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G-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe

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We-vibe 2 reviews

103 reviews
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103 reviews

My husband and I really like this one. It is worth the price. It's easy to use and holds up well, plus there's no need to buy batteries. The only drawback is that this version is not waterproof and the controls are placed in a awkward position. If it was waterproof and had a remote, it would be perfect.

A very professionally made, durable product that has great vibrations, but can easily get in the way during sexual intercourse.

I really can't imagine a much better toy for adding to the fun of sex with your partner. Combining vibrator for both inside and out and its revolutionary design has made this a go-to toy for any sex life. While its cost can be a bit high, you really do get what you pay for in this toy.

This is a really well made product. The material is nice and feels amazing! This has several uses: it can be used in double penetration (vaginal/anal) or clitoral/vaginal stimulation. It is even quiet enough to be worn in public. My husband and I use this most often during foreplay. It is nice to put it in and free up his hands to roam other areas of my body. I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone looking to spice up their sex life.

This toy is worth it! It stimulates both partners, which adds to the sensual appeal of toy use in the bedroom. In my experience, it prolongs the erotic experience between two people. It is comfortable and easy to use. Two [insert here] up!

The We Vibe II is something fun and different for couples. It can create some interesting situations, and cause some great pleasure. It may not, however, be right for everyone, and may not work with some body shapes, and for the price that's a hefty risk. All in all, we are quite pleased with the product, and would give it a pretty solid recommendation.

It's overall not a bad little toy. It adds a little spice to any relationship and isn't as "scary" or intimidating as some of the other toys on the market.

The cost of this vibe is a bit much, especially since the vibrations it gives are comparable to other vibes. If using in couple's play, the vibrations may not be great for the male partner involved. My partner finds that longer use together during sex numbs him.

This is over-rated and over-priced, especially given the hype before it came out. Definitely not worth the money. I've gotten more power out of a $10.00 bullet.

This wonderful concept did not translate all that well into the finished product. While it was very quiet and mildly pleasurable, it was not all it could be. I expect it works much better for some women than others based on their anatomy, but it is not exactly something one can test ahead of time. Disappointing, especially because I was so impressed with what it could have been.

I do not feel you are getting your money's worth out of this vibe. There are just not enough features to it that make it special and stand out. However, I do enjoy this toy. Overall, it's just not worth the money spent.

This is a wonderful toy and is well worth the cost. I love just about everything about it and recommend it strongly; it is one of the best toys I have ever tried. Before you buy, just keep in mind that if her g-spot is deep, it will not hit her in the right spots.

In summary, I would say this toy is not worth the purchase. It has weak vibrations, a hard to use power button, doesn't stay in place, and is not a good toy for this price point.

Great toy for playing together or solo. A bunch of vibration patterns, great for clitoral stimulation. Great toy to be used together, that you can actually experience and feel together.

This toy has a lot of nice features. But for some of us, because of our body shapes, this toy might not be the best option for use during intercourse. But you don't lose anything for trying because you can still use it by yourself! It's still a very good quality sex toy. It is waterproof, rechargeable and 100% silicone. Think about your body type and your needs before purchasing though, because it is not a cheap toy.

Best device ever! Use lube and you'll have a great time. This version is hard to turn off but I hear they fixed that in the newest version. You can use it in a variety of different positions and the silicone makes it easy to clean.

Ladies, if you want more excitement in the bedroom, try the we vibe II. Whether you try it when you're alone or with that special partner, you will LOVE the orgasms that it delivers. Now when your sexual partner is not on his A-game you can still have the pleasure you need, with this vibrator. Try it and LOVE it.

Despite my boyfriend's whining, I'll go ahead and say that We Vibe II is totally worth the investment. Really, when we buys toys, we all know we're buying it for ourselves. If your guy doesn't like it, grab a dildo and make it work for you.

Overall, it's just not worth the money for the amount of effort. It should enhance the experience, not distract from it.

The We-Vibe II is a high quality, multi-use, multi-purpose toy. It is a bit pricey, but you're getting so many toys in one -- you're definitely getting your moneys worth. Don't let the thought of the measurements not fitting you scare you away. The alternative uses that you can try with this toy are endless, ensuring that many of them will be a perfect fit for you. Practice makes perfect, and in this case, multiple orgasms as you discover even more uses for your We-Vibe.

I like this toy, but it's not the fabulous mind blowing toy I thought it would be. It's average. And for average, it's expensive. It's one of those toys that either will work for you or it won't, and with a partner it just didn't. On my own I do use it regularly. I appreciate it but still think it's overrated.

