be quite a large volume of womanly ejaculate. Immediately my mind shot to "I better move and check the sheets", but instead we made love in various positions until my husband reach an orgasm. During that time we did not have to adjust the throe at all due to sliding, nor did we have a "puddle" to contend with.

We even rubbed the soft shag across each others body parts. By the time we pulled the throe off the bed it had large amounts of both mine and his fluids, and lube all over it. I pulled the throe off the bed expecting to have to immediately strip the bed and do laundry. It was COMPLETELY bone dry. Even the other side of the blanket was dry. I was so excited and relieved.
Follow-up commentary
After having the throe for several months now, I still love it. I probably love it even more than before! It still looks AMAZING everytime it comes out of the wash, and still works wonderfully. I haven't had a single leak yet!
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    Loving your reviews thus far! Meow!
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    I love my Throe as well. It's such a great feeling to be able to let go and not worry.
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  • Airen Wolf
    I soooo need this product, since getting pregnant I've found that my normal ejaculate has begun to soak the bed which I will admit, like Fierce, is GROSS! I hate having that lovely, warm afterglow ruined by having to completely strip the bed and do wee hours laundry!
    The review was very thorough and well thought out. Welcome to the community!
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