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No Batteries? How DeLightful!

Every now and again the sex toy industry turns out something truly miraculous: a toy that is virtually perfect. Of the thousands of choices out there, it's no small feat to create a vibrator that has received the kind of consistent praise that Fun Factory's DeLight has. So what do you do once you've created the perfect toy? Well, you make it better of course. With the Click 'N' Charge line's new version of this classic toy, Fun Factory has managed to do exactly that.
Rechargeable, non-porous, splash-proof, variety of settings, ergonomic design, convenient handle
May not suit all body types, no dedicated on/off switch, magnetic plug easily knocked loose
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


In the mood for some intense clitoral stimulation as well as some rockin' G-spot massage? Don't want to use both hands and maybe even a foot to get it?

Welcome to the Fun Factory DeLight Click 'N' Charge. This deceptively innocent looking vibrator is packing tons of power and a whole lot of function. It has everything a you could possibly want. G-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, labia stimulation, and actually, it's got more than everything; it's got a magnetic plug. For what? you might be asking yourself. Ah, well, get this: the DeLight doesn't take batteries! Simply hook up the magnetic charger to the toy and allow it to charge for 6 hours. The red light on the charger will switch off when it's done and then? Then it's playtime. No more batteries. No more of Fun Factory's pain-in-the-butt battery compartments (sorry, I love you guys, but those battery compartments were awful!) Just plug it in like you would a cell phone and forget about it.

This vibrator is ideally used to simultaneously provide vibration to the G-spot via insertion and vibration to the clitoris through the external portion of the shaft. Fun Factory does not recommend it for anal use, although I'm not sure why because the curves seem like they'd prevent it from being drawn in my the anal muscles. It is best to veer on the side of caution and keep it to the front rather than the back side. The DeLight is best manipulated by rocking and jiggling back and forth, stroking the G-spot and providing pressure to the clitoris with each motion. It's an experience suited to special evenings with a partner or even just a night by yourself used to relax and unwind. This is not a 2-minute orgasm, but more of a slow and intense build-up.

Material / Texture

Fun Factory's Click 'N' Charge DeLight is made from two materials: a matte silicone and a highly polished hard plastic. The insertable portion of the vibrator is made from this matte silicone, making this portion of the toy fully non-porous and easy to sanitize. Some silicone accenting curls up along the snaking shaft of the DeLight, colliding with large areas of the polished hard plastic along the sides. The hard plastic areas are semi-porous although fairly hygienic and can be kept quite clear with proper care, though one should keep in mind that there is a chance of microbes remaining within the porous hard plastic material. You should always exercise caution when sharing any porous material with a non fluid-bonded partner; remember to use barriers such as condoms and dental dams as needed.

The lightly textured matte silicone provides a slight drag when inserted and rocked, creating what I think is a nice and very slight friction. The silicone also continues up the shaft along the inside, where the toy meets with the clitoris and labia. I appreciate the friction in these places as well, although I can't quite figure out the purpose of the hard plastic other than perhaps it serving an aesthetic purpose. In any case, the hard plastic certainly doesn't take anything away from the toy and it is surely very pretty to look at. The DeLight does not have any taste or odor really, although silicone can take on smells at times. By leaving your DeLight out in a well ventilated area for about 48 hours you can usually get the smell to dissipate, leaving your toy smelling clean as a whistle.

Design / Shape / Size

There's a reason Fun Factory's DeLight has won several prestigious design awards, including the reddot design aware in 2008. This thing is unlike any other toy you'll ever own and I mean, just look at it; it practically OOZES sex! The dramatic curve of the DeLight initially frightened me and I was convinced that my body could not possibly accommodate the slopes and valleys of this vibrator. It looks more like a rollercoaster for some very small creature, not a pleasure object. But oh, was I ever wrong. With a dot of water based lube this baby slipped easily in and quickly hooked itself comfortably behind my G-spot. And as I rocked the toy back and forth so that its curves would stimulate my clitoris simultaneously, I quickly realized that I had judged the DeLight too harshly.

Now, don't get my wrong. This probably won't be perfect for everyone's vulva. The curve of the shaft did slope just a tiny bit too broadly, just barely missing my clit so that it's necessary for me to push with a little extra force to get it to make contact with it. I can also see this slope creating the opposite problem; it might slope too narrowly for some with larger clitorises and labia and they may find there is too much pressure versus not enough. However, I do think this toy will be pleasurable for most, with more or less rocking and wiggling around for some. In other words it just might take a little practice before you can get it perfect. Still, while its design may look and sound dauntingly complex, it's actually simple enough for most beginners to operate after a quick look at the instructions.

