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Divine Toys' Python Carry-on is to all appearances like any other make-up case or clutch purse that you could pick up in a department store. In fact, there isn't anything that distinguishes it from such an item - which is exactly its strength! Cute, affordable and impossible to pick from a crowd of vanilla-intentioned bags, this pouch can hold quite a lot when you're on the go or just help keeping things neat at home. It's a nice addition to the toy storage of anyone who favors femme aesthetics!
Discreet appearance, cute print and colors, water-resistant vinyl, easy to clean, holds a lot
Some simple hardware on the zipper for a lock to go through would make this item perfect!
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The Python Print Carry-on from Divine Toys is so adorable and handy that I already have two (one in silver and one in white)... and I plan on ordering a third in pink. Someone in possession of a toy chest as bulging with odds and ends as mine is really can't have too many of these little cases. If you tend to lose track of your things or have trouble organizing (like me) then you'll fall head over heels for this chic little ditty. But not only are they cute as a button, they store a heck of a lot more than you'd expect them to. I just pulled my silver pouch out and emptied its contents, which I'll list below:

- tweezer nipple clamps
- nipple suckers
- two different cock rings
- about a dozen condoms and a few dental dams
- two separate cock and ball devices
- two vibrator chargers
- a fistful of all kinds of batteries
- a Layaspot vibrator
- some JO H20 flavored lubricant

Not bad, right? I could probably even cram another small vibrator or bottle of lube in there if I really wanted to. The Python Carry-on has space a plenty and keeps all of those little mismatched batteries, chargers, tiny BDSM trinkets and sex accessories all in one place. I don't mind so much having my toy chest full of Ziploc bags and toy pouches full of larger massagers, vibrators and leather BDSM equipment because they're easier to spot in the clutter. But in the heat of the moment I absolutely HATE scrambling to find some AAs or an itty bitty collar that's floating somewhere at the bottom of my treasure trove. So while the Python case isn't going to help you store a bushel of big silicone dildos, it will help you keep smaller clitoral vibrators and the like organized and easy to access. It can save you a lot of stress in the long run, trust me!

Divine Toys' case isn't just for filling up with sexual nick-knacks and tossing into your dresser drawer or play chest, however. At 10" in length, 3.5" in width and 4.5" in height it really has ample space to store a medium sized vibe like the Mystic Wand or the Fairy Wand Mini when you're on the go. This bag makes a fabulous travel bag for a night out that may end in you pairing up with someone you meet, or for a sleepover at a partner's house. It's discreet enough that you could carry it around like a clutch - and with a enough room for a tube of lipstick and a compact, there's no reason why it can't double as one either.

The bag's interior is made from a kind of vinyl. On the outside it's relatively smooth with some slight crinkly faux-python distressing that is pretty and glossy, and on the inside the texture is a kind of fine cross-hatching. Both sides of the material are water-resistant which is great in case a little lube cracks open while inside. There is also a rectangular vinyl-covered insert that bends like plastic (and I assume it is) that lines the bottom of the bag. It's really handy I've found, especially if you do use this bag when traveling and you throw make-up in it. Some eye shadow got loose in this pouch and I thought the interior would be ruined. It was actually remarkably easy to pull out the insert and wipe it and the inside of the bag down with a damp washcloth. So far the stitching on my bags hasn't shown on signs of weakening and all the seams are securely sewn shut. The Python Carry-on has held up wonderfully to a significant amount of traveling and medium rough use.
I really do love this bag even though it is quite simple and pretty much the same as a lot of make-up bags you could pick up at a Dollar Tree. The difference is I trust the quality of this item to endure a lot longer than a 99 cent pouch from Dollar Tree - and this is a lot cuter. My only problem has been that if I do take this with me somewhere to carry vibrators or other sex toys and accessories, I have to keep it with me at all times lest someone wanders into it in search of Chapstick or something.

After thinking about it, I've decided that some very simple hardware could give the user the option of placing a lock on the case for security purposes, but wouldn't necessitate this. I realize a Masterlock is a little more obvious than what many would like, but a simple hook and eye closure would give people like me (who sometimes might like to lock up) the opportunity to add a lock if we chose. The zipper on this is sturdy and hasn't gotten stuck or broken at all, but I would prefer a different kind of closure that was a little more versatile. Other than that, this is a great bag and I couldn't be happier with it!
Follow-up commentary
I just got another one of these (seriously, it's a problem I have with these things) to hold butt plugs and a couple other things. Damn, it's the most perfect system! What is currently in there?

- Happy Valley Pleasure #2
- Tantus Infinity Royal
- Tantus Ace Small
- Tantus Silk Small
- Happy Valley Encore
- Fun Factory Bloomy
- Jimmyjane Chroma
- Jopen Vanity Vr1

That fills it more or less to the top, but the toys are in there comfortably and not squished or bent at all. How much do I love these adorable bags? A lot. I can't recommend them enough.
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