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This dildo storage is amazing. It's discreet, looks like a big makeup bag, and conceals several dildos wonderfully. It's feminine without being too flashy.

The Devine Toys Carry-On bag is a cute way to discreetly hide a few favorite toys. The bag looks like a makeup bag. In fact, it can be used as a makeup bag if you'd like. The bag is very well made with good seams and good quality materials. While some may not like the fact that it doesn't lock, the bag works just fine for me. I would like to see a larger variety of colors and different materials offered.

This bag comes in white, silver, or pink and has a wonderful zipper that is easy to use. I have had no problems with the zipper getting stuck, it's very travel friendly if you are taking small toys. This bag is pretty small, I was very surprised to see how small it was when it arrived. I was hoping for a bigger bag since it did appear bigger. That was the disappointment I had.

This is a great bag that is very well made. It is sturdy and stands up on its flat base. In fact, it would be an amazing makeup bag. I may actually prefer that use for it over a storage bag. The large amount of space, but lack of dividers make this a poor option for me when I don't travel a lot. It's most assuredly a great quality bag; I just don't find it as useful for its intended purpose.

The Python print divine carry on storage pouch is a great way to hide those random toys that you have sitting your drawer. You can also use it for cosmetics or any other use you can think of. It is well made, cute and stylish. It zips up but does not lock which may be a concern to some buyers.

This is just one of those items that really shows how versatile bags can be. Although I prefer a more permanent storage idea (like the Original Toibocks), I love the fact that I can safely and discreetly carry some personal and private things around town or while traveling. I would love it if more color choices were made available though. This is just an overall great thing for anyone to buy and own!

I love this carry-on case. It's sleek and shiny and has a lovely python pattern. It's ideal for makeup or other toiletry items, but could also be used for a small collection of sex toys. For its size, it holds a surprising amount of items. It's nice as a gift, but you may end up buying one for yourself as well.

I am thrilled with this bag! The only problem is, since I've found SO many uses for it, I'm going to have to have MORE of them! It suits SO many of my needs. Since it's so well made, I would gladly make the investment for this product!

I think the only downside to this bag is that you can't take the kitchen sink with you, not that you'd want to bring the kitchen sink anyway. It's not going to hold very large toys or collections, but if you want to bring a lot of smaller things with you then it's perfect. It's a good makeup bag, toy bag, cleaner holding bag, odds and ends bag, whatever you want to put in it really. If you've been wanting it, it's definitely worth the money.

Cute bag, great deal, perfect purchase! Perfect for storage of whatever you might want to keep inside it! Buy both colors to have one for different uses.

This is a very versitile bag that can be used for toy storage or as a clutch bag, make-up bag, or just to store small things in that you don't want rolling everywhere. Very nicely made, as well as a pleasure to look at.

Definitely recommend this to anyone trying to find a storage bag at a good price. It isn't huge but it's big enough to fit important items, and definitely doesn't look suspicious! Every girl needs one!

The devine carry-on is perfect for anyone with a small toy collection, to people with a larger collection who need something small to keep a couple beloved toys in. You can use the devine carry-on to store anything. You do not have to use it for sex toy storage. It is beautiful and devilishly discreet enough to hide your most naughty secrets.

This is a well constructed, beautifully designed, carry-on bag that you can throw in your luggage to store your sexy treats in. It is not that big, but it can hold a variety of things, and it looks as innocent as any makeup bag.

I am certain that this bag could stop cosmic radiation in it's place, and could bag all the black matter you would need. Until then, let it hold some dildos in secrecy. Well, that is until someone unzips it...

The Python Print Divine Carry-on Bag is totally worth every penny! You will find a use for it even if you don't think you need it. It is great for storing toys and looks discreet like a typical makeup bag. It's very pretty, easy to clean, and has a lot of room for toys without appearing too big. I love this bag! I'd like to get it in the other colors as well.

Divine Toys' Python Carry-on is to all appearances like any other make-up case or clutch purse that you could pick up in a department store. In fact, there isn't anything that distinguishes it from such an item - which is exactly its strength! Cute, affordable and impossible to pick from a crowd of vanilla-intentioned bags, this pouch can hold quite a lot when you're on the go or just help keeping things neat at home. It's a nice addition to the toy storage of anyone who favors femme aesthetics!

If your looking for a cute little storage bag for just about anything. This bag will do , it can hold just about anything depending on the size and how much you put in it. My fiance is actually using it to store his little toys in it. He doesn't mind the color.

The Devine Carry-On is fun and girly and is a nice way to store your toys without anyone suspecting anything other than makeup is in this case. It's nice and sturdy and it holds much more than it looks like it will from the outside. It's Barbie Pink, and I have a feeling that if Barbie came to life she'd have one of these babies tucked away inside her pretty pink Convertible!

This is a overall great product. They have great colors for this product. It holds a good amount of product. The price of this bag is good too!

The Devine carry on is a discreet and lovely bag, perfect for transporting a few favorite toys. It could easily be mistaken for (or used for!) a make up or toiletry bag. It's well made, easy to clean and holds far more than it appears it will.

This is a very nice, basic and discreet bag that serves its purpose. If you want something a bit more unisex, you might want to look elsewhere as it really reminds me of a woman's make-up bag or a small purse. Otherwise, I don't really see any faults here.

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