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Cleo massager

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Not exactly good in the bath, but a breast massage is nice!

The artistic design and being able to straddle a smooth, beautiful vibrating toy is what turns me on. While Cleo's vibrations are like a massage from heaven, they refuse to stimulate my clitoris. I can't give up on Cleo though. I gave Cleo 3 stars because it's nothing more than a massage and a bit of a turn on to be sitting on it. I wouldn't complain, but for the price, Cleo could use some tweaks in the vibration and suction cup area.
-safe, smooth material
-conforms to body
-artistic design
-you can straddle it!
-Suction cup slides. Dangerous!
-Awkward positioning
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Cleo, Cleo, Cleo. Where do I start? While Cleo's packaging states "bath & body massager", I've really found it impossible to be of any use anywhere besides the breasts and crotch, and still that's a long stretch. Picture my sad face here. Using Cleo on the breasts was awesome for me! Cleo is truly a sleek and beautiful design, well thought out, but something's missing. It's made to be used in the shower, meaning you straddle this puppy and go to town, or face first into the shower wall. This unique, bold vibrator is said to be best used in the tub, but I would strongly suggest limiting your play with her to somewhere like the bed, a stool, or the floor. Hell, the wicker table on your front porch is safer than using it in the tub!

This toy can be easily used by all users, advanced, beginner, super beginner, super advanced. You get it. I think it's a really wonderful idea for a beginner. Bath toy? I don't think this is good for the tub, unless you're a real water player, I don't know that you'll find this a pleasant tub toy. Body massager? Most definitely! In fact, I cannot get this thing to stimulate me in a sexual way at all! I've been really struggling with it. It seems maybe I'm the problem? I mean the toy seems perfect except a few flaws. The power is pretty strong, but it will not stimulate my clitoris. I know that's blunt, but it's been upsetting. I don't understand what on earth is wrong with me. Strong vibes plus a highly responsive clitoris should equal high stimulation, right? I can get going from a finger gliding over mine, it's so sensitive! So why will the Cleo not do it?

I am able to feel a nice, unique rumble all over my crotch and even into my behind when I sit on it. The vibrations, to me, are best described as a massage. It feels almost like it's kneading and massaging my lady bits which feels really relaxing, but even with direct contact to my clitoris, it refuses to respond. Two packs of brand new batteries and no change.

When I first ordered Cleo I expected a mini sized item until I did further research and learned it was actually much larger. It's a bit bigger than my hand. While holding in my palm, only the tips of my fingers poke out around Cleo. She's bigger than a baseball and smaller than a football. While straddling Cleo, my entire crotch, labia and all are covered. There are two hump-like shapes which curve wonderfully to your body. Like others who also bought Cleo, I found that turning it around (backwards) is most comfortable.

I'm not much of a bath player, so I knew I would probably spend the majority of my time using it somewhere like the floor or bed. I found the hard-wood floor in my house to be very painful as well as the tub. My shin bones, ankles, and knees were grinding into the hard surface. I have a padded vanity stool that is square shaped so I climbed on there with Cleo, and it was very comfortable. If you have hard floors I suggest laying pillows down where your shins won't be grinding into the floor. For the hard tub, I have no idea how to overcome that.
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Material / Texture

The sleek and sexy Cleo comes in three different shades of colors: orange, red and purple. Mine is orange and a very bold, pretty color, but I think the purple is stunning!

Cleo is made of ABS/body safe silicone and upon first opening the Cleo, I stuck my nose to it - hardly no scent at all. The suctions, both to Cleo and to the tub, and the suction cups did have a scent. I thought it smelled like the plastic McDonald's toys. I like the smell though. There is no taste at all. The Cleo is very velvety to the touch, but not soft or squishy. One thing I worried about was the material having no give and therefore grinding into my crotch bones while sitting, but I really didn't have that problem unless I pressed very hard on it.

Aside from a tiny groove on one of the humps where your clitoris would lay, and a groove around the base, there are no other grooves or ridges. It's very smooth. The base is a white plastic, round, screw on deal that is slick and flat. This is where you push the suction cups onto Cleo. The suction cup is like two stuck together back to back. That way you can take the suction cup off of Cleo.

