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A Blessing in Disguise

Nova's small stature was disappointing at first, but I have come to appreciate the stimulation provided by Nova when used in just the right spots. Such precision could not be achieved with a larger toy, which makes this great for play near the entrance to the vagina, if that's your thing. (If not, give it a try!)
Cute, easy care, silky coating, waterproof, easy push button, precision stimulation, discreet.
Weak vibes, swirls hard to feel, does not provide pressure, slippery with lube, one speed.
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Evolved's line of Bottle Rockets are tiny vibrators, which could be seen as upgrades to the iconic pocket rocks (as perhaps the name suggests). The Nova can be used solo or with a partner, and will remain un-intimidating to all parties involved. Paired with the smaller vibrations, Nova makes a great first foray into sex toys, but experienced players might want to look for something... more.

Because of its size it is best used for external stimulation a la clitoris, but could be used for stimulation of the vaginal entrance, too. Women whose G-spots are shallower, and enjoy vibration, may be able to stimulate the G-spot as well; but this toy is not designed for that and may be hard to maneuver. A toy this small is also able to travel with you virtually anywhere.

It is definitely more discreet than any realistic vibrator, and its smaller stature makes it easy to hide if necessary (it could easily be slipped under your mattress). This makes it a great toy for anyone with children, roommates, or any other prying eyes. Plus, its waterproof capabilities make it shower, tub and even pool-safe, which is great during the hot summer days.

Material / Texture

The Nova Bottle Rocket is made of Phthalate free ABS plastic which, while hard, feels much softer because of its satiny coating. This coating is on many of Evolved's toys, and while it feels great in hand and even somewhat realistic, may not have as much of a profound effect on the genitals; especially if yours tend to need greater sensation like mine. One thing I love about plastic is that is does not attract lint like softer materials.

Besides the silky coating, the Nova has a swirled design. Unlike some toys where the swirl is a raised ridge; it's the opposite with the Nova where the swirl is a subtle valley. If ridges are uncomfortable or painful, the Nova offers a unique alternative by using this approach, yet doesn't sacrifice sensation. However, as I tend to focus on the tip of clitoral toys, I don't find the swirl design to offer as much stimulation as a traditionally sized insertable vibe with a similar texture might offer. Unfortunately, the swirls were barely noticeable upon insertion.

Design / Shape / Size

Nova is an extremely cute vibrator, there's no denying it. Mine is a very vibrant pink, the shaft of which is matte and almost soft looking because of the coating applied to it, but it is also available in white. The swirls are pleasing to the eye as well. A thin silver ring rests above the base/battery pack, giving the entire piece a sophisticated look. The base is a shiny pink with "Evolved" printed on it in a slightly less shiny silver.

Initially, I was shocked at how tiny it was. Admittedly, I didn't check out the product specs like I should have, but I was not expecting a pocket rocket at all. Nova is only slightly longer and thicker than one of my fingers, and many people will have fingers which are equal to or larger than the Nova in length or girth - or both. It does make it easy to store discreetly, and can easily be tossed in a purse or packed for traveling.

It's definitely not the toy for size queens, but can be used to explore the entrance of the vagina with pinpoint precision, including the U-spot. While this wasn't what I had in mind when I purchased Nova, it does so rather effectively, because of the shape.

Little to no lube has to be used at all, which is a positive for smaller toys. I actually had to remove some I had initially applied. Like other Evolved toys, lube can make the base slippery and difficult to use; lube could also detract from the swirl sensation as well. Additionally, the shorter size of Nova does make it a little more effective to manipulate, especially if your goal is G-spot stimulation.

Furthermore, I have trouble with such small, rounded toys because I like a lot of pressure against my pubic bone. If Nova had a larger size or flatter head, it would have been better for me. After a lot of play the Nova worked better externally, but I prefer toys that get me there fast. Those who prefer a lighter touch on their clitoris may prefer the rounded shape, however.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Like many of Evolved's toy, the Bottle Rockets are easy to use. Nova's base is shaped similarly to many other Evolved products, tapering in a conical shape with a push button at the very bottom. This button operates the one speed of this toy which is powered by a single AA battery. That information was also not to be found on the package itself, but is embossed into the hard plastic base which screws off for easy insertion. Unlike some push button toys, I never found myself accidentally turning off the Nova.

Nova's vibrations are centered in the tip and are noticeably stronger there, than toward the base. The vibrations provided by Nova are not teeth rattling deep nor extremely high frequency. The vibrations land somewhere around the middle of the spectrum, perhaps more on the buzzy side of things. I found the vibrations teasing and tingling, but after initial use, my body quickly became accustomed to them. Because there is only one speed, that was pretty much it for me. If you absolutely require strong, deep vibrations then Nova is probably not the toy for you.

The sound level of this toy matches the vibration level well. You might even be able to get away using this in the same room with a sleeping being without waking them, and it definitely could not be heard through a closed door or over the sound of running water.

I tossed this discreet vibrator in my sink and let it fill with water to test its waterproof capabilities, because I don't often use my sex toys in the shower/tub. After drying and opening the battery compartment, I was pleased to note it was dry (but had kind of hoped it would float).

Care and Maintenance

ABS plastic is easy to care for. A wash with soap and water, cleansing with toy wipes, a cleaner, or a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol will do the trick before and after use. I love that I can actually dry it with a towel, and not have to worry about lint. Although more hygienic than, say jelly, condoms use when sharing doesn't hurt. Because plastic is durable and non-reactive, it doesn't require the fussy storage of soft or breakable sex toys.


Packaging is likely the main reason anyone will buy a Bottle Rocket over a plain pocket rocket, and with good reason. These little vibes stand vertically in a clear, plastic bottle complete with faux bottle cap. The bottom unscrews to remove the toy. The bottle is not so large that using it for storage is out of the question, and may even be preferable so you don't lose it. Make sure to keep the plastic disc (which sits around the toy, between the silver ring and the screwed-on battery cap) if you want to keep the toy upright. However, I will be keeping Nova in one of my toy boxes, without the bottle.


Although I was initially disappointed with the size of this toy, and actually put off using it for weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at how effectively it worked for U-spot stimulation. I tried it simply as an afterthought, and was no less than amazed when it made me squirt for the first time ever. This opened my eyes to a side of Nova (and sex toys, in general) I might otherwise have missed.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Juliettia
    I don't understand how someone can rate your review was 'worth reading, butnot useful' or even 'somewhat useful'. You've obviously included a wealth of information in a very understandable way.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Thanks Juliette. I didn't love this one so I focused on the specs. I would think I covered material, care, cleaning, power, controls, packaging and function all well. In fact, some reviews don't even equate it to a pocket rocket which is absolutely a vital piece of information. Oh well
  • Ashly Star
    I thought this was a great review! Very detail oriented which is something I like. I figure if by the end I have no questions to ask, it was a great review because you covered all the details. I always enjoy reading your reviews because you do a great job of covering the details. =o)

    I think these look cute as hell but I haven't gotten a Bottle Rocket yet. The weak vibrations is an issue for me. They look so damn cute though and I love having a nice little discreet something. Maybe when my current pocket rocket dies, I'll look into one of the Bottle Rockets since they're more in my price range than a lot of others are.

    Funny and wonderful how a toy you were less than thrilled about made you squirt for the first time. Glad you could come (no pun intended) to appreciate the little toy after all. Thanks for the review!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
  • pinkcupcakes
    great review!
  • MissCandyland
  • Snoelle
    thx 4 the review!
  • deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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