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Delight click 'n' charge reviews

34 reviews
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34 reviews

This is a very appealing looking toy, but it has many design flaws. It is very dependent on having a standard anatomy, if your G-spot is a little higher or lower than the norm, this toy does not work well. The charger, while it seems like a great idea, is very picky and I really dislike it. The toy doesn't really have any girth either. I was surprised by this as in the picture it looked thicker than what it really is. Overall, I am left with negative feelings about this toy.

This toy has a sexy shape and feel, a unique design, and if you enjoy g-spot stimulation, then it is probably a must. I prefer clitoral stimulation, so for me, I wasn't able to achieve orgasm with just this toy. The quality is there, and will last you a long time, and is comfortable to hold onto.

The S-shaped curve of the Fun Factory Delight makes this an ideal choice for solo G-Spot play and leave the hands free for clitoral, anal, or other stimulation. On the other hand, having the right anatomy to match this toy is critical and it may too high a price tag to guess as to whether your G-Spot or clitoris is in the right place for this toy to be completely satisfying.

Ouch. This toy has too many faults. The shape was ineffective for me personally and is more suitable for women with shallow G-spots, making it very anatomy dependent and kind of a dice roll for future buyers. However, even disregarding this subjective fault, the Delight is wimpy, wimpy, wimpy in vibrating power. It's also fairly loud and doesn't stimulate the clitoris like it's supposedly designed to do. Pass on this one.

Fun Factory is known for inventive sometimes even whimsical designs in bright colors. Delight is a great example. It features this unforgettable curvy shape that is both effective and decorative. The multiple settings are strong and should please a wide range of tastes. In addition it's waterproof and rechargeable. I am impressed with this luxury vibrator.

The Fun Factory Delight Click 'N' Charge is an unusual toy with an interesting design. If you're willing to experiment to find the best way to use it, and it works with your anatomy, it's a really nice vibrator. It's one that I will definitely keep in my toy box.

I felt like there was a bit of a learning curve--I was initially disappointed with it, but once I found what motions made it work for me, I fell in love and keep finding myself coming back to it over and over again. I don't know that I think there's a 100% perfect toy, but this is definitely the closest I've found.

The Delight is a great toy for those who don't need a lot of length or girth. It offers all the qualities most look for in a toy. It's a good toy, just not amazing for me. Perhaps I'm spoiled. Still, it's worth a look.

The Delight Click 'n' Charge is a great toy by Fun Factory and well worth the money. It fits my anatomy perfectly (plus-sized) and provides amazing stimulation. It is easy to clean (make sure to clean the creases too!) and has made bedtime fun with my husband even better! I just wish it was waterproof!

It's not so often that I tried a toy and think "I should've done this sooner," but this was the case with the Delight. I've tried an awful lot of C-shaped toys and rabbits, but the Delight absolutely comes closest to my natural shape in a way that provides both internal and external stimulation. I won't reach for it all the time because sometimes I want a utilitarian orgasm, but when I do, I know it will be an experience.

This toy was a purchase that I do, unfortunately, regret. I think it has potential, but it just wasn't happening for me. I feel like I spent a decent amount of money for features of a product that I can only enjoy 25%. The Delight click 'n' charge didn't give me the delightful experience I was hoping for!

When I first saw the Fun Factory DeLight back in 2008 it was instant love. The curves. The words ‘medical grade silicone’. The make-shift handle and easily accessible buttons. The variety of vibration settings, rechargeability, splash-proofness and discreet design. Not to mention the fact that it was made by one of my all time fave companies – Fun Factory (which is synonymous with quality). Everything about it screamed POTENTIALLY AMAZING G-SPOT STIMULATION… and yes, I just had to have it.

After many failed attempts with other G-spot vibrators, the Delight finally regained my faith in the G-spot orgasm. While its candy-cane-like curve might not suit everyone, it works perfectly for my anatomy, and many positive reviews suggests it works for a lot of other women too. It’s powerful, rechargeable, and hits the right spot easily every time.

I really like rocking on this toy, I would compare it to my G-Ki which I actually like better than the delight. The seam is a real concern. It has great strong rumbly vibrations. Great for beginners and experienced alike. Not much for travel friendly but who cares what TSA thinks about our vibes!

The Delight has an interesting shape that can provide dual stimulation if it matches up with your anatomy. Its shape was a little awkward for me but it is still a solid toy that is worth a look.

The Delight Click N Charge is a rechargeable G-spot vibrator that can also be used anally. Available in 6 fantastic color options! It's curved to reach the majority of sweet spots; however, won't hit them all. It's made of plastic and silicone which are both body safe and safe for sharing.

