Cleo massager

Discreet massager discontinued
by ONO Pleasure

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The Cleo Body Bath Massager is a semi-powerful instrument. It has a great variety in functions, but it lacks in practicability and generally misses the mark in terms of design.

The Cleo is an interesting vibrator, that's for sure. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. She's intended to be used in the shower but that didn't work out so well for me. Because of her shape and the design of my shower, I just couldn't find a way to use her in my shower. However, I do enjoy using her out of the shower as a good warm up vibrator.

Cleo is an interesting innovative design. She was made to be used in water, but mine was not happy in water. On land she provides deep rumbly vibrations. This is a good choice for those who like unique vibrators.

I'm happy with the Cleo, and it isn't like any other toy I own. The unique shape and interesting design allow you to do things with this massager that are hard to accomplish with a standard vibrator. The suction cup is removable, which gives you a range of ways to use the Cleo. It won't please power queens, but it's not weak, and it feels great for all over body massage.

Hands free vibrations in the shower? Check! Amazing massager for tired backs and feet? Check! Hygienic and easily cleaned materials? Check! Yes, it's official this vibrator has it all and it can do all of the amazing things with style. Cleo is a must for any luxury toy box.

If you're looking for a toy with a strong suction cup that can be used in the tub, you might be disappointed with Cleo. However, if you just want a gorgeous, discreet vibe with an original design and funky color choices this is a toy that will satisfy your needs.

The Cleo is truly an unique bird. I cannot think of a toy with this shape on the market. Cleo provides broad, rumbly vibrations. The learning curve may be too much and frustrating for some.

While this product does have some great features, we felt the functionality of this toy let us down. There are many other toys on the market that are waterproof that will directly stimulate the areas they are designed for.

Cleo contained so much promise, but in the end it left me unsatisfied, irritated, and so very confused. I wasn't sure how to use it at first, and I'm still kind of confused. They didn't think the controls through, thus leaving me ORGASM-LESS!

The artistic design and being able to straddle a smooth, beautiful vibrating toy is what turns me on. While Cleo's vibrations are like a massage from heaven, they refuse to stimulate my clitoris. I can't give up on Cleo though. I gave Cleo 3 stars because it's nothing more than a massage and a bit of a turn on to be sitting on it. I wouldn't complain, but for the price, Cleo could use some tweaks in the vibration and suction cup area.

The fact that it’s made of high quality silicone, is waterproof, easy to use, can be used in different positions and different ways, along with being very quiet all bode well for this product. It’s the lack of vibration speed, low rumble, need for batteries and lack of flexibility that seem to ruin it for me. Like I said in the beginning of this review – I like it, I just don’t know if I love it.

Silky Smooth Innocence

Cleo is an innovative, specially designed discrete massager that is available in three vibrant colors. It is a housing station for bath time fun and can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your bed. Cleo has eight modes and six speeds of deep, rumbling vibrations. Enjoy this 100% Silicone bundle of goodness! It is Phthalate free and body safe!

The Cleo is sleek without being too serious. It's waterproof, multi-functional, and a good idea for a more experienced toy user who already has a nice collection of the more traditional toys. Unfortunately, it's a bit iffy whether or not it will work for you or not. I figure this toy is probably a case of either "love it or hate it".

If rubbing with moderate vibrations is your thing, you might like this.Since it’s primarily marketed as a shower toy, the base is difficult to use without the suction cup action. But it also doesn’t quite work too well in the shower. For the flaws, the lack of oomph, the pitiful packaging, poorly placed buttons and finally the high price tag – I’d say to avoid it unless you can catch it on a really good sale and don’t require direct / intense vibrations.

Cleo is a uniquely sexy and sleek wonder of a toy. I love her deep vibrations and patterns. She worked best for me when turned around, but even then the sensations were amazing. She is designed to be used in the shower, however, I found the suction to slide too much. I don't care! I love using her in bed, on a pillow, with my partner, and even when I'm studying or watching TV.

The Cleo is a neat little massager that can give you a wild ride, or just a sensuous massage. It's versatile, powerful, and looks very interesting! Take it in the bath or shower for some extra fun!

The Cleo massager by ONO Pleasure is versatile toy, not only can it help you see stars it can help you work out the annoying muscle knots we all get from time to time. It features 8 speeds of deep rumbling vibrations and 7 eye crossing, toe curling functions. Its only draw back is it's awkward size and that it can be tricky to use.

What In The World...

Ono Pleasure is a brand new company coming onto the scene with a great big band courtesy of its very first vibrator, the Cleo. Made from beautiful, silky smooth silicone and available in a variety of vivid and sumptuous colors, it is a stunning pleasure object to be enjoyed by all the senses. Cleo's built-in LED-lit interface and whisper quiet motor bring the sophistication of cutting edge technology to your vibrator, and its cunning suction cup base make it a truly versatile and innovative toy.

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