This little darling is also a about 6" tall (not measuring the whole length of the shaft as it snakes, but rather measuring from top to bottom along either side) and about an inch at its thickest. These dimensions also make this vibrator a great option for beginners, not to mention a discreet one. Lying out on a desk this isn't immediately identifiable as a sex toy. However, it IS a very interesting toy and will probably attract attention, and after a minute or two in some curious hands your prying friend will probably find the on button and put two and two together. Still, for travel it's not likely to turn on (although it does not have a lock, it does require firm pressure in order to be switched on) and it's not instantly obvious as a vibrator.

Functions / Performance / Controls

First of all, I have to mention that this toy is remarkably quiet. I can easily use this under my blanket and not have to worry about it being heard through a door or wall, even when the rest of the apartment is quiet. And considering how much power this is packing? That's pretty impressive.

Fun Factory's DeLight provides strong, rumbling vibrations that penetrate rather deeply as opposed to buzzy surface vibrations. They are not centralized in one part of the toy, but rather throughout the shaft (though somehow not in the little handle, which is wonderful because my hands don't get itchy after a few moments). This means that equally powerful vibrations are provided to the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, as well as the labia and any other part of the vulva that is met by the serpentine shape of of this dual stimulator. The DeLight interface features the Fun Factory logo, as well as a plus and a minus sign. By holding the plus sign down for about two seconds the toy turns on and a low, growling rumble begins. After this initial rumble there are 7 more levels of constant vibration, incrementally increasing. Once the toy reaches the height of its vibration power, you can press the plus sign three more times to enjoy three pulsing vibration patterns. Each pattern is the same, just faster than the more prior to it. The vibrations actually do become very strong, which was surprising for me because in the past I have been less than wowed by Fun Factory's vibrators in terms of strength. This one really blew me away!

In order to shut the toy off or to return to a previous setting, simply press the minus sign. Each time you press the minus symbol, the toy cycles back to the previous setting until you finally turn the toy off. This can be a little inconvenient because there is no easy way to turn to toy instantly off without a dedicated on/off button, so user be advised. The DeLight is splashproof so it can be rinsed off under a sink or used in the shower, but it should never be submerged completely. I haven't used this yet in the shower because it's a little difficult to maneuver standing up; it's really better used on a mound of squishy blankets when you have ample time to play. It's nice to have the option, and if you are more gymnastically inclined than me then perhaps you will make good use of it.

Care and Maintenance

The DeLight can easily be sanitized by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution, a toy wipe or by washing with antibacterial soap and warm water. This toy should never be fully submerged; it is splash-proof but not fully waterproof. You should avoid using silicone based lubricants with this toy as it is made from silicone as well; only oil and water based lubricants should be used. Silicone can negatively interact with other silicone products, resulting in "bonding" or even melting and warping. Also keep your DeLight stored away from jelly, TPR/TPE, rubber and other lesser soft materials as it may warp or melt these as well. The DeLight can, however, be stored openly with metal, wood, glass and hard plastic toys.

Personal comments

Just for fun, I'd like to make note of some of the silly warnings and instructions found in the Fun Factory manual. I love Fun Factory because in translating their manuals from German to English you always find a couple of funny little phrasings, not to mention they often have some rather bizarre caveats. Some of my favorites:

Do not throw into fire!
Don't poke sharp objects into the toy!
Don't leave out in the sun!
Do not open toy with force!
Changing temperatures can lead to slight condensation.

Should the silicone >>DeLight<< Click 'N' Charge come into contact with a silicone based lubricating gel, FUNFACTORY cannot rule out than an unpleasant smell arises.

FUNFACTORY Silicone Toys are not children's toys.

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Follow-up commentary
When I first got the Delight I will admit that I was primarily just giddy over the sheer luxury of this baby. I'd never before owned a vibrator that was worth about a month of groceries for one person! But I've really come to recognize this toy on its merits alone; I reach for it far more often than I ever thought I would and it consistently can be depended on for fantastic orgasms. It's 95% compatible with my body which is saying A LOT considering how funky looking it is. Its vibration strength, depth and power are all ideal for my tastes. Finally, it's unique shape forces me to slow down and use the toy in ways I don't tend to use them, namely rocking back and forth. It gives me a unique kind of orgasm that's a welcome variation in my routine, and for that alone it's worth the price.
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