The screw on the bottom is apparently not suitable for water! Just tonight I used it again, and the tub was filled a tiny bit, and I suctioned it to the bottom. When I got out, the entire battery area was soaked! The toy still worked last I checked, and I immediately removed the batteries and dried things out, but I don't think it was properly made for the tub. If the shower is only hitting you while you sit on the toy it wouldn't be as bad, but be careful! There's no rubber O ring or anything to really seal it off so I don't think I'll use this in the tub again.

While there's no give to Cleo's perfectly smooth feel, I do feel a small hint of dragging when I rub on it. Lube seems to be necessary for using this toy if you want to kind of roll around and grind back and forth on it. Otherwise, you just sit still on it.
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Cleo's sleek, sophisticated and bold design is what had me drawn in the first place. I loved the idea of straddling the pretty thing and vibrating at the same time. Cleo has a "Saddle like" design that conforms to your lady bits perfectly. It's a perfect toy for both beginners and advanced users and would make a beautiful gift, but like I said, I don't suggest using it in the tub. Since there's nothing to insert and it's pleasing, not intimidating to the eye I think it will be enjoyed by all types of people no matter what they're toy usage is. I admit though, it's awkward to position yourself on, very awkward.

Looking at Cleo, I don't think she screams "sex toy!" but I wouldn't call it discreet. It can be passed off as a massager to someone who has no clue like kids (yes, there was an "encounter".) It doesn't slip away in a drawer as easily as a traditional vibe, but since the suction cups can come off, this makes it quite a bit shorter so it will fit better in a drawer or box. If you have an empty drawer or one with little in it that would work. I don't so I have stuck mine inside my box. If you have a night stand with a deep drawer, that's perfect. It is bulky so you may have to make room somewhere.

By holding down both the + and - buttons on Cleo, she will lock so no worries about accidental turn-ons. With the bulky size though, I don't think it's suitable for travel and especially with the noise. My purse is pretty small and Cleo arrived just as we were walking out the door so it was perfect for my favorite car play! Since we were going to a person's house for a ghost trip, I had to hide it and it did fit in my purse, but barely. So if you have a medium or large sized bag, you're good to go!
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

I couldn't be more excited with Cleo's design and what she's intended for, but I found it impossible to be pleased sexually by it and I found it uncomfortable in the tub. The suction cup will hold very well, but it slides around! I don't know why. I even tried it on my huge, full length mirror. I thought lying on my back, rubbing against it while it suctioned to the mirror or wall would be easy. Huge wrong! I looked like a fool trying to wiggle my crotch up to that thing. It's so difficult to find a position and I found it to be much easier to just lay on my bed and hold it against myself with the suction cups off.

The vibrations are unique. They don't feel like most, but I just can't find the right words. It seems the material or it's size is hindering it from transferring the vibrations to my clitoris. It's not weak by far, but it feels more like a lip massage! It's supposed to be waterproof, but when I used it again tonight I found the entire battery casing full of water and everything was sealed tight and screwed on right! I never submerged it fully and I guess it's a darn good thing!

The vibrations carry throughout the entire Cleo, including the base. I actually found the vibrations to be strongest in the base area and at the tip of the biggest hump. I didn't find them to be very strong on the saddle part, especially while sitting on it. Straddling Cleo puts pressure on her causing the vibes to really travel throughout the surface she's suctioned or sat on. While just lying on a bed holding Cleo to your body, she's not loud at all, but even straddling her on my padded stool, the noise got fairly loud. It's much louder on a hard surface!

The way the Cleo slipped and slid around, I tensed up the entire time I've used, her feeling like one small movement would cause it to slip out from under me! It does hold suction, but it slides. Strange. I just did not feel safe in the shower with it. After I slid once and had the thought come into my head of me screaming "Help! I've fallen and can't get up!". Then have my father coming to the rescue, just totally ruined it for me. That's when I said this is too risky!

The controls look easy, and I immediately liked them, until I tried using them. I've read other reviews where people said they had problems with the location of the controls as well. There are two buttons. Sounds simple enough. One is a (+) and the other a (-) they're both located at the back side, right under the hump which I now see why it's hard to get to. Right where the (+) (-) are it says ONO. The (+) is inside the first O and the (-) is in the last O. Cool. That area also lights up red when pressed.

When I got in the car, I opened Cleo, turned it on and tried cycling through the seemingly endless settings when I couldn't get past the first setting! In a panic, I found the user manual which is a blessing! I wasn't smart enough to know you had to press the + then hold it down to move on through the settings. The - takes you back through settings, kind of like the forward and back buttons/arrows on your computer.