If you crave extra clitoral stimulation during intercourse and your man can't wear a vibrating cock ring, the couple's insertable We Vibe is a nice alternative to that. However, don't let all the buzz around We-Vibe build you up to great expectations, because you may be disappointed. Expect a heafty price tag and something different, but don't expect instant nirvana.

Overall, the toy is a great addition to the bedroom if you find a way to make it work for you. It's a bit of an investment, but worth it for what it could add to your coupled sexual experiences.

Overall it was a fun toy to use, the vibrations were great. However, we believe that although it was designed with couples in mind, it probably would work best for solo play. The controls are nearly impossible to use when wet. Maybe try the We-Vibe III that includes a remote control?

The We-Vibe II is a great idea that just needs a little more tweaking to be great in actuality. While my wife and I have enjoyed using this toy, the difficulty in locating the "on" button and holding it down to adjust settings and can dampen the mood. The vibrations can be pretty strong once inserted and when she uses it solo my wife enjoys it a lot. A little more tweaking or a remote control (which I've heard is present in the We-Vibe III) would make this a fantastic toy.

Overall, this toy would probably be good for a couple that was interested in anal play. The toy will stimulate the clit and the vagina while you explore your partner's ass. I wouldn't recommend it for use during vaginal intercourse because it didn't work well for my partner and I when we used it this way.

This toy has a specific shape, and while it is flexible, the length and girth don't adjust 0 so it's simply not going to work for everyone, and there's really no way to know until you try it. The price is fairly prohibitive for taking a 50/50 chance with this one.

While I do believe this is truly a great idea and the we-vibe does deliver, sometimes, we had a bit of a struggle making it work for us. It's great for couples looking to spice things up, it's comfortable, well made and has rumbly vibrations. I remain satisfied with my purchase but there is definitely room for improvements.

This toy is not worth the money. Though its vibrations do pack a punch, it doesn't stay in place. You are spending more time trying to get it where it's supposed to go than just enjoying the toy and the sex. I say spend your money elsewhere if you are trying to find a couple's toy.

The We-vibe has a steep price tag, but its rewards are just as great. If you've never achieved a G-spot orgasm, this toy may be your ticket to paradise. Lube it up, slip it in, and float away on a wave of ecstasy!

The idea of having a toy that can actually be used during sexual intercourse was a great idea, but I found that overall I regret my purchase. The We-Vibe doesn't fit properly, and the vibrations aren't strong enough.

If we had to make the decision again, we would have probably chosen one of the G-spot vibrators instead of the We-Vibe2; not only for use during foreplay and massage, but for insertion as well for her. I truly love to stimulate her on the inside and find it very sexy when she has some extremely mind blowing orgasms as that was the whole reason we purchased it. Unfortunately, it just didn't live up to its description.

I would recommend this vibe for solo play, as foreplay, or for couples who might like to have that ‘full’ feeling, but there is a possibility of being too full that leads to being just uncomfortable.

We-vibe II is power packed pleasure for two! Double your fun by using this toy for intercourse to enhance pleasure and satisfaction for both! The soft, flexible silicone is easy to insert and comfortable for the woman. It's rechargeable and waterproof as well as quiet and discreet so take it anywhere and use it anywhere! With 9 different settings, there is something for everyone.

If you want to have a toe-curling, drive you crazy, pleasurable time involving a toy and your partner, We Vibe II is the toy for you! I still can't believe how amazing this toy is! I absolutely love it and it's worth every penny! It's soft and flexible and with 9 different modes you're bound to find one you love!

It is a clear case of a toy being greater than the sum of its parts. Great for couples, whether they're as vanilla as can be or totally kinky; this can be used for anything and rarely gets in the way. Its not so good you'll never have sex without it, and you don't have quite the same intimacy as just two bodies, but the vibration feels great. Technical aspects aren't perfect, long charging times and awkward button controls and imperfect ergonomics take this a few steps away from perfection

Right now, I'd have to say the We-Vibe II isn't worth the money just based on my solo play. I will definitely write a follow-up review once my partner and I try it together, though.

I would recommend this for someone seeking a small, discreet toy that can be used in a couple or solo situation. Small and Powerful!

Overall, I was rather dissatisfied with the We-vibe II. When it worked, it was amazing, but those precious times were few and far between. A vibrating cock ring with a clitoral attachment is less than half the price and a lot easier to use. Couples who like slow, romantic intercourse might find the best use for it, but other couples who like rough or vigorous sex should stay away from the We-vibe. Either it will work wonders for you or will be more trouble than its worth so buyer beware.