This beautiful, unique g-spot vibrator is a great choice for both beginners and advanced users. Those that enjoy dual stimulation will especially enjoy this toy, as this toy actually does provide dual stimulation! Not only does it provide dual stimulation, but it's also quite powerful, and fairly quiet.

I really like the Delight, it is easy to use and feels great. It gets me to squirt every time. The controls are a little hard to use. I don't really like how hard and long you have to push the button to make the toy turn on and it is not intuitive on how to change the vibrations unless you're just going up or down in intensity.

The Delight by Fun Factory is a unique shaped rechargeable vibrator offering up stimulation to both the G-spot and the clitoris. The sexy curves on this toy may provide excellent G-spot stimulation for some users, it definitely is fun to use! While this is the 2.0 version of a classic, next time Fun Factory could make it even better by making it waterproof instead of just splash proof.

The Delight Click n' Charge from Fun Factory is a fabulous, sleek, unique dual stimulator that is well worth the price.

This unique, ergonomic toy by Fun Factory is a wonderful additon to any toybox. I love the fact that it is rechargeable, is quite powerful, and offers simultaneous stimulation.

The Delight combines clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Its silicone is soft, and it's vibrations are rumbly and spot on. The design makes cumming easy and comfortable. 5 Stars!

Possibly my favorite toy of all time, the Delight has a very effective shape, and the intense vibration does not disappoint. It's rechargeable, looks great, and runs quiet. You will tell your friends about this one.

Overall, we are pleased with the Delight. The charger having to be lined up just right is slightly annoying, but nothing I would dock a star for. However, the weak vibrations are definitely a problem. While they did work for my wife, she is not a power queen by any means, and shouldn't need the higher vibrations to get off. It works for us, but it might not be strong enough for others.

Can you squirt from a G-spot orgasm? Do you want to try? Get a Delight and start working it!! The flexible hook and clitoral bump makes this a versatile product that will work with many different body proportions for maximum enjoyment. Go green as well with the ingenious click n charge feature! No more batteries!!

This is my third successful G spot toy (after 5 years of hard searching). The curve, as in the other two toys, is what does it for me. As such, I'm willing to forgive some of the shortcoming this toy has because it gives me G spot orgasms. The power could be a bit higher, though it should be high enough for most users. The vibrations could also be a little more rumbly. I don't use this as a dual stim, but rather up and down with the hook shape, as my G spot seems to require.

For women who enjoy well orchestrated g-spot pressure and stimulation, with some bonus clitoral stimulation on the side, this toy is a very engaging addition to your collection. It's also aesthetically pleasing, as well as being easy to power up and to clean. Worth the cost.

The Delight is high quality, powerful yet not loud and pretty – it would be ideal if orgasms I get from it weren't so similar to those little “hiccups” I had in Junior High.

If you are looking for a new and interesting g-spot vibrator, this is the one to get. If you are not in the mood for g-spot stimulation, then it is perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Easy to use, rechargeable, and made from high-quality silicone and plastic, Fun Factory's Delight features a unique S-shape designed for G-spot stimulation, and the handle makes it possible to enjoy extended play with this toy without and hand-numbing or sore wrists.

The Delight is a very unique and classy g-spot vibrator. I recommend it to any and all women! With the minimally invasive g-pot tip, it gets the the spots needed and stays put! It can even be used for anal or clitoral stimulation if you'd like to mix it up a bit. This is one high-end vibrator that is worthy of the price tag. It is also one that will last you a really long time.

In summary, it simply wasn't worth the price I paid for it. The curves of the toy aren't going to hit everyone the right way to provide a g-spot orgasms, and while the variety of pulses and strength of the vibrations is great, the battery doesn't hardly work for regular much less extended play.

The Delight is genuinely a delight to use. It provides a softer, gentler, vibrating alternative to the Njoy's steel Pure Wand with the same natural fit to the g-spot. It's effective, it's easy to use, and the absence of batteries makes the Delight remarkably convenient (without skimping on the power) - one of those rare situations where the name perfectly describes the toy.

Every now and again the sex toy industry turns out something truly miraculous: a toy that is virtually perfect. Of the thousands of choices out there, it's no small feat to create a vibrator that has received the kind of consistent praise that Fun Factory's DeLight has. So what do you do once you've created the perfect toy? Well, you make it better of course. With the Click 'N' Charge line's new version of this classic toy, Fun Factory has managed to do exactly that.

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