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I would suggest this for people with sensitive privates and what not, for all those with no sensitivities use what you love. And if you choose this, it does the job, just be mind full of the bottle leaking and the drying!
Great for people with glycerin and paraben allergies, feels so good!
Sticky, dries out, goopy when dry, and leaks!
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The first time I used this lube it, made me itchy. I am not really fond of this particular lube. There are some benefit people who have allergies to parabens and glycerin! I found it rather annoying and at times, it had a burning sensation! This product could be use by anyone, the bottle tends to leak a lot and the lube is good but it dries out quickly and get sticky and clumpy! It is not as slick as the Astroglide with Paraben and Glycerin! I would definitely not recommend using this near water it dissolves quickly! The best way to use this is in a dry area and keep it handy because it dries out and you’ll definitely need to replenish.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture is slick and smooth but not as smooth as it could be! But as soon as it starts drying, it’s really goopy, thick and sticky. It’s really easy to use, it stores well and doesn't thicken up in the bottle. It feels good when it’s on and you’re using it! But I can't stress how much it dries out. The lack of glycerin is a problem for me! It’s not greasy at all, I used it wherever I had to but once it was gone, I went back to the regular Astroglide!

Taste / Aroma

It smells okay, a little different than the original recipe. I tasted it by accident and it tastes okay. I would not recommend eating it or licking it! It tastes like a spoon of sugar. The smell is nothing I can describe, it’s just a smell, I would rather it had a distinct smell!


Well, I had this lube for a while because I really didn't like it. So I went and bought the regular and that was in case I couldn't find the original. When you go to clean up, both the original and this one, leave like a powdery sticky feeling in your hands. You have to wash with soap and water to get rid of it! It stains clothing because it’s a lube and it holds moisture, but if you throw whatever it is in the wash, it will be right as rain! I would say this is a great product if you have allergies to glycerin and parabens, also it's good for quickies. I don't like it because it dries out, gets goopy if there is too much and it dries. Also the smell, though there is not really any, I would prefer a fruity smell!


I love the way the bottle is shaped, it is unique. I like the fact that the bottle is tiny enough to fit in one of my purse pockets. The problem is, the way the bottle is shaped, it leaks lots and lots of lube over time if it is laying flat or on its side. So make sure you sit it up right!! But, I love the way the bottle is shaped it’s like it is ergonomically made for your hand to hold!! Pretty Cool!!


Although, I am not a fan of this product man ... when it's working the right way it feels sooo good and I just love lube! lol haha But, really, it feels great, aside from the drying out!
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  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Purpleladybug
    Very nice review. I like that you reviewed a lube...I always have such a hard time picking a good one and these always help!
  • Contributor: Luvasaurus
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Heartthrob
    I have noticed my Astroglide bottles leaking as well.
  • Contributor: Mz.Pr3ti3.Kitti3
    Yeah it stinks cause they are a little expensive!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice! Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Too bad it gets so sticky.
    Thanks for the review Smile
  • Contributor: Sera
    Good review.
  • Contributor: Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review
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