Delight click 'n' charge - sex toy by Fun Factory - review by leatherlover

A weak delight

Overall, we are pleased with the Delight. The charger having to be lined up just right is slightly annoying, but nothing I would dock a star for. However, the weak vibrations are definitely a problem. While they did work for my wife, she is not a power queen by any means, and shouldn't need the higher vibrations to get off. It works for us, but it might not be strong enough for others.
Rechargable, silicone, multi-speed and patterns.
Charger must line up exactly, somewhat weak?
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This is a wonderful dual stimulation toy from Fun Factory. Made with lovely silicone for the insertable part, this toy vibrates to provide stimulation to both the g-spot and clitoral area, if your anatomy fits. This toy isn't meant to be thrusted, but it's purpose is to vibrate your special parts until you reach ecstasy. Due to it's shape, you should aim to rest the bulb against your g-spot, then if your anatomy works out right, rest the small nub part of the way up the shaft against your clitoris. The silicone part of the shaft has a slight amount of flex to it, so if your anatomy doesn't fit perfectly, you might be able to still have dual stimulation by applying some pressure to it.
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Delight is made out of silicone and a hard plastic. The insertable portion is made out of silicone, which has a matte finish, but my finger goes over it smoother than a regular Tantus dildo. While the silicone bulb that is inserted does have some flex to it, it doesn't have any squish to it. This silicone part lasts for the first 3 inches of the toy, before it goes down to a small strip that goes all the way to the top of the controls. Surrounding this strip is the firm plastic, which acts as a handhold. I ordered the red and violet version, and I really like the colors. Something a little different, but not too bright or annoying. There is no noticeable smell to the toy from a distance, or from up close.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I first saw this toy years ago, way before I found out about Eden, and when my wife and I were first discovering toys. I really liked the design, and knew that one day we would have to have it. The design is a curved S, which allows the user to hold it easily, while still being able to change its position and power level. The handle portion at the top has the controls for the vibrator, which includes a + and -, along with a glowing Fun Factory. The top is mostly plastic, with a strip of silicone surrounding the controls.

This most recent time using it, I was lying down next to my wife with the toy in my right hand. I was able to easily maneuver it, starting with rubbing her lips, to light thrusting, and then inserting the toy and allowing it to rest against her clit. And while doing all this, I was also able to increase the power level without any fumbling around. Even though the vibrations travel up the shaft, my hand never went numb either.
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls are pretty easy and straightforward. To charge the toy, there are two magnetic points below the top curve. The two buttons to control the toy, the + and -, are located on the top of the handle, facing the user while it is inserted. There is also a Fun Factory logo in between, that glows red when the toy is turned on. To turn on the toy, you press and hold the + symbol for about 3 seconds. This starts into the lowest vibration setting. You then continue pressing this until you get to the highest steady vibration setting. You then hold down the + button again for a few seconds to reach the pattern level. Here, you can cycle through the 3 patterns by just pressing the +. It is strange though, that the levels don't stop once you reach the highest level. If you press the + again, it will go back down to the 1st pattern, and will keep doing this all day long. To get out of the patterns, you press the - arrow. And to turn the toy off, you have to cycle all the way down to the 1st vibration level, and then press the - down one more time. I like the controls of this toy, and it is easy to turn on and off. The Emotional Bliss vibrator we have is more of a pain, because you can just keep pressing the + or - all day long, and it will keep going through the settings. It is also slightly more difficult to get that toy to turn on or off.

The 1st vibration level can barely be felt in my hand, but can definitely be heard. A light rumble.
The 2nd level can be slightly felt, and noise does increase.
The 3rd level is what I would consider a good starting vibration, and the noise increase again. Also, the vibrator starts dancing around in a circle on my Liberator throe. What entertainment!
The 4th level is another slight increase in power and noise.
This continues up through the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th vibration levels. At the 8th, in a quite apartment in the morning, it is kind of noisy and annoying. Someone would definitely hear that through a door, but it would be muffled once inserted, or under covers. But when I was using this with my wife the other day, I never thought that it was loud or that someone could hear us, so the body definitely does muffle the vibrations.

After the 8th level, you get to the patterns.
The 1st pattern is a roller coaster that is kind of slow.
The 2nd is a faster up and down pattern.
The 3rd is a very fast pulsate pattern.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Before the first use of your new Delight, you need to clean it, and you need to allow it to fully charge. I had this all planned out, to have the Delight fully charged by the time my wife got home. I remembered someone saying it took 4 hours for an initial charge, but when I read the instructions, it said it could take up to 6 hours to fully charge. It only took about 3 hours for a full charge though. Once it was done charging, the Fun Factory logo on the toy would stop glowing.