This item is worth it whether you can get off with it or not, the pros definitely outweigh the cons especially if you don't need a super powerful vibration to climax. Its highly versatile, is great for travel and play anywhere, in bed, in the shower, alone or with a partner. It may be pricey, but it's worth it.

Try it, see if you like it, but if it doesn't look like fun to you, skip it and pick something else. Even though the cost has come down and there is another version available, it's still a shot in the dark if you think it will work for you as a couple. It has some great benefits for foreplay with your partner or yourself but together for some, as the toy was intended, it's just not comfortable.

Personally, my partner and I don't feel that this toy is worth buying, but maybe you'll have a better experience with it than we did.

This overly priced piece of electric silicone does not work and is painful during couple's play. Let's face it, you're planning on getting it for use with your partner, why else would you want it? So, I'm gonna let you know to save your money and get a vibrating cock ring instead.

Not worth it because to bulky not strong enough, she did not like it. Not easy to use or change during sex.

The We-Vibe II is a wonderful way to involve your partner completely in your toy play. Whether you use it during foreplay, sex or just use it on its own, it adds a little something extra to the experience. It is a little spendy compared to some toys, but you definitely get what you pay for with this toy.

This toy is good used solo or for couples play, it's rechargeable, and has its own carrying pouch. It has a lot of different vibrations to choose from. I hope you and your mate have the best of experiences using this together.

Get this if you're just starting out with sex toys and don't need strong vibrations or if your counterpart has vibrator envy of any type. If you're more of a sex toy pro or need a lot of rumble, you can probably pass. Either way, watch that you use enough lube with this as dry vibrations for extended periods can cause injury.

Overall, the We-Vibe II gets 5 stars from me. Although you have to poke your own charger hole, I don't think that should take away from how awesome the toy really is. It's pretty quiet, has two powerful motors, and is great for both myself, and my husband! There's not much more I could really ask for in a sex toy. I'm glad that I found this toy!

Overall, the toy was great. Hands free help in the bedroom is always fun. I just wish, wish, WISH it didn't die on me! Would I buy it again? Maybe, if I can't find any other toys that are like it, but with a little better design.

I was sooo excited. My wife was disappointed with this product, and she didn't get the desired result. It was too small for how its supposed to be used. It was hard to change speeds while in use,you have to stop and smash firmly. I wouldn't recommend this product if you like quality toys. Oh yea. BAD CHARGING DESIGN. I have researched it and they have a lot of problems.

This is a great toy for couple and or solo play. Has several different settings. Comes with a pretty, discreet bag for storage. Charger included. It is quiet, light weight and packs a big punch for such a little toy. Definitely worth the $.

While I love the concept of the We Vibe II and some of the features, so far I do not think it is worth the purchase price. Perhaps if I get creative with other uses for it, it will feel like a better purchase.

I still really love the idea of the We-Vibe II. Maybe if they came out with a 2.1 version that had a little more power and a longer charge it could be the perfect toy. I still think it is worth trying, especially if you don't need very strong vibrations to send you over the edge. Unfortunately, I need a little more "oomph" and this just didn't quite do the trick for me.

I think this toy is worth it for couples who want something they can really use together. I mean, yeah, any sex toy can be used with a partner, but this one was really designed with that in mind.

Overall, both my husband and I love this toy. It adds a little extra spice to our lovemaking, and was best during the doggy style position. I was a little disappointed when it comes to using it with the missionary position, as it wasn't hitting the right spot. I was happy that it came with a satin pouch to keep it clean, and easy to hide in our bedroom nightstand.

I have read many other reviews about this toy and there seems to be a common consensus that it is lacking in power. I would not recommend this toy to lesbians or straight couples for that matter. There are plenty of other toys out there that cost less and have more power to them.

I really want this one to work, I will try and talk my partner into at least another try. It is an expensive toy to get if it might not fit well, but the pay out if it does fit are worth a chance.

This is a fabulous item. I would give it five stars for solo play and three stars for couple's play, so I will balance it by giving it four stars.

The We-Vibe is fantastic, if only because it can be used during intercourse, or during masturbation. On my own, it definitely gets me off - with a partner, it takes some playing with angles if it's being used internally, but it still gets me there. One of the best things about using it by yourself is that you don't really have to use your hands at all! It gives you the chance to sit back and relax, while some exciting vibrations make their way through your body.

Save your money and buy her a Hitachi set instead. She will be satisfied and happy, and likely she will thank you by sucking your dick too. So you get dual stimulation, and a lot more of it for your buck than with the We-Vibe.

