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Astroglide glycerin and paraben free reviews

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Just because Astroglide and Trojan products are more widely advertised, it does not make them better lubes than less advertised products like J.O. and Sliquid. But, this is a pretty good bottle of lube. I like the ingredients a lot. Chamomile? Leaf Juice? Works for me.

The main appeal of this product is the fact that it is glycerin and paraben-free. For anal lubrication, it is just a bit too runny and dries out too quickly. Still, this was my go-to lubricant for awhile, before I discovered the wonders of thicker lubes. It served me well during that time, as long I made sure to reapply a few times during play. If you do not need the staying power and thickness, this lube may be perfect for you.

Astroglide's paraben and glycerin free lubricant is a smooth and well textured water based lubricant. It is very thin however and works best for vaginal sex and masturbation. If you want an anal lube look elsewhere. The lubricant lasts decently long and dries only a little bit stikcy. Overall a decent lubricant all around and especially good for though with allergies.

Astroglide's glycerin & paraben free lube is water based, and great for those who are sensitive to other lubricants. However, some may prefer a thicker consistency with more staying power.

Overall, this is one of my favorite lubricants. I like that it's safe with all my toys and has a much better feel to it than other major brand lubes.

If you are looking for a long-lasting water based lube, then this lube would be great for you. I love this lube more and more every time I use it.

I would recommend this lube to anyone with glycerin and paraben allergies or sensitivities. It feels natural, is travel-friendly, and one 2.5 oz bottle will last you a while.

As I stated, we use this mainly as a backup lubricant. It does the job of getting your body or toy slick, but the frequent applications and tackiness can make it a little frustrating to use. I like the body-safe and toy-safe features of this lubrication. It's a great second or third choice or, as we call it, emergency backup.

While those who require a lot of lube should probably look elsewhere, Astroglide’s paraben and glycerin-free formula is perfect for those looking to add a bit of slipperiness to solo play.

Props to Astroglide for creating the only paraben- and glycerin-free, water-based lube available at mass market Canadian retailers, but the lack of staying power and incredibly runny formula results in poor execution. Those ladies in need of a little something to slick the way for standard PIV sex or inserting a toy involving little thrusting may find this workable, but those in need of more heavy-duty lubricant should look elsewhere. As this retails for 14.99 $CDN, there are superior options av

This lube is a step above the old school Astroglide. It's a little thinner and even more runny but I found this lube more enjoyable overall. Water-based and easy to use.

Overall, this lubricant is great for soothing your shaved areas and for sensitive partners. However, I wish it would last longer and be a little thicker!

Astroglide glycerin and paraben free lubricant feels very natural and works amazingly well with toys. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

Astroglide is great for your basic lubricant. It is a staple because of this, but isn't anything fancy. It may dry up quickly if you need it for an extended period of time, but for most situations it works well.

All in all a great lube. I use it for vaginal play, and sex. Sorry but I do use a thicker lube for anal play. I recommend it, just not so much for anal play.

This is a perfect lube for women who are prone to yeast infections because it's great with toys, condoms, PIV sex, oral, or what have you.

Astroglide's Glycerin and Paraben Free lube was one of the worst lube fails that I have had with any lover. It couldn't hold up to anything, not even last for five minutes before it got tossed aside.

Astroglide paraben and glycerin free lubricant is a pretty long-lasting, water based lube. I found that it is natural feeling and works very well for use with toys or during vaginal sex. However, it may be too thin for some or for use during anal play.

This lube is great for people with sensitive skin and can't handle all the junk that's in most lubes. It's a little more expensive, but worth it.

This lubricant is a great product of Astroglide, and it's just as good as the original. The only difference is that the ingredients known as parabens and glycerin are missing, and that's just fine, because for those who don't want them, it's a bonus, and it doesn't change the feeling at all! This product gets five stars by me.

This variation on a Legendary Lubricant is a good, lesser know formulation of the Classic product. Most allergens have been removed, so there is less chance of UTIs and yeast infections. Although watery, it provides excellent lubrication for all types of sexual activities and is compatible with most toy materials. This product is worth every penny, and is not expensive in the least. IMO, every Loving home should have a bottle of Astroglide "Green Cap" in the night stand.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the performance of this lube. Out of the bottle it's really thin and runny, which can cause drips and mess if you're not careful. It lasts a long time and feels pretty natural.

Slippery is good, slippery and water based is great, slippery water based with added potential heath risks reduced... enough said.

I would suggest this for people with sensitive privates and what not, for all those with no sensitivities use what you love. And if you choose this, it does the job, just be mind full of the bottle leaking and the drying!

If you need a nice bottle for taking on a plane, this might be your man. But if you just want a good lube for everyday purposes, I would pass this up and go for something better like Sliquid.

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