There are 8 different settings which consist of mostly pulsating, which did not do a thing, but make me numb. Then you have the steady, constant semi-strong vibration, and the steady, constant weak vibration. In the midst of those there is also one that's hard to explain. It's something like this: zzz ZZZ zzz ZZZ strong and weak, strong and weak. If that makes sense.

I don't know what my deal is, but the controls were kind of difficult. I'd have preferred a simple + and - with no holding down to cycle through. I guess with it's bulky-ness and straddling it at the same time make it hard to really mess with them. Then you have all those settings which you are trying to find a good one, and it just seems like over kill. It's real unlike me to complain like that, but it really seemed like most were almost the exact same pulsating vibration.

I can say the 3 AA batteries have yet to die out, and the Cleo has been used for more than a couple of hours with no battery change!

Cleo measures:
LENGTH: 4 3/4"
DIAMETER: 1 3/4"
WEIGHT: 280 Grams

The manual also states that the user time is up to 5 hours. The longest amount of time, in one sitting, that I've used Cleo was nearly 2 hours, so I think it will be true to its words. However, after we were nearing that second hour, I felt it heating up a little, so I don't know that I would recommend using it for any longer at one time. If she heats up, I recommend letting her cool off a while like I had to do and move on to a different vibe until she's cooled off.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

I mentioned previously, that the makers of Cleo were right in including the instruction manual. The manual is very informative and useful. The manual recommends you "do not use cleaners that contain alcohol, petrol or acetone as this may damage Cleo's silicone skin." The manual also warns against exposing Cleo to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Cleo's colored part of the toy, is made of ABS/body safe silicone with soft touch finish. She's phthalate free. The base and suction cups are rubber. Cleo has a bulky size, but becomes a good bit smaller when suction cups are removed so I do recommend removing them for easier storage. You really don't have many options for storage, and the little flimsy box it came in was totally squished, even ripped when it got to me, so it wasn't possible for storage purposes. I just toss mine in a pretty large size box that holds some of my sewing fabrics and materials. If you have a deep drawer, that's a great idea. You could also toss it in a storage box under the bed or a shoe box and place in the closet. I even leave some of my toys inside empty purses that aren't in use that I have hanging up. No one ever looks there.

To clean Cleo, you should use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, or toy cleaner if you prefer. It is super quick and easy to wash. Cleo is made of silicone so it should be used with a water based lubricant which can easily rinse off while in the shower. If that's an issue for you, I recommend using Slippery Kitty lubricant. It's all natural, and it will keep things slicker in water than water based lube does.

Also, I do not recommend storing Cleo where she will not have direct contact with other toys as we have heard and read many times, this can degrade the materials!
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


Unfortunately, when Cleo got to me the box was squashed and ripped! How that happened will continue to be a mystery, but it's not unusual for my toys to arrive and look as if they'd been taken for a test drive first!

Cleo comes packaged in a pretty, but flimsy black box with an orange, purple, black and red circle designs on the front as well as a plastic, clear window to show a bit of her skin.

The box says ONO pleasure, Cleo, bath and body massager and a short description of her. Included is a nice and very informative instruction manual with everything you could possibly need to know inside.

I doubt the package box will last for a storage unit. It would make a beautiful gift though, and although I'm not able to get really turned on with Cleo, I will probably order another as a gift for a family member.
    • Minimal
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


I've yet to be really amazed with Cleo, but I love the nice crotch massage! I'm keeping on with her, and I don't absolutely hate the toy, but I find myself getting frustrated with every use. I'm going to keep trying, but I don't think it will be clitorally stimulating for me ever. I must admit though, when my partner rubbed it over my breasts I enjoyed that so much! We use it for that purpose all the time, and it feels amazing! I can feel the vibrations all inside my breasts, and it just feels so wonderful. Glide it across your breasts, slowing down at the nipples while it's pulsating on high! I sure do love the idea and design of Cleo and have high hopes I'll warm up to her. I still can't get over the awkwardness of positioning myself on top of her. It's just difficult and I can't figure out why!

My partner and I both are enjoying using the Cleo on me, but I can't recommend her for the price. If you have a very sensitive clitoris then you may have better luck. If not, she's still wonderful for a massage down there. I certainly haven't felt anything like it before.

It seems the material may be causing the vibrations not to transfer strongly to the clitoris, but it feels powerful on the vulva. Lying down and holding it to yourself seems to be the safest way to go.
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