In conclusion, I'd say that if you need a little help during the main act, go for it. But do not be disappointed if it wants to hit and miss the right spots.

This vibe is an absolute necessity in any couples toy box, especially for those nights when everything takes a little longer. It is very durable and has a myriad of different uses aside from its stated purpose. It is made of safe and washable silicone. It is waterproof and is fabulous in the shower. It is completely rechargeable and the charge lasts for even the longest sexual encounter. I would go so far as to say it revitalized my sex life.

The We Vibe is fabulous. I enjoy it by myself or during intercourse. It is not to big for insertion and fairly easy to clean.

The We-Vibe II is well worth the money. There are multiple vibration settings and patters to fit a wide range of your vibrator wants and needs. It is a great toy that you can use alone but, of course, is amazing with a partner.

Because this toy is used simultaneously while penetrating, this item is perfect for the guy who says "sex toys aren't for me", or even guys with dildo-phobias. It's offered in both a more masculine red, or teal, and a more feminine purple color. The multiple modes, the intensity of the vibrations, and the ability to recharge, has me sold on this toy. I would recommend it to any couple looking to add a little more sensation to penetration.

The We-Vibe II is sure to bring a thrill to any couple. With a quiet vibe and 7 diverse levels even the least experienced can enjoy it. More advanced users will find a multitude of compatible positions, and hands free integration when masturbating solo, with a friend, or during intercourse. The rechargeable feature and long battery life alone makes this toy worth its weight in gold- just be sure to treat it with respect when you're done!

For couples looking to spice things up a bit without venturing into the potentially uncomfortable, this is a great product. It provides a wonderful amount of pleasure but is still subtle enough that beginners won't be too shy about using it. This is probably the best way for a guy to introduce toys in the bedroom as it works for both of you and definitely works best when used during sex instead of solo.

This toy is most often described as the tool for spicing up one's sex life, but even if your bedroom is constantly on fire, this toy will still be a new and exciting adventure. So if you and/or your partner has a vagina, this toy is likely to knock your socks off.

This is a great item, and I recommend it to all my friends, both female and male! Its unique purpose makes it invaluable.

Worth every penny, tons of fun for couples, and very strong vibrations. Not that many couple sex toys out there, and I think if We-Vibe II was trying to set the bar for couples sex toys, they set the bar really high. I think it is going to be pretty hard to compete with this toy.

It's great when you are by yourself, but add in that other person and it's pure sexual dynamite. Even if you only use this when your partner is about to enter you, you both benefit from the vibrations; both on your clitoris and g-spot, but he gets to feel the vibration a lot further along his shaft than if you used a standard vibe while he's in. He's going to enjoy that as much as you do. What better reason to get a "couple's toy" than that you both really get off from it?

Women who enjoy outer vibration stimulation may like this very much if they are fortunate enough to have it fit just right to hit their sweet spot. If not, a regular bullet can work just as well.

This toy can be used in many ways. My husband and I both enjoy the feel of it. We love the multiple vibrating settings.

The We-vibe is the womans version of a vibrating penis ring! It lasts for over two hours and has multiple settings. It's rechargeable, so it will save you money on batteries, and it's small enough to travel with discreetly. Use it on your own or with your partner for a new experience during intercourse... this will be your new favorite toy for love making!

Great couples toy! It is an easy way to break the ice and to spice things up in the bedroom. Especially if one of the couple are afraid of toys. It is sleek, sexy, and fun for both people. Having this toy will likely replace our standard bullet or other vibrating toys at least once a week. Hopefully, you will love this as much as we do and vibe on together!

The We-vibe is a great alternative to a vibrating cock ring. It's great for hours and hours of fun with its multiple settings. It is rechargeable, so you don't need to buy batteries for it, and it is small and discreet. Use it on your own or with your partner for a new experience during intercourse.

The first toy of its kind, the We Vibe is an awesome toy that couples can enjoy together. It is made from safe silicone, is rechargeable, and has 9 vibration patters. Give it a whirl! I am sure you will love it as much as WE do.

Another well made product that seems to be a hit or miss with people. Either it works, or it doesn't. Well, for a good number of women, this will provide an excellent source of yummy dual stimulation during sex. For others, well, it might work well as a solo toy.

This is great toy, my wife loves the vibrations all over her vagina as we have sex, and it will last a long time.

Get this toy if you want to add a vibrator to sex with your partner, but if you are looking for lots of power, just go get a vibrator and hold it in place.

