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Sliquid organics silk reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

My favorite lubricant to use with a partner. If you're looking for something longer lasting than other lubricants and don't want to compromise on great ingredients, definitely check out Sliquid Organics Silk. If it had lasted a bit longer I would have given it five stars.

Buy this lube! If you care about your body, what goes into it, and how you FEEL during sex and other activities, BUY IT. You will NOT be disappointed.

This lube is awesome, it's all natural, vegan and even organic. It feels just as natural as any lube could. You must try this, you will be hooked.

I really enjoy using this lube. I bought it because of its glycerine free properties and was not disappointed. It truly mimics my own natural lubrication and just gives me the extra help I need. You definitely will need to reapply for long sessions and I wouldn't recommend for anal but if you are looking for a natural feeling, easy maintenance, glycerine free lube for vaginal penetration - this is it.

Do you value what the ingredients label says? Then buy this product. It works with little to no hassle. If you care more about consistency and ease of use, then opt for something with non-organic ingredients. Organic in lube typically means plant based products, and most plant based products will dry up quickly.

If you're wanting to stick to a healthy, organic lubricant look no further. Its texture is appealing and it will either absorb into the skin or wash off easily. It's a little limited in its use, but it works great with toys and it will support your body with revitalizing, natural ingredients.

If you're looking for a vegan, body-safe, premium lubricant, you'll be very happy with Sliquid Organics Silk. If you're looking for a gel consistency, check out Sliquid Organics Gel instead.

This is an amazing product. Even a small amount stays slick and doesn't dry out. The great consistency makes for easy clean-up. This lube is hypoallergenic, has no parabens and is glycerin free. It is a very safe hybrid lubricant for all but silicone toys! It is well worth the price.

Overall, this is a long lasting, smooth and enjoyable lubricant. The lack of taste and smell, naturally derived ingredients list and easy packaging make it a slam-dunk for solo or partnered play.

This is a wonderful body-friendly, natural-feeling lubricant. It lasts a long time without leaving a big mess, while mimicking the natural fluids of the human body. Although its bitter taste may make it hard to switch sex acts without leaving a bad taste in your mouth, using this product is totally worth it. Bring on the organic silkiness!

Sliquid orgainics silk is amazing: no smell, no taste, not sticky. I hope to use this lube for many years to come. I'm done with astro-glide!

This is now my favorite lube. It is hypoallergenic and feels very slick and natural. It isn't sticky or greasy, and doesn't get flaky when it dries. It simply absorbs into your skin like a lotion would. It's vegan friendly, animal friendly, glycerin free, and all-natural. What's not to love?

I would absolutely recommend this product. This is such a great product and one of the best lubes I have ever used, if not the best.

Frankly the best, most natural feeling lube that I have used. I really wish it came in much larger quantities.

Sliquid has never disappointed me and the Organics Silk is no exception! This hypoallergenic, all-natural lube is silky and smooth while being friendly to your body and the environment. What more could you ask for?

I love it, aside from the questionable ingredients. Not only does it feel great and last long, it even looks sexy! Lube that looks like cum is just sexy, ok?

I have always had a hard time choosing a lubricant. I am very sensitive and I dry out incredibly easily. I found that this lube left my skin feeling smooth and silky, and it even lasted a decent amount of time. I can easily use it alone, with my husband and with sex toys. This lubricant is worth trying, especially if you are looking for something that has all natural ingredients, is glycerin and paraben free and is good for women who are sensitive.

A fantastic lube that has some great health and safety features and even more uses. Go on treat yourself like a goddess, you know you deserve it!

If you're tired of your regular water-based lubricant getting sticky and needing constant reapplication, if you're sensitive and want a glycerin, paraben free, and natural lubricant, or if you just want to try something new and different then Sliquid Organics Silk is a great long-lasting organic hybrid lubricant with the benefits of a silicone lube with out the clean up hassles.

Perfect for vegans, but great for the rest of us too! Love the silky feel, as well as the fact that it doesn't coat the skin, leaving a greasy or oily feeling. Plus, a little goes a long way!

Sliquid Organic Silk lubricant is by far my favorite lubricant. It's organic, the perfect consistency, virtually smell and taste-free, water based (for all my silicone toys!), and easy to clean up.

Personally, I think this lubricant, though very nice and very chemically clean, is more useful in quick personal pleasure. But as sex is concerned, the lubricant leaves the skin soft but not slippery enough for my preference, to use during sex.

Sliquid Silk is a decent lube, on par with most average water based lubes. It does have mostly organic ingredients, is paraben and glycerin free, contains organic botanicals and is body safe for pretty much anyone. It's not as silky as you expect it to be, however, making it less impressive as a hybrid lube.

This might be good if you just need a little help to get the juices flowing at first, but it just won't go the distance like some other lubricants on the market.

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