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Definitely recommend this to anyone trying to find a storage bag at a good price. It isn't huge but it's big enough to fit important items, and definitely doesn't look suspicious! Every girl needs one!
Has a great python print, Beautiful color choices, Multiple uses, Easy to open
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The Python Print Divine Carry-On - purely divine! Whatever you want to store in it is your choice, and you have tons of options! You can store a couple prized possessions for travel, or you can store all your free lubricant packets that we've been getting from EdenFantasys this month! Whatever it may be that you need to store, these babies have got you covered.

Now I'm gonna be honest - they don't have any padding whatsoever. So if you're a fan of glass toys, like myself, you may want to look elsewhere for toy protection. However, if you're determined to get that glass in this bag, you can always consider wrapping your toys in towels or putting them in protective sacks before putting them in the case. That would work just fine.

On the other hand, it will easily hold your silicone dildos or mini vibes. You could even put a charger in here if you plan to go traveling with it. The options are endless and they're all up to you! I'm a huge fan of items from EF that can be used for other things besides sex toys, so these bags really made me smile! They make great makeup bags, mini purses, or a bag for a mini flat iron. You can keep it in the car with some emergency cash, insurance information, etc. And it's a totally fashionable way to carry unfashionable items like tampons, menstrual pads, etc. So I think every girl could use one of these.

The outside of the bag is very sturdy, and not easily scratched or damaged. It also isn't very stretchy in my opinion, so you want to plan your packing according to the size if you're trying to get tons of items into one little bag. For a "little" bag, it's pretty big, though. You could easily fit 4 or 5 dildos or 9 mini vibes. It depends on the size of the toys of course, but it's possible. I have both the silver and pink bags, and both colors look fabulous. They don't get dirty easily, and a simple wipe down with a wet cloth can do the trick as far as cleaning goes.

I'm using the pink as a handbag when I'm going out somewhere on those nights when I don't want to carry a big, bulky bag and the silver will stay in the car to hold a mini vibe for travel along with some condoms, wipes and lube. It's really not obvious so people aren't going to lurk around in your little silver bag for sex toys. There is a sturdy board-type object that lays in the bottom of each bag to give it some lower support, but it can easily be removed if you want to store something that doesn't quite have the shape of the bag. I like the fact that it's removable, but I choose to keep mine in tact because it makes the bag easier to sit up on a table or counter at the bar.

There is no logo on the bag, zipper, or inside the bag. This is great in case someone were to find the bag, look at it, etc. When you recieve the bag there is a small piece of paper with the producer's logo, but that's all and it can be easily trashed. I love this because I have family in and out of my home, along with neighbor's children that I babysit half the week. They don't need to see a bag that says "EdenFantasys" on it and get curious to look inside.

There's nothing other than a plastic wrapping and a small tag inside that says "made in china". So packaging is minimal, and recyclable. The tag inside can easily be cut with some scissors.

If you really ever need to wash the inside of this bag, do it by hand using some detergent (without bleach) and let it sit out on a table to dry for a day or two. It cannot be put in the dryer or the washer machine. Although it is very sturdy, these are easy ways to damage the material.
Overall I would have to say this is a fantastic buy. Whether it's to store makeup, your wallet, a mini flat iron or just... you know, your sex toys, it's a steal. Most bags like this would cost well over $30 so you're lucky EF is carrying these! I bought a bunch to give as gifts on the holiday but I might just end up keeping them ALL for myself!

Great for makeup though. The pink one especially! I find that it holds enough of my makeup to take with me in my purse and I think that's awesome because I don't have an actual makeup bag at the moment so one of these would be really useful for that purpose.

I'm a girl, and fashion is everything sometimes. For me, handbags, purses, or any type of "sacks" have to be fashionable, cute, gorgeous etc. All of the divine bags fit the bill!
Follow-up commentary
There isn't an option for "I like it less". I wish there was. This bag is so cute, and yes, I still like it... just not a much. Since I've purchased the red bag, the pink/silver python bags have become of less use to me. The red bag is waterproof so I seem to use it more. We've been getting some random rain and I need something to keep my things dry.

One other thing is that the stitching on the sides of the python bags seems to be coming undone. I can tell you that I've stretched them out to full capacity several times before doing the review hoping to find any mistakes or faulty craftsmanship but it hasn't shown itself until earlier today when I noticed the threads slowly fraying and coming undone in some area. Thankfully, I am quite the seamstress and I fixed it in no time.

I will tell you that I bought several of these for gifts and the others seem to be holding up very well. I tested them out and stuffed them with a bunch of stuffing paper and they are not coming undone. I'm wondering if it's just those two bags since they did get a little wet. I'm not sure.

The red bag is holding up very well still and I love it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    The Mrs. says this looks like a cosmetic bag and is good for travel.
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