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The "We-vibe" has become the "Us-vibe"

Discretion has always been a priority for me; from the shape of the toy to the fact that its case is shaped like an eyeglass case makes it an incredibly unassuming toy. While the external vibrations left me wanting more, the internal ones were enough to bring both my husband and I to orgasm; I don't frequently feel breathless after using a toy, but I certainly was when I wore this vibrator during sex; it was incredible!
This toy can be worn DURING sex.
The external vibrations are lacking in power.
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I've spent since September trying new products; some were great and some fell far short of my expectations, but from the moment I opened the We-Vibe box, I loved this toy. This vibrator has an incredibly simple, subtle, and sophisticated design which sets it apart from other dual vibes I've tried. This is quite possibly THE best toy I've ever had the opportunity to review.

The We-Vibe was small. The entire unit fit in the palm of my hand; it was shaped like a money clip with the longer, thinner end meant for penetration and the thicker end with the controls intended to sit on top of your clitoris. Taking it out of the box, it felt like tacky rigid rubber; it was slightly sticky and managed to collect lint floating around in the room. When it was wet, the dynamic of the texture changed completely, it became slick, pliable and fun to hold.

Sliding the toy in was easy and very comfortable. The toy is able to be vaginally inserted around 3 inches and it has prominent ribs to ensure the vibrator will grip onto the folds of your vagina; I will note that when I was overly wet, it kept trying to slip out, however I was able to easily push it back in. As this vibrator is intended to be used during sex, I positioned myself on my knees and had my husband penetrate me from behind. It felt a little awkward at first; every time he thrust, he tended to move the vibrator back and forth. As I accumulated more lubrication, and there was less friction, the vibrator finally stayed in place.

I gripped the nose of thicker end and slid the switch from off to low. The vibrations were actually stronger internally than they were externally. I realized I would be unable to orgasm on the low setting so I gripped the nose again and slid the switch towards high for more a powerful vibration. I am sad to say that the vibrations were not nearly as powerful as I hoped they would be, I was however, still able to have an orgasm, but it required manual stimulation as well. The direct g-spot stimulation|G-Spot 101 Guide, coupled with the ridges, helped my orgasm to feel fuller and deeper. I found myself bucking back onto my husband's penis with each orgasmic wave caused by the internal vibrations and my enthusiasm brought my husband to orgasm along with me (I have to note that sex was over after 15 minutes of use with this toy, it was just that good.).

When this toy wasn't in use, I loved it just as much as when it was in use. Before charging the toy for it's initial 24 hour charge, I had to search for a pin sized hole to plug the jack into. It was hard to find because the material actually closed back in on itself after I removed the jack. That was a huge plus when washing it, because I didn't worry if water was going to get inside of the hole. The We-Vibe also came packaged inside of a case that looked like an average everyday eyeglass case; it was insanely discreet.

The We-Vibe|We-vibe is one toy that's well worth the commitment and investment of its high price tag. I love it!
Follow-up commentary
I recommend the We-vibe HIGHLY to any and all couples out there. It's not every day my husband and I can find something to agree on, especially when it comes to sex toys. We've tried so many toys that one partner has loved and the other has hated. The We-vibe is a toy that we can both share an overwhelming sense of satisfaction with. When it arrived, to us, it really didn't seem like much. It was a small, rubbery vibrator that barely buzzed between our fingertips. Holding it, it is really seems nothing special, however, when it's finally inserted it becomes an enhancement to love making. It added a brand new element to our sex, vibrations from the inside out. He loves vibrations on his cock and balls, I love vibrations inside my pussy and on my clitoris. The We-vibe took care of both our loves and gave us equally what we needed. It was intended not for just HIM or just HER but for BOTH partners. It's a vibrator that's meant to be shared so if one partner buys it, yes, they can buy it with themselves in mind but it quickly becomes a purchase intended for their partner as well. You can splurge on the price tag to play it off as a gift to your partner when really it's a gift for you as well. Yes, it's pricey and I've gotten many personal emails asking me if it's "worth it" and babe, it SO is. This is THE couple toy|Toys for couples that's worth investing in because it will satisfy every time.
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  • Nashville
    Does anyone have any questions about the We-Vibe?
  • b0xergirliegirl
    Thanks for the review! This caught my attention when it first came out, (it's so difficult to find the perfect couples toy) and I have to say I keep going back and forth about the value for the price, but I think you may have cinched the decision for me (it definately seems like the positives out way the negatives).
  • Nashville
    I'm glad I could help you out! You absolutely get your money's worth.
  • Ashly Star
    I want one of these so bad and this review only helped that want along that much more, lol.

    Since this review was 15 months ago and the follow up was about a year ago I'm curious, do y'all still use this toy and do you still enjoy it as much as you did?
  • Nashville
    We don't use it as much as we used to but when we do, the occasion is usually a very special one and the lovemaking (because with the We-Vibe it leads to a physical act far beyond sex) is pretty intense and all kinds of wonderful. If you don't have one, get one.
  • dare2defy
    do you think that there would be a problem using this if the guy is wearing a condom, i assume that the friction might wear at the latex, but i thought id ask.
  • seaofneptune
    I've actually been curious about this toy, I love ones that my partner and I can use together - that way I don't have all the fun. Thank you for the review!
  • Liz
    I also love this toy! Nice review!
  • Passionate Pastor
    Great review, thanks!!!
  • Jobthingy
    This is something on our wish list. Soon enough it will be mine. Thanks for the review
  • Monica G
    great review!
  • sweet seduction
    Great review!
  • dezzydezire
    Thanks for the review.
  • Kabachu
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!!
  • xxxbluexxx
    nice review
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
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