Stormy Daniels personally recommended this one when we first started this adventure. We finally got a chance to try it out for ourselves!

It was amazing, the shape is odd, but well worth keeping around. It is easily stored and can be taken out, used and cleaned very easily.

I love the We Vibe II! While the button can be difficult at times to control, patience is rewarded. The vibrations are pretty powerful. The price might seem expensive to a lot of people, but just think about all the great quality time/amazing sex you can have with your partner with the We Vibe ;) I defiantly find the price worth it and would buy it again if I hadn't already!

I love this toy! It's totally worth the money -- there are so many ways to use it, alone or with a partner! It has an upscale look and feel.

I think this toy is a must have, great to try with a partner or just enjoy on your own.

A well compact toy designed for clitoral and g spot stimulation. Can be used during intercourse, foreplay, or solo. The We Vibe II is water resistant, ribbed for extra sensations, rechargeable, as well as quiet. I found this toy to be a disappointment and not worth the money. It dulled my senses during intercourse and fell short during solo play. While I think it was a great idea in theory, my husband and I will not be pulling this out on a regular basis.

I don't think I would purchase the We-Vibe II again if I had the option. It was way too pricey for something I wouldn't use solo. I only reach for this during sex or when I can't find my favorite vibrator. I think that if you're looking for solo you should try another option.

The We-vibe II is an excellent product designed to stimulate both partners during penetrative sex. Its dual vibrating ends do, indeed, stimulate both g-spot and clitoris and the vibe stays in well while remaining comfortable. Unfortunately, its vibrations, once inserted, are on the low side of moderate and may not be enough for most.

This is a great unit and a lot of fun to use with a partner. It provides both partners with extra stimulation and we will definitely use it again!

This would be amazing for someone who wants the intimacy of using this with a partner and doesn't necessarily NEED stronger vibration, or any vibration, to get off.

Amazing, amazing. This is a great vibe if you love clitoral stimulation during intercourse and you want your hands to be free to enjoy your partner! :D

Can also be used solo, a gentle rocking motion will allow her to stimulate the area she enjoys or wrapped around his shaft adds some vibrations to stroking.

The We-Vibe is a wonderful device if you're looking to enhance your partner sex but it works well for solo action too. I loved the g-spot and clitoral stimulation that the We-Vibe added to our sexual encounters and my lover truly appreciated my new vibrating pussy! It really caused stimulation to so many points all at once that it wasn't long before I was pushed over the edge. During solo use, it took me a little longer to achieve orgasm but when I did, it too was strong and satisfying!

The We-Vibe is a wonderful hands-free toy. It's rechargeable, and should last for years. When used in conjunction with another vaginal toy it aids in g-spot, and internal, stimulation; and can lead to a slowly building but tremendous orgasms.

The shape of the We-Vibe ended up being uncomfortable and not at all pleasurable for me. While it works well for some, it is painful for others, which makes it a gamble for the price.

The We-vibe is a vibrating cock ring and bullet in one. It sounds perfect, but there are quite a few flaws. I'm sure this product will be wonderful for many, but I'm still anticipating an improved design.

Thoughtfully and carefully made, this is a wonderful shared vibrator for enhanced and heightened coupling, and certainly worth the investment.

Me and my guy love the We-Vibe! We incorporate it into our sex, one way or another. The vibration may not be as strong as we would like, but it surely will vibrate your clit into pleasure!

I'm going to keep trying it. I worried during sex too much if it was slipping out, moving too much, etc. It actually felt the best when he was NOT thrusting, missionary position, just rocking.

The We-vibe has enhanced the line of vibrating products by offering a little that goes a long way. The We-vibe is my new personal favorite among its kind, as I feel it is the most discreet and easily maneuverable. So, if you are looking for a new addition to your toy collection, look no further! The We-vibe will not disappoint!

The We-Vibe is an excellent quality toy that I would recommend to someone wanting a gentle vibration and added pressure to the G-spot during sex. The fit wasn't right for us, but it could be great for you.

The We-Vibe was definitely not a disappointment, even for the price. It nestles directly against your clit when properly positioned, and is also designed to lay right on your g-spot. It is rechargeable, silent, dual-speed, and very easy to use. I definitely recommend treating yourself and giving this one a try!

Discretion has always been a priority for me; from the shape of the toy to the fact that its case is shaped like an eyeglass case makes it an incredibly unassuming toy. While the external vibrations left me wanting more, the internal ones were enough to bring both my husband and I to orgasm; I don't frequently feel breathless after using a toy, but I certainly was when I wore this vibrator during sex; it was incredible!

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