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What A DeLight!

This is my third successful G spot toy (after 5 years of hard searching). The curve, as in the other two toys, is what does it for me. As such, I'm willing to forgive some of the shortcoming this toy has because it gives me G spot orgasms. The power could be a bit higher, though it should be high enough for most users. The vibrations could also be a little more rumbly. I don't use this as a dual stim, but rather up and down with the hook shape, as my G spot seems to require.
Unique curve
Fairly powerful
Could be more rumbly
Could be a little more powerful
May not fit every G spot
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DeLight is Fun Factory's uniquely shaped vibrator that can be used either for G spot stimulation or for dual stimulation. For dual stimulation you press the curve of the vibrator up against you and the first curve should fall against the G spot and the next curve will fall along the clitoris. Unlike a rabbit, this dual stimulator should fit most women as it vibrates down the shaft and not in one small space that you have to perfectly hit for it to work. However, the G spot feature may not go far enough for every woman to hit her spot.

DeLight is intended for vaginal use. It does not flare at the base, however experienced anal users may be able to work the curves in their favor with this toy. It gradually gets wider as it goes so the combination of this and the curve should be enough for those with experience to stop this from getting lost. Do proceed with caution if you use this anally, however, as it is not designed for that purpose.

This is a waterproof toy and can be used in the shower or tub as well as the bedroom. It's good for solo or partner play. My husband seemed especially intrigued by this toy above many of my others.

Material / Texture

There are two materials on DeLight. The shiny swirl is made of plastic, which rates an 8 on the safety scale. The matte swirl is made of silicone, a 10 on the safety scale. The plastic is hard, as you would expect plastic to be. It does not have any give to it. It is coated in what appears to be a super high gloss coating. The silicone is not as plushy as my other small Fun Factory toys. It has a very small amount of give to it, but nothing that you can really feel during use. If I squeeze it, it pushes in a little and then wants to push back out on me. There is a fair amount of drag to the silicone, so make sure you use lube when you insert this.

There is a decent amount of flexibility in the first curve of the toy since it is made of silicone. I'm able to squeeze it and get it to come together somewhat. It will not hold this position.

DeLight has a smooth surface with no added texture. There is a bump on the inside of the first curve. I could not feel this during use. It says in the manual that this bump can stimulate the clitoris. Well, not mine. Maybe yours? I didn't feel it at all. I didn't even realize it was there until I started inspecting this closely for this review.

There is a slight silicone smell to the material. There is also a slight silicone taste. The taste lingers a while and I would not recommend putting this in your mouth. It's nothing terrible, just not pleasant.

Beginners and advanced users should be able to use this material. There is a bit more give to the silicone than what you would find in plastic, making it ideal for someone new to toys. For more advanced users, the silicone isn't quite on par with some of my toys, but still a very nice silicone. There is no texture to set off sensitive users.

Design / Shape / Size

DeLight is smaller than I imagined. When I saw the stock photo, I pictured this to be a large toy. Not sure why, but I did. I got 5.75 inches total length. The product page lists 6 inches. I measured out 3 inches to be insertable, the product page lists 4 inches. This may be because they measured further than me or were better at measuring in a curve than I am. We agree the diameter at the widest is 1.25 inches. At the insertable end, the diameter is 1 inch.

This is right about the size of my hand if I hold this at the tip of my middle finger.

I was happy when I got this and it wasn't huge. It really looks large in the pictures on the product page. I had no issues inserting this or using it due to size. I tend to prefer vibrators to be on the smaller side. If you like bigger toys, this might not be for you.

Now, there are a few different ways to use this design to your benefit. You can curve it as the manual says where the second curve falls along your body. This will hit your G spot if it is about mid-way inside of you or closer up and if you've had good luck with traditionally shaped G spot toys. If, like me, you have problems with other G spot toys, you can use this a different way. I keep this straight up so that the curve is more pronounced when inserted. This gives more of an upward pressure and hook shape to the vibrator. This is what works for me and may be what works for some of you as well.

This is a good size for beginners or advanced users that prefer a smaller vibrator. The diameter isn't enough at the insertable portion to satisfy the size hungry. I would say that the design may be better for those that have some idea of where their G spot is. I think I might have gotten frustrated with the different design if I didn't know just how to hold it to make it work. It's always worth a shot for a beginner, but I would say get at least a few cheap G spot toys first to see what works for you before making the splurge on this.

It's unique design makes this a vibrator that you could probably keep out and not have people assume it's a vibrator. As always, the disclaimer on that is that if they ask, then you'll have to have some other explanation for what it is. I personally can't think of any, but maybe you'll have better luck than me. Worst case, this is small enough to stash away so you won't have to figure out what else it might be.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Two buttons sit flush with the vibrator near the handle. They are a big plus and minus sign. To turn on, hold the plus sign. This will make the area glow red. To turn up the power, press the plus sign once. To turn down, press the minus sign. Once you hit the highest vibration mode, you can enter pattern mode. To do this, hold the plus sign again. To turn off, hold the minus sign to go back down through the speeds and then press again once it hits the lowest setting.

