Liberator shag throe - throw by Liberator - review by Cinnamon Chambers

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Wanna Shag???

Squirting and sloppy sex is no longer an issue with the Shag throe. It will save your sheets, having you feeling sexy as can be surrounded in luxurious satin and plush faux fur, and save you money in the long run. Come on...shag where ever you want with this throe there to protect you!
Saves the sheets, helps me do less work, beautiful, luxurious.
Makes me want to have more than one on hand!
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extremely useful review
The Liberator Shag Throe is an excellent accessory for every bedroom. It is by far used more than any other item for sexual enhancement that I have ever purchased. This throe is nothing short of perfection and luxury. If you think about it what will make you and your partner feel sexier, laying naked on this throe, or on an old ratty towel that is designated for sex? When you feel act sexy. This is just the thing to lead to increased sensuality, making sex even more beautiful and to send the towels back to the bathroom where they belong.

I chose the purple Shag Throe. The inner satin side is a lilac color and the outer faux fur side is a plum purple. Along the hem is a trim of velvety purple microfiber. The size is smaller than a twin sized comforter but it is more than large enough to provide an adequate work space and to cover the center of the bed where the wet spots usually end up. It has the appearance of a luxurious blanket and never drops a hit that it is job is far dirtier than that.

With the satin side you get the cool silky feeling that satin sheets are known for. This side lends itself to being effortlessly slid, and pulled across, in the midst of passion. On the opposite side you are treated to plush faux fur. It is very similar to the most exquisite and soft stuffed animal fur you can imagine. It caresses the skin and makes you feel warm and secure between it and your lovers arms.

The big question is does this work at keeping the mess of sex off your sheets. Well, it does. It has been tested and tried and has never failed to protect the sheets, floor, sofa, or whatever surface it was covering for sex. When it first arrived, I poured water directly onto both sides. The satin side dries much faster but both will keep the opposite side dry. This has been tested with cum, female ejaculate, lubes, massage oils, and even chocolate body paint. Most of these got on both sides at different times. They all absorbed into the inner layers keeping what was underneath perfectly dry! It takes less than a minute or two for the average wet spot to completely absorb. The chocolate had to be wiped off, but it did not leave a brown stain. There are visible water spots on the satin side after the wetness dries, but it is better for them be on the throe than the bed. They are just temporary and come out leaving the throe like new again after each wash.

To wash the Shag Throe, just throw it in the washer alone, with your favorite detergent, wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle. It can be tumble dried, but only on warm. If it is dried on high, it could melt the fur side. This throw is 100% polyester. I prefer to lightly dry mine in the dryer and then hanging it to finish drying. So far nothing has left a permanent stain on either side of the throe. The throe should be washed as needed, but I have found once a week works best for us. Amazingly even the fur side is not a dust, lint and pet fur magnet. I am absolutely impressed with every aspect of the throe and I am thankful that I bought it everyday and twice on laundry day!
For us, I think we need two or three more of these. I would keep one on the sofa, one on the bed for actual sexual use, and have one for trips to use on hotel beds. Before it was ever used I had it on the sofa for a day or two. More than a few people commented on how soft and pretty my new throw was. It was great to cover up with the fur side and get warm and cozy. It is large enough for one person to wrap up it in comfortably or to cover two people, when it is clean of course. The satin side is great for hot days. Having the cool fabric on your naked body is soothing and relaxing. The throe is just as good for after sex naps as it is at protecting the mattress and sheets.

This has saved me from having to wash the sheets every other day. By having this I am saving water, electricity, and making my sheets and mattress last longer and stay stain free. I am sure in a very short time it will pay for its self just in utility bill savings. This is a great gift idea, especially for newlyweds.
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