Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure by Professional skin care Ltd. - reviews

Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure

Lubricant by Professional skin care Ltd.

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Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

This functions well as a lubricant and helps everything glide easier. There are no bad smells or irritants to worry about, except for the residue. The residue, combined with the high price, make it a deal breaker.

Overall I think this is a decent lube, especially if you are sensitive and worried about the irritants in many other lubes. Compared to a silicone lube this one might not be quite as slick or long lasting but for a water based lube I think it's pretty great.

Lubricant Pure is pure pleasure. A utilitarian lube and a powerful aphrodisiac all in one, this product is a great addition to any bedside table -- shared or not. By using it, you'll help yourself get off, while simultaneously supporting an eco-friendly, all-natural sex product company.

This lube makes my animal loving heart sing: that's right, it's vegan! Oh, it also made my nether regions nice and slippery too.

Although this lubricant has plenty of "pros" it's cons (and price!) mean that will never achieve a permanent place in my bedroom. Your mileage however, may very.

We were excited to try this lubricant, having enjoyed Hathor's Massage Oil. It claims to be "pure." Although it looked and smelled "pure" it caused irritation in both my husband and myself. After doing research, I realized it contained two different types of glycerin, to which many, including myself, are sensitive to. I don't see that the herbs enhance the product and it is basically a glycerin laden, water based lube, for a high price. We were very disappointed with this product.

This product is great for those who have tried other lubes and found the chemicals irritating and short-lived although those who prefer flavoured lubes or those with stronger scents may be disappointed.

Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant is noted for its all-natural ingredients. Its herbal formula should make your partner's vagina grip you during sex. That is where the "Aphrodisia" wording comes from.

For me, this item just isn't worth it. I didn't get the aphrodisiac qualities and it's much too expensive to use as just a plain lubricant. But based on the other reviews, I guess other people have had more luck. I'd recommend giving it a try. I won't be getting it again but it's evident that some people are really enjoying it and if nothing else, it is a great lubricant.

A uniquely thick and slick water based lube that won't hurt your silicone toys. Good for a variety of play with completely natural ingredients!

Its wonderful to find a lubricant that not only works well and lasts a long time, but that contains only the safest, natural ingredients. You can enjoy the benefits of this lube and feel good about using it.

The best lube ever made! The feeling of a silicon lube without the harmful effects on silicon toys. Everyone should have some!

Provides instant, effortless engorgement that lasts for hours. Fantastic addition to my sexual repertoire. Would be fun combined with Tantric techniques.

This lube came as a breath of fresh air (up the skirt?) after all of my disappointing experiences with synthetic lube.

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