The buttons are easy to press and to use, once you figure out how to activate the pattern mode. Reading the manual always helps! I didn't do this at first and thought there were no patterns. Silly me.

DeLight's manual doesn't say exactly how many power settings there are and I always have a hard time counting out Fun Factory's settings for some reason. I get four sometimes and five others. So either four or five constant vibration settings. The first setting is a high level one vroom. If you go back down to a level one from the highest, then for some reason it's a low level one vroom. Not sure why that is. The highest setting is a mid-level four vrooms.

The vibrations are rumbly with a buzzy undercurrent. They don't make my hand go numb if held for extended periods or give me an itchy feeling. However, they aren't so rumbly that they go too far beyond surface vibrations. They do penetrate the surface somewhat, but not so much that I can feel the vibrations well into my arm. If held in my palm, I can feel them into my wrist.

The vibrations are strongest at the tip of the first curve and in the last curve. They radiate well through the shaft in both directions. This means the vibrations can be felt almost equally through the vibrator.

The first pattern goes from the low to the high setting and then jumps back to low and repeats. The next is a moderately fast pulse. The next is a very fast pulse. That gives you three pattern options to choose from.

I wish the vibrations didn't have the buzzy undercurrent. They have the potential to be really rumbly, but there's that buzz quality to them that stops them from being great. I do still like the vibrations, they just aren't perfect. I also wish this got to five vrooms instead of four. The four is high enough for me to get off when used internally, but not externally.

This toy is fairly quiet. I can muffle it pretty well through covers and it cannot be heard through a closed door.

It is rechargeable. There are two magnets in the middle of the toy that connect to the magnetic charger. Mine came precharged, but the manual says it shouldn't have. It says you should do an initial charge of up to six hours. The charger will pulse red when charging and become solid red when done.

I had no issues with a submersion test or with washing this toy. The magnetic charger means there is nothing that can get into the toy when submerged.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is simple. Since it's waterproof, there's no worried about messing up the vibrator. Wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner.

Water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lube can potentially mess up the materials, so make sure not to use them.

You can store this in the original packaging or in a pouch. You should store this away from any other silicone toys so that the silicone materials don't rub against each other. This could potentially ruin the material as well.


DeLight comes with two packages - one for the vibrator and one for the charger. The front of the vibrator package is clear in the middle so you can see the vibrator through it. It says "DeLight Click N' Charge" and "Fun Factory" on it. The back has a large picture of the vibrator. The front opens via magnets to reveal a condensed manual on what does what. There is a larger instruction manual in the box.

The instruction manual has some great information in it and comes in many different languages. It's worth taking a glance at. It includes gems such as "Don't throw into the fire!" You know, in case you wanted to do that.

I don't like this as a storage box, but I'm not all the big on Fun Factory packaging. I think it should be much nicer for the price you pay. It's just not up to the standard I have for $100+ vibrators. That could just be me.

Personal comments

If your G spot is located close inside of you or about mid-way, I would recommend this toy. The curve is unique and a great addition to any collection. I wasn't able to use this as a dual stim, but if you can then that's just one added bonus of getting this toy. Even if you can't use the dual stimulation, it works great as a stand alone G spot toy.


When I first saw this, I wanted nothing to do with it. It was oddly shaped and I wasn't sure what the heck I would do with it. After learning through a few choice buys that what my G spot needs is a hook shaped curve, I came back to this toy. I did not get it with the intention of using it as a dual stimulator. I got it because I figure I could hold it upright to make the hook curve that I need in a G spot toy. Turns out, I'm getting a lot better at picking G spot toys than I have been for the last five years! (Thanks, online shopping!) This hit my G spot and I was able to orgasm from it.

While I don't like this toy as much as I do my G-Ki or my Pure Wand (also with more pronounced curves), I do really love DeLight. It's a little harder to maneuver than my G-Ki but easier than my Pure Wand. The bulk of the second curve is a bit more than I would like, but since it's intended for a purpose other than how I use it, I understand why it's the size it is. I like how the end curves out into a handle because this shields my hands from using the vibrating shaft as a handle.

This gets a full five stars from me. If I was only getting it to use as a dual stimulator, it would have gotten lower since the vibrations in the external stimulation section aren't strong enough for me and they're too broad. Since that's not what I got it for, I'm not counting it against the toy. I do wish it were more rumbly and more powerful, but both are sufficient enough for me to use this successfully. I forgive a lot of things to the few toys that can give me G spot orgasms. If you don't have the same picky G spot I do, these might be more serious shortcomings.
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