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If you're tired of wet spots that come with getting intimate with your partner or with yourself then you need to get yourself a Liberator shag throe. This satin and plush waterproof throe will protect your bed (and any other surface) from those "love spots" with it's absorbent inner material. It's a great investment.
Protects bed/surfaces from wet spots
Crinkle noises (not a big deal)
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The Liberator shag throe is your protection from those annoying wet spots that sometimes occur after getting intimate with your partner. No one likes having to sleep on the side of the bed with the infamous wet spot, and now they don't have to. No more having to change sheets or break out the hair dryer to dry that spot now that you have your trusty Liberator shag throe! It's perfect for couples or singles that engage in self pleasure that can cause wet spots as well. It's completely discreet because it's just a blanket (though a special one), no one will ever know its intended purpose (unless you tell them).

The shag throe is made of plush and satin material. The plush side is soft and feels like a fleece blanket. The satin side is smooth and slick and feels like, well, satin. So what makes this throe different from others? In between the two fabrics there is a material that is designed to be water-proof and absorb any liquid that comes into contact with it! Throw this down before getting intimate with yourself or your partner and no longer worry or dread about those wet spots. The Liberator shag throe will take care of that for you. There is no need to toss it into the wash right away, but when it is time to give it a washing there are no complicated instructions. You just toss it into your washer!

Besides using the throe for sexual purposes, it can also be used as an every day type of blanket. My fiance used it to cover up with when feeling cold. She said the satin part retains body heat so if you get hot easily you might not like that side as much. She prefers the plush side of the blanket.

The throe is soft but it has a crinkle feeling, if that makes sense? This is due to the waterproof barrier inside the blanket. It also makes a crinkling noise when moved around. It is a nice blanket but not one I would grab when I get cold because of this factor.

When laying it down on the bed we found that it works better for us with the plush side down and our bodies on the satin side, this way the throe doesn't slide around as much. It was nice to lay on and feels good against the skin.

It is a pretty good sized throe measuring 71" long and 54" wide. You can leave it laying out on your bed or fold it up to store it. You could save the box to keep it in but you may want to get rid of the pictures that have the information on them because they aren't discreet in the least bit.

Overall it is a good thing to have handy and does its job very well. If someone was considering it I would tell them to go ahead and make the purchase.
Follow-up commentary
This blanket looks just as new as the day we got it. It works great for eliminating the wet spot on the bed and it's comfortable to have sex on. Worth the purchase!
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