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With this being our second throe, there must be something great about them for us to get another. And there is! The two negatives I listed above don't bother me, but I always like to put something in both cons and pros. Overall, the throe's are great little things!
Multiple colors, absorbs fluids, two sided
Static cling, takes a while to dry
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The Liberator throe is an essential piece of furniture in my wifes and mine collection. So important, this is our second one. The great thing about a throe is the versatility. Want to do it on your bed, but not make a mess on the sheets? Use a throe! Want to do it on the carpet, but without the rug burn? Use a throe! Even on the grass in the backyard can it be used (if you have enough privacy). The throe has become even more important recently in our adventures since we stopped using condoms, and we were quite often making a mess of things.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This shag throe is different from our other one, which is a safari. One side of the shag throe is as advertised, a soft shag material. On the other side is microfiber, with a lining sandwiched in the middle to prevent any fluid from leaking from one side to the other. The color we picked is a lovely purple shade. The throe is very well made, with no loose threads or anything else. Our other throe we purchased back in 2006, and it is still going strong! We have never soaked a throe to see how much it can absorb, but it works wonderfully for surping up extra lube, or semen after an orgasm.


These throes work wonderfully. The only slightly annoying feature of them is that the throe and a Liberator shape on top of it grip really well together. But if you then place the throe on the bed, and say in doggy style sex start thrusting away, your partner will slowly start to move away from you. But if you have a Liberator shape under your partner, you don't really need a throe then because the shape will catch any stray fluids. And some people complain about a slight crinkling sound during use. But either I have become immune to the sound, or this shag throe doesn't do it. The throe measures 54 in by 71 in. It fits nicely on a queen or a full size bed.
    • Comfortable during use


The throe came in a rather large, clear plastic box. Inside the box was a piece of cardboard, showing a couple laying down with a hole bunch of throes around them, with a little information included. "Excellent for the female ejaculator, this special moisture barrier slurps up love juices, lubes and leftovers while it protects your bedding." Also on the backside of the product are 2 quotes from users, the measurements of the throe, and care instructions. On the front of the package, it shows a blond in a nude bra and panty, with a red throe wrapped around her. The package measures 13"x8"x5".

Care and Maintenance

Since we have so many Liberator pieces, we know by now how to wash them. But in case you are new to Liberator, the cardboard inside of the plastic simply says "machine washable cold water, dry on low heat." This has worked great for years with all of our Liberator pieces. I will say that on low heat, at least on our machine, it can take a while to dry the throe. And I don't remember having this problem with our other throw when we first washed it years ago, but when it came out of the dryer it had a lot of static cling. I never put in a dryer sheet with any Liberator pieces, and I don't remember our other one doing this years ago, but it was very noticeable. The second time I washed the throe, I added a dryer sheet, and it might have reduced the static cling, but it was still present.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
Follow-up commentary
Since we now have a dedicated room for our sexual adventures, our two throes don't get as much use as they used to. But they are always ready to trap and clean up our messes when we make one. We like the shag more than our other one, since the shag feels so much softer. They are easy to fold up and place to the side until use, then after, a quick washing and drying and they are ready to go again. We love the throes!
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  • Contributor: Gracie
    Nice job. Is your other throe the shag kind too or is it microfiber? I was wondering how they are different. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Dixiemomma
    ohhh i like
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: ScottA
    Yeah, there's a little bit of noise but it's not too bad. The smooth surface did take a little getting used to for us.
  • Contributor: ksparkles16
    Great review!
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    @Gracie-the other throe is the safari microfiber, and using this one last night, my wife noticed how the shag was so much softer.
  • Contributor: Femme Mystique
    What a smart product!
  • Contributor: Undead
    Thanks for the review, I think we are going to go with this one.
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    @Undead- You should, we absolutely love ours. And the shag is soo soft.
  • Contributor: ichwillwaffels
    Good review!
  • Contributor: jmex83
    Thanks for your review! My wife and I just got one of these and love it!
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    @jmex83- Glad you got one and enjoy it!
  • Contributor: emilia
  • Contributor: emilia
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