Delight click 'n' charge - g-spot vibrator by Fun Factory - review by Adriana Ravenlust

Delight: Love at first sight

It's not so often that I tried a toy and think "I should've done this sooner," but this was the case with the Delight. I've tried an awful lot of C-shaped toys and rabbits, but the Delight absolutely comes closest to my natural shape in a way that provides both internal and external stimulation. I won't reach for it all the time because sometimes I want a utilitarian orgasm, but when I do, I know it will be an experience.
Actually stimulates inside and out, strong vibrations, silicone, easy to charge, storage bag(s)
Seam between plastic and silicone, buttons could be raised more, loud, vibes diffuse externally
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
This vibrator is a detailed S-shape. The wider curve fits around your pubic bone, allowing you to insert the shaft and stimulate your G-spot. The external portion sits snugly on the other side of your bone against your vulva. The handle curves back against itself to create an almost loop for holding.

The vibe uses plastic and silicone. The shaft is firm and dense but still soft enough to push back into a straight line with your hand. The density means this is a hefty toy. The silicone tapers toward the clitoral portion and is bordered on either side by plastic. The pink and black combination is incredibly attractive to me!

The shape is ultimately what makes me love this. While there could be a clitoral nub that protrudes a little further, this toy is just a good shape for my body. I can't promise the same for you, however. For instance, the shaft is quite short. You're only got about 3 insertable inches, however. There's also a little bump at the vertex, but I don't necessarily think it adds much. It might make the fit more snug, but it's not necessary. In use, I can rock it to get G-spot stimulation and an intense clitoral orgasm.

This is a vibrator that, for me, is both filling and provides G-spot stimulation. Sometimes G-spotting toys are pretty narrow. EF's description says it has a 1.25" shaft, but that's not quite true. At its widest, it might be that, but no part of the shaft is perfectly round. The curved head does bulb out a bit, but it's wider than it is tall. Still, for a smaller toy, this seems filling. The velvety silicone is both firm and has a lot of drag, which I'm sure adds to the sensation. I used plenty of water-based lube for insertion.

Externally, a combination of plastic and silicone touches my vulva. I can push the toy closer to me for more pressure, but I don't find the loop that useful. It's too small to insert two fingers. I wind up holding my fingers on the outside of the loop, but pressing there makes the plastic dig into my fingers because the plush silicone presses in while the plastic doesn't.

I like the toy enough to ignore this, however. I cannot emphasize how much I like the cupping and rocking sensation. I really like feeling "surrounded."

While inserted, the controls sit facing your head, give or take. Lying down, I can't see them, but the whole area lights up pretty bright in red. The "+" and "-" are both slightly embossed but not enough that I can tell the difference during use. Buttons that were easier to find and define would be nice. Usage is easy enough, however.

The Delight boasts some impressive vibrations -- truly. The lowest steady mode is stronger than, probably, 75% of the vibrators I've ever tried. It's also fairly rumbly, and while the vibes get buzzier as they become stronger, they're still fairly deep. There seem to be about six levels of steady vibration, followed by pulsations, just like the Layaspot. Once you reach the highest steady setting, you need to hold the "+" button for a little bit longer to get to the other modes-- escalation, pulsation and fast pulsation. I do wish the vibrations were as strong externally, but my body seems to absorb them on the way. Unfortunately, it's got the noise to go with the power. Again, a sacrifice I don't mind making. There's no way to quickly turn this off, which would be nice, too.

This version of the Delight uses the click'n' charge style, but mine came charged already. The charger comes in the gold box that contains the Delight. I don't need another box (or another charger, heh), so I like this. The charger uses magnets and lights up when connected but does has a tendency to fall off. I'd check it just to make sure it's still charging.

The toy itself is encased in a white mesh bag inside another gold bag. Both cinch but they're not connected. It looks like FF is definitely trying to go for "luxury" rather than "fun" like they used to with old packaging. I don't care either way about the change.

Because it uses this charging style, it's completely waterproof. I can actually see myself using this in a tub, if I had one. It's not the greatest for standing in the shower, however.

Cleanup is easy with soap and water, but I found that the slick plastic and silicone cleaned up easily with a toy wipe. Because so much of the toy comes in contact with my body, lube got pretty much everywhere. This could just be an indication of a good time had by all!
This it the type of toy that I really get into. I find myself moaning without thinking about it. The experience is whole-body and wholly primal. Sometimes I just want to get off quickly, and sometimes I want to forget about the world around me. The Delight provides the latter.

Actually, this is my second Delight. I got one of the older styles from a swap but never used it. I was really burned out on failed dual stimulation toys, so it sat in a drawer. During the bustle of my move, I packed it up but didn't realize it didn't have the charging cord. I found a stray cable, but it wound up quickly going in the trash as my friends and family who were helping me move discovered a few random toys. FF couldn't supply me with a replacement, so I wound up buying a brand-new one after I tried the toy on for size and realized it was damned near perfect.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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