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22 reviews

The vibrations are weak, but I still manage to orgasm with it if I'm patient, and if you have a really sensitive clitoris, this would be perfect for you! Very aesthetically pleasing, and extremely affordable. Plus, it is an extremely durable product.

This is another great Bottle Rocket from Evolved. They made another toy that is either a large bullet or small vibrator that packs quite a punch and remains rumbly. I don't need patterns, so I am not at all bothered by this lacking them, but others may have a problem with that. I adore my Bottle Rockets.

Three stars for a bottle rocket that didn't leave me seeing stars, but nonetheless piqued my interest. Easy to clean, easy to operate, and perfect for beginners or foreplay. Plus, with packaging this cute and prices this low, how can you pass it by?

All in all, I would say this is a great toy for beginners. It is very affordable, easy to use, easy to maintain, and fun to use. It is probably not powerful enough for more advanced users, but if you're just looking for a quick orgasm, I'd go with the super Nova!

If you are looking for a small and discreet mild clitoral vibe, the Nova fits the bill. It is a silky smooth vibe that although is somewhat moderate in vibration strength, will be powerful enough for most to bring them to orgasm. Also, being a waterproof toy, you can bring it along in the shower for your water sexcapades.

I was looking for a small, quiet, battery operated clit vibrator to keep at my boyfriend's house. I decided to give the Nova a chance. I had tried another Bottle Rocket (the Apollo) and the shape didn't work for me at all. I knew this line of toys didn't have the strongest vibrations, but I was hoping that Nova's texture and broader tip would add enough extra stimulation. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Nova is a nice toy, but it just isn't right for me.

The Nova is a small, easy-to-hide vibrator that's made from body-safe materials and moderately strong. The vibrations weren't enough for orgasm, and they were too buzzy for me, but some people will be okay with the moderate, buzzy vibrations like I wasn't.

Would make a cute gift as the packaging is kind of kitschy. Great for some alone time with your clit.

The Bottle Rocket Nova is a great discreet vibrator for beginners or anyone who has roommates or lives in a dorm. It can be used as a clitoral vibrator and ,while it takes a while, gets you to an intense orgasm!

The Bottle Rockets Nova is so soft! The swirls and the velvety texture feel amazing. Plus it's waterproof, comes in a cute plastic bottle, easy to turn on/off, and only takes 1 AA battery! The vibration is just strong enough for me but I would have loved more variety. I love that it's easy to clean and easy to open/close the cap to insert the battery. Everything about this toy is fantastic except the fact that it's small and only has one vibration setting.

I would definitely recommend the Nova! The size, feel and intensity is perfect for a first timer (like myself!). The toy is waterproof which makes it extremely easy to keep clean. Overall, thumbs up.

This is my first purchase from this website, and actually, ever. I am very impressed with everything about this toy, and it does it's job VERY well!

I love this toy! The soft feel, strong vibrations, and waterproof ability are definitely worth it. If you are a clitoral orgasm person, this is perfect. Use this to tease you or your partner; men like a little vibration too.

This vibrator is perfect for beginners, college students, and anyone who wants a quick, discreet way to get an intense clitoral orgasm. It works well underwater or in bed, is nice and discreet, and is very versatile. An excellent bang for your buck!

I think this is a great toy for beginners or an experienced user. You can take this toy anywhere; it's quiet but packs a lot of punch for its size. The price also makes this an exceptional toy to add to your collection! The one issue we had was that sometimes the button takes a few pushes to keep it on or off. If you are using the toy, it's also very easy to bump the button and turn it on and off.

Without repeating myself, this toy is a great for its money and you won't be let down with it. The bottle the toy comes in is a great storage holder.

My Little Unicorn

Nova worked out well for me as a clitoral stimulator. It's a little too small to offer much in the way of vaginal penetration, but it worked nicely as a teaser . The swirled shaft feels great against the clitoris and labia. The single vibration mode was nice and strong, but variety would be is the spice of life after all!

You'll love this vibrator, as it definitely packs a punch for such a small stature! Although it only has one speed, it is not a vibrator that lacks power or vibration because of this. It's well worth the buy if you're looking for something oh-so cute, discreet and simple.

Nova's small stature was disappointing at first, but I have come to appreciate the stimulation provided by Nova when used in just the right spots. Such precision could not be achieved with a larger toy, which makes this great for play near the entrance to the vagina, if that's your thing. (If not, give it a try!)

The Nova Bottle Rocket may seem tiny, but don't let its diminutive size fool you! It still packs a surprisingly strong vibration in its slight frame, powered by a single AA battery. It is pthalate-free as well, to guarantee body-safe adventures. Nova has a single, all-purpose speed that should satisfy most users. Take a ride on this lovely, swirled Bottle Rocket tonight!

The Bottle Rockets Nova is a small little vibrator with a lot of personality. Perfect for beginners or for those who just don't like larger vibrators. The Nova hits all the right spots with out all the bulk. Strong vibrations, coupled with intense texture, create the perfect balance on the ride to ecstasy.

If you're looking for a waterproof vibe that's easy to use and easy to hide, with maximum impact on your sexual experience, I highly recommend this toy.

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