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A squirter's best friend (or almost)!

Discovering your body and sexuality is very well helped, by having this wonderful duvet covering and protecting your sheets! It will save them from lube, and other products, getting on your sheets or any surface you place this upon. It is soft and luxurious, and a wonderful addition to a squirting woman’s toy cupboard.
Beautiful, versatile, functional.
Hassle to clean for people in small apartments.
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Once upon a time my lover, being the loving and kind man that he is, wanted to see if he could make me squirt without the help of toys; with only our sensuous bodies moving in rhythm to bring me to ecstasy. He damn well succeeded (scarily so, I discovered I could squirt even after orgasm). But our bed and his pillow, which was under my hips, were drowned by my love juices that for an hour abundantly flowed.

Being a fanatic follower of all products available on Eden Fantasys, I quickly made the purchase of the Liberator Shag Throe (I love you Liberator for having constructed this!). All I had to do was wait patiently for the lovely shag to arrive.

This throe is 54” by 71”, and seems much bigger in real life than on the computer screen. I have a double bed, and the throe almost covers the whole surface except for maybe an inch or two all around. The throe comes in a plastic and material backed zipper bag for storage (which is awesome since I am moving and this will keep it clean on our voyage). In the bag there is a cardboard product card, with a lovely lady sprawled on the Throe. It contains advertisement by two couples saying it is “Squirter approved!”, Damn right!

As one can infer from the picture of the throe, it consists of one side made of a lilac purple silk-imitation made from polyester, and the other side is made of violet colored shag. The whole thing is outlined by the nylon microfiber, found on the other line of throes and Liberator shapes. There is an inner layer made of nylon which acts as a moisture barrier to prevent anything from fluids, lube, champagne, and what have you, to wet the surface it is draped over; may that be your bed, the backseat of your car, your grandmas hand made rug, or your super absorbent couch.

I think I have a disorder about loving things that make me feel like a queen. Violet is so royal, and the throe is so beautiful, I could tie it around my neck and wear it like a cape. But I won't do that, someone might steal my cape! I had read others reviews boasting on how soft the shag was, and I had an idea of “Ok this thing will be soft”. When I had showered and lied down on it, my reaction was more “OK THIS IS REALLY SOFT (whimpers of pleasure and delight)”. The shag is excellent for when you are cold, because it feels like being enveloped in the womb of a teddy bear (kind of weird but you get the point). The silky side is great for when it is warm, since it feels nice and cool against the skin.

Side note: I think it is funny that they use an umbrella with droplets falling over it as a logo for waterproof. It would have been original to have a generic woman squirting or something like that.

The washing instructions are to wash with cold water in the gentle cycle, and dry at low temperatures. However, for the sake of the waterproof feature, I avoid the drying machine (I rarely use it even for my clothes). It is a hassle to let it air dry in a small apartment. I had to hang it up on my four poster bed for almost a day to let it dry completely.
Did it work? Not really, but I am a crazy squirting machine so I am not surprised. My bed and pillow were wet, but not as much as the Throe. My man had me squirting all over the place (in his face and mine; yes, I was shocked to have it go all over the place. I felt like a watering hose). I found that in order for me to keep my sheets dry below the Throe, I have to move the Throe after every squirt so that I always have a patch of dry Throe below my butt for the next squirt. What I really enjoyed, was having my partner cum all over me (sort of ironic isn't it!?). It didn't matter if any got onto the Throe, it was there for that reason.

We, as other reviewers have mentioned, have also experienced difficulty with the Throe slipping around as we engaged in sex. We found that the best way for solving this problem when in a missionary style position (except my feet are on his shoulders), I lay first and he pulls the Throe towards himself so that the fabric is stretched out below us without any looseness in it. That solved the problem completely.

I would definitely recommend this product even though my sheets were wet. It is only logical that squirting many times in the same spot would have penetrated the barrier, moving it around is the best way to solve that problem. It is very versatile (it can be used to stay warm, to cover the sheets to avoid getting sweat on them, or to simply protect any surface from honey, chocolate, love juices, lube, etc!) and probably won't be recognized as serving the purpose it serves. It is a must have!
Follow-up commentary
After multiple uses I have found that the best way to use it is the soft side on the bed so that I lay on the satiny side. When used this way the fluids of my ejaculation don't go through. Actually the last time I used it my fluids formed a little puddle and I was shocked it hadn't gone through.

I am really glad I have this product. It keeps my bed dry and is much nicer than using cotton towels.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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