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Not only all natural, but excellent

Its wonderful to find a lubricant that not only works well and lasts a long time, but that contains only the safest, natural ingredients. You can enjoy the benefits of this lube and feel good about using it.
all natural, safe ingredients, long lasting, may increase sensation
would be easier to dispense from a pump bottle
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extremely useful review


Lubricant Pure is an excellent lubricant and may increase sensation as well.

It contains no petrochemicals, glycerin, L-arginine, parabens, colors or synthetic fragrances, making it a good choice for sensitive users or any user who has had problems with the ingredients in other lubes.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of Lubricant Pure is slightly thinner than that of Maximus, to cite another popular lube. Its not watery, but isn't a gel. Its meant to mimic the consistency of a woman's natural lubrication.

Taste / Aroma

Lubricant Pure has a somewhat bitter taste. You will not want to use this during sessions where oral sex will happen after it is applied. I believe I'm more sensitive to bitter tastes than other people, so others may not be as bothered by this as I was.

It has almost no scent. The slight, subtle scent it has is natural and pleasant.


I've been very pleased with this lube. I've tried it with a variety of toys and found that it easily lasts as long as I need.

I tested it in a head to head challenge with Maximus. I applied a level quarter teaspoon to each shin, then rubbed each shin continuously. This went on for quite a while. Both sides felt amazingly similar for almost the entire time. Eventually the Lubricant Pure side began to feel very slightly sticky. But I must say it was a close competition.

Lubricant Pure may have been ever so slightly sticky after my test trials, but I wouldn't call it a sticky lube. It isn't sticky. In normal use I didn't particularly notice stickiness.

It contains all natural organic ingredients and is water based, so its safe to use with any toy. Its also condom compatible.

It doesn't stain bedding or clothing.


Lubricant Pure arrives without any extraneous packaging - just the bottle itself. Remove the protective seal and its ready to use.

I find the flip top design to be somewhat harder to use than it needed to be. You will have to be careful to squeeze gently in order not to squeeze out more lube than you want. If Lubricant Pure were a gel, a tube would be perfect, but its a little too thin to make dispensing it from a tube work well. Perhaps I'm just too used to pump bottles.

Also, half of the plastic part the connects the lid to the rest of the cap was broken on my tube, so once I open it, the cap hangs flimsily and requires extra care.

I worried that it might leak since its designed to be stored with the cap at the bottom, but there has been no leakage so far.

Special Features

Lubricant Pure contains all natural, vegan ingredients. Hathor, a woman owned company with less than ten employees, uses certified organic starting materials and supports sustainable agriculture whenever possible.

Jujube Zizyphus, Siberian Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed are immunity boosting ingredients with natural antibiotic properties.

Two thousand years ago, Chinese farmers noticed that goats that at Horny Goat Weed, the ingredient featured on the front of the tube, were more sexually active than goats that didn't. The sexual enhancement properties of this plant have been studied ever since. Its reported to act weakly in the same manner as Viagra.

Applied topically, it acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the area. In practice, I didn't notice warming, tingling, or engorgement of any kind when applied externally or internally.

I will say that in the week or so that I've been using this lube, my toy sessions have been very good. But I can't say for sure whether its the effect of this lube. Maybe I was just having a good week. I'll have to continue experimenting and report back.

This lube is recommended for menopausal women by a gynecologist from the University of British Columbia who wrote a letter to the Hathor company telling them how pleased she was with quality and soothing properties of Lubricant Pure as well as the fact that its glycerin free.

Sex talk show host Dr. Sue Johanson (Talk Sex with Sue Johanson), gave it a Treasure Award on her show.
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