Delight click 'n' charge - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Fun Factory - review by quackbuster

Delight is right!

I felt like there was a bit of a learning curve--I was initially disappointed with it, but once I found what motions made it work for me, I fell in love and keep finding myself coming back to it over and over again. I don't know that I think there's a 100% perfect toy, but this is definitely the closest I've found.
Neat design, has both strong & weak vibrations, love the curves, pretty quiet to be so strong
I wish the vibrations were a little more pinpointed directly on the tip.
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The Delight is a unique toy--the shape is like nothing I've ever seen before. It looks more like a sculpture than a vibrator! It's also pretty nifty in that it is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot, but it's not shaped anything like a rabbit vibrator. The curved design makes it suitable for thrusting or rocking back and forth, but I find myself getting the most pleasure out of it if I do a sort of combination move where I lie down and tug it upwards while thrusting, using it more like a hook than something shaped more like a realistic penis that would just thrust in and out.

While the shape definitely is more intended for internal use, it also makes a pretty good external vibrator--just place the buzzy end on your clit or labia and voila!

Material / Texture

The portion of the Delight that is designed to be inserted is made of silicone, which rates a perfect 10 on Eden's safety scale. It has a faint, barely noticeable odor, and no taste. The rest of the toy is made of plastic, which ranks an 8, but that's more on the handle, which doesn't reach inside of you unless you're really thrusting quite vigorously and deeply.

The plastic is hard and has no give. It's got a nice-looking shiny finish that definitely adds to the luxury appeal of this toy. The silicone is a little softer, but not a great deal so (you can't really press in on it). The toy does bend at the lower curve, but not to the extent that it will hold its shape.

Design / Shape / Size

I LOVE the design on this vibrator. It's very aesthetically pleasing, with a silicone tip (this is where the vibrations are located) and a curved handle that's easy to grip onto. The hooked tip is designed to stimulate the g-spot and there's a slight ridge just past the first curve that's intended to hit the clit. I find that it doesn't raise up quite enough to touch mine if I'm just holding it in place, but if I rock it back and forth or thrust, it feels great on both my clit and g-spot.

Whereas most toys designed to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot are rabbit vibrators that may or may not fit everyone's anatomy, this one has a 3.5" tip and vibrations travel all the way down it, so it will fit almost anyone. If you have a really deep g-spot, you may find that it can't be used exactly as designed, where the bump on the first curve hits your clit, but you should still be able to get pleasure out of it.

This is not a particular sizable toy--I'm normally one who likes girthy toys, but this is a mere 1.25" at the thickest part that's designed to be inserted. However, I enjoy the design of it so much that I never really find myself wishing it was any bigger or longer.

I don't know that I'd call it discreet since it's about 6" from top to bottom and thus isn't particularly easy to hide, but it definitely doesn't immediately scream "sex toy!" when you see it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Like the other Fun Factory toys I've seen, the Delight has great controls. There is a plus button and a minus button. To turn the vibrations on, you press the plus button once. There are eight levels of vibrations (varying strengths, ranging from a 1-4 on the vroom scale), and you can use the minus button to turn the vibrations down. Once you have reached the strongest vibration setting, you can press the plus button a few more times and change the patterns. The patterns are as follows:

1.) normal, steady vibration
2.) quickly escalating from weak to strong
3.) pulsing
4.) quicker pulsing

Unfortunately, there's no dedicated on/off button, so you have to cycle all the way back down (using the minus button) to turn the Delight off.

The vibrations are deep and rumbly and not really focused in one area--they go up the tip towards the middle of the shaft. If you're holding it by the handle, you can't really feel the vibrations at all on your hands (yay, no numb fingers!). To have such strong vibrations, the Delight is pretty quiet--if you are using it under blankets and have the door closed, I doubt anyone in the house would know it was on.

The instruction manual lists it as splashproof, but it should not be fully submerged in water.

Like all the toys in the Click 'n' Charge line, the Delight has a neat magnetic charger--simply attach the magnet to the two metal spots on the back of the Delight and then plug it into the wall! It has done a great job of holding its charge thus far, even with me using it regularly on the highest setting.

Care and Maintenance

Since much of the Delight is made of silicone, it should only be used with water-based lubes. You should also take care to avoid allowing it to touch other silicone toys.

It can be cleaned with soap and water or an antibacterial wipe. Silicone can sometimes be a bit of a lint magnet, but I have not found that this toy in particular is bad about attracting dust. The plastic portion stays surprisingly thumbprint-free, though it does seem to look a little more scuffed up than it did when I first got it.

It came with a nice satin pouch (that has another, lacey pouch inside of it) that I use to store it.
Follow-up commentary
I love this more than I thought was possible! I find myself ignoring my other toys more often than not to play with the Delight. I definitely recommend this one wholeheartedly.
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