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What a delight

This unique, ergonomic toy by Fun Factory is a wonderful additon to any toybox. I love the fact that it is rechargeable, is quite powerful, and offers simultaneous stimulation.
Rechargeable, quite, discreet
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Delight Click N' Charge by Fun Factory was designed to allow you to choose between g-spot or simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation due to it’s unique design. It is curved so you can insert one end for g-sport exploration and the other end should nestle right around the clitoris. I bought it for the specific purpose of g-spot exploration because I have not been able to find mine and am on the hunt for something that works for my body.

It's ideal for those trying to find their G-spot or those who have a difficult to reach one. It is not intimidating so beginners shouldn't be worried about receiving a penis shaped object.

It could also be used during foreplay to tease and caress your body over all of your erogenous zones that enjoy attention and being stimulated.

It is small, elegant, and discreetly designed to be a perfect companion to solo or couple play. It is not designed for anal insertion and does not have the proper shape and flared base for this.

Material / Texture

The Delight is made out of plastic and silicone which are considered to be 8 and 10 on the safety scale respectively. Both materials are considered to be non-porous and won't harbor bacteria. They are also phthalate free, latex free, and hypoallergenic.

The part that is plastic is a hard plastic underneath which has no give to it at all and does not have any flexibility to it. The plastic is very shiny, polished, and coated plastic. The section that has silicone is not as flexible as some of my other silicone toys, but it does have some give to it. Both sections are smooth to the touch.

It does not have any added texture to it so if you enjoy little love nubs and grooves, then this is not for you. It is ideal for those who prefer smooth toys because there is no added texture anywhere. It has a small
seam that runs the length of the toy, but I could not feel it when inserted. There are two metal circles on the top in the middle of the toy, for recharging the battery.

There was a light silicone smell and taste to it when I first opened it out of the box, but it is not something that is overpowering.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the plastic part reminds me of a swan and how it crooks its head down. It has two color combinations on the toy and I chose purple and red. Eden also carries black and white which reminds me of yin/yang, as well as a light pink and dark pink color combination.

I really like the unique and ergonomic shape of the Delight Click N' Charge by Fun Factory and is different than all of my other g-spot designed toys. I ordered it because I haven't been able to locate my g-spot, and I've been purchasing products that have different shapes in the hopes of finding something that will work for me. I also like that it is fairly small to insert because I have always prefered my toys to be smaller in girth. Those that enjoy larger, girthier toys may want to look somewhere else.

It has a very nice curve for g-spot stimulation and beneath the curve is a smaller bump. Every body is created differently and we all have different levels of experience when it comes to exploring and finding our g-spots so results may vary. I have not been able to find mine and do not have a partner willing to help me out in this venture, but I’m not faulting the toy for this.

It has an overall length of 11 inches, but that is not straight inches because it is a curvy toy. If you measure point to point, it is 5" across. At the tip that's inserted is 4" around. Directly under the tip is 3 1/2" around. The middle of the toy has a girth of 4 1/2". The end that looks like a tail that you can hold onto measures 2" around.

You can easily fit this in your bag, purse, or pocket if you want to take it traveling with you. It does not look like a conventional sex toy so I consider it to be discreet. If you accidentally left it out and had company over, I do not think they would consider it to be a sex toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls are pretty easy to use. On the side near the handle are two buttons: a + and a -. To turn on, hold the + for a few seconds and it will begin to glow red. It has four levels of vibrations and will start at its lowest setting; continue pressing + to increase the power of the Delight. Press the - to decrease the power and finally to turn it off. It has three levels of patterns to choose from. I've never been a big fan of patterns and prefer solid vibrations, but I know that is not the case for everyone. To get into pattern mode, you have to be at the highest vibration level and then hold the + again for a few seconds. To cycle through the three levels just hit the + again. The patterns are as follows:

1st pulsation pattern: rev up from low to high
2nd pulsation pattern: pulse-pulse-pulse at a steady speed
3rd pulsation pattern: fast pulse-pulse-pulse

The vibrations are a mix-breed of rumbly and buzzy leaning toward more rumbly. They can be felt around surface level, but do not cause my hand to become numb or itchy while holding it for a long period of time like some buzzy vibrators can do.

Because this toy is designed to be used as a g-spot and clitoral vibrator simultaneously, the vibrations can be felt everywhere in this toy. The vibrations are not just concentrated at the tip and the middle which is nice. They are stronger around the curves in the toy that is to be inserted but can still be felt in the end that you're holding.

In the instruction manual it states it is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water. It however is splash proof, and I did take it into the shower with me and did not have any issues with it afterwards, so they are accurate in that claim.

As far as noise is concerned, it's pretty quite. It cannot be heard above the covers, through the door, or through thin walls. You will not become distracted when using this toy and will not need background noise to muffle what you're doing.

A lithium polymer accumulator is found in the vibrator. The rechargeable battery is recharged by using the Fun Magnetic plug. To charge, connect the metallic plug onto the two metal spots on the top of the vibrator and plug into a wall socket. It will glow red when charging and the light will turn off when it is complete. It requires 6 hours to charge fully for first use, but I was fortunate that mine came with some charge in it when I received it so I was able to play with it immediately. It should have a play time of an hour once fully charged.

Care and Maintenance

Since it is waterproof, cleanup is a breeze just clean it with mild soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner.

It does not come with any additional storage pouch. I keep mine in my lingerie drawer with my other toys.

Water based lubricants should be used with this toy. Silicone lubricant can potentially mess up the materials, so make sure not to use them. If you must use silicone lubricant, please do a patch test first.

Always unplug before cleaning and make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting the charger and plugging it into an outlet.


The packaging is not all that exceptional for a product in this price range. I'm used to Je Joue and Lelo giving you nicer packaging for products in this price range. That's just not the case with the Fun Factory DeLight. It comes with two seperate packages; one for the vibrator and one for the charger. The front of the vibrator package is clear in the middle so you can see the vibrator through it. It mentions the name of the company and teh product. The back has a large picture of the vibrator. The front has magnets on that you can open and shows information inside. It also has an instruction pamplet in several languages and English was hard to find on it, but I found it in the middle of all the other writing.

It also came with a sample packet of their lubricant which they call toy fluid.

Personal comments

I mentioned earlier this was a unique toy. The only toy that I have that is anywhere similar to it is the G-ki by Je Joue. If you adjust the G-ki in this position the two will have a similar shape. The picture below will show this.


Overall, I think this is a highly crafted toy that I would recommend to others if they are looking for a unique design. I'm still on the look-out for the perfect g-spot toy for me, but I'm not giving up.
Follow-up commentary
I was never able to get the Delight to work for me in my g-spot quest. I have to have tremendous power and haven't found the perfect combination of power and shape yet.
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