For cleaning, it is quite simple since the Delight is splash proof, but not waterproof. I used some anti-bacterial soap and warm water, then towel dried it, before plugging it in. The only other methods you can use to clean the Delight is a 10% bleach solution, or a toy cleaner. You cannot boil it or place it in the dishwasher because of the motor inside. You would damage it if you did so.

The charger was slightly complicated to get lined up just right. It only goes on one way, and it is magnetized. After struggling to get the LED on for a few minutes, I eventually set the toy down right where it was going to be charged, and then maneuvered the charger just right to get the LEDs on the toy and the charger to illuminate.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


When I opened my Eden box of fun, I was presented with three different toys which I ordered. The Delight, the most important of the order, came in a ziplock type of bag. Inside of the bag, was the Delight and it's charger. The Delight was in a box just slightly larger than the toy, with a photo of the black and white one on one side, some information on another, a clear viewing window to see your new toy, and 8 different symbols about the toy. Open up the magnetic closed flap, and you are presented with a little more information, and a diagram of 6 different parts of the toy. To remove the Delight, open the top of the box, no tools required, and slide out the cardboard. In here is the toy, with a few packets of information hidden underneath. One is a sample of their toyfluid, another is a fold-out that shows all of their different toys which they offer, and the final piece is more detailed information about the Delight.

A few years ago Fun Factory made a pretty big change to the design of the Delight, or at least its charging system. Instead of being housed in a large plastic case, which when the toy was inside would charge the toy, they ditched the case, and now the toy is called a Click 'N' Charge. The Delight is the same size as before, but instead of the large case, the charger is a magnetic one, that simply clicks onto the toy to charge it. This charger is usable with their other toys in their Click 'N' Charge line. The charger came in a separate box, with a small bit of info about the charger, and a photo of some of their available toys.
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

After using this with my wife for the first time, I realized something about her and our toy collection. This is only our 4th vibrator. The 1st one she bought herself, and it was for clitoral stimulation. The 2nd was a We Vibe II, which we both enjoy. I then surprised her with a Hitachi, which was a massive failure. Then this one was the 4th. However, we have 7 dildos and 4 glass toys. So my wife likes external vibrations, and thrusting toys. So maybe that is why she had difficulty using this toy the first time. Because the dual stimulation just wasn't working for her. And how she maneuvered the toy, I could see how it was applying more clitoral stimulation, and less g-spot stimulation.


First time I used this one with my wife, we used this for warm-up. We had already played around with each other for a little bit, but this was the first attention that her pussy got. I added some water based lube, and inserted it in. I started on the second vibrating level, and then handed controls over to her so she could find what position she liked. She quickly increased the power level, which surprised me because she normally doesn't like a lot of power, and absolutely hated the Hitachi. She really didn't seem to be enjoying this too much. It just didn't appear like it was hitting the right spots. We moved it around quite a bit, I held it, she held it, and eventually we found a little bit of stimulation with resting the toy against her tummy while she was laying on her back. But after a few minutes of this, she had enough, and we switched to the SSA Glass Sapphire Falls, which is her favorite glass toy.

One time when my wife was going to give me a blow job, she pulled out a vibrator to use under my balls. But it was dead, since it hadn't been used in a long time, and she pulled out the Delight next. We just used it on a plain vibration setting, and it was a nice addition to the blow job. It didn't send me over the edge, but it was pleasant. Eventually we put it aside so my wife could finish.

The third time we pulled this out, it was finally a massive success. We had played around and grabbed each other for a while, and we were both in the mood. I pulled out the Delight, applied two drops of lube to the tip, and started to rub her clitoris and around her lips with the Delight on the third power level. She enjoyed this, and it really got her going. Then after a few minutes, I started to insert the toy slightly, and increased the power level again. After a little bit of this, I eventually inserted the toy all the way. While lying down next to her, I had the proper angle and she was really enjoying the toy. FINALLY! I increased the power again and reached the patterns, and we placed it on the second pattern. With the bulb inside of her, and the clitoral nub resting against her, she got to a very nice orgasm with the toy. I left the Delight in as she was coming down, and placed it on the third pattern. She enjoyed this one as well, and even though she was coming down, she still gave me a few oows and ahhs.
Follow-up commentary
We have used the Delight a few times now, and besides the first use, my wife has had a nice orgasm each time. The most recent time we used the Delight, I brought it and the SSA Glass Sapphire Falls into the shower for some play. I first used the Delight on my wife to warm her up, and get her ready for the Sapphire Falls. After a few minutes of rubbing her lips and having it inserted on the pattern settings, I switched the Delight out for the Sapphire Falls. Then when combining the Sapphire Falls being thrusted and the Delight on her clit, she had her first ever standing orgasm. The two of them combined make a great team!
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