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We-vibe 2

G-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe

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The We-vibe is a vibrating cock ring and bullet in one. It sounds perfect, but there are quite a few flaws. I'm sure this product will be wonderful for many, but I'm still anticipating an improved design.
Innovative design, high quality materials, rechargeable.
Weak vibrations, awkward positioning.
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useful review
The We-vibe is a luxury toy that is so right on many levels. First of all, it’s made of hypoallergenic, non-porous, 100% medical grade silicone. It’s also waterproof and rechargeable. Most importantly, it features a revolutionary new design. It’s meant to be worn internally and externally at the same time. Its unique shape features two stimulating nodes which vibrate on your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. What’s really cool about the We-vibe is you can wear it during intercourse, which allows you to share the We-vibe's sensations with your partner!

My We-vibe came to my doorstep discreetly packaged. I opened the UPS box to discover my We-vibe in a lovely white box! The vibe itself is royal purple. It’s soft, yet rubbery, with a raised WE VIBE logo on the top, and wavy ridges on the underbelly of the vibe. There is no smell or taste. It’s very flexible, and can fit in between your thumb and forefinger. I can already tell it’s going to be a dust-magnet. Good thing it comes with a carrying case to keep all those little dust bunnies away. Nobody likes a dusty old cooch, nobody. The case is a deep purple/almost black and looks exactly like a sunglasses case. I’ve heard legends of a few turbo geniuses who've have managed to fit both the We-vibe and the charger into the case. I haven’t been able to maneuver both into the case myself.

After admiring my vibe for a few minutes, my amazement quickly switched to confusion. The instructions consist of a few ambiguous illustrations accompanied by some jibber jabber nonsense. This mystifying contraption is officially frustrating me, and it’s instructional garble makes me want to bang my head against a wall. I decide to go to the We-vibe website as a last resort. There’s a nice little video under “operating instructions” that cleared up all my questions. If you're planning on buying a We-vibe, I suggest you watch this video too. Well that was a pain in the arse. Now I have to charge the blasted thing for 24 hours before I can use it? There goes my night.

24 Hours Later - Let’s turn her on, shall we? There are only two settings. The low setting (right) is a soft purring vibration. The high setting (left) is a mediocre throbbing vibration. You must stop for a second to turn the vibe off (center) if you want to change speeds. Boo. Let’s get this baby situated. It’s comfortable, but the positioning is awkward inside of me. When I turn it on (either high or low), the We-vibe doesn’t do much besides relax me. It feels nice on my clit, but I can’t feel any G-spot stimulation. I could never orgasm from this product alone, time to bring out a dildo.

It took a while to find a dildo that was compatible with my vibe. Some were too big, some were too small, some were the wrong material, and some were the wrong shape. Some of the larger dildos were very painful to insert while wearing the We-vibe. Finally I settled for a medium sized plastic traditional vibe I hadn’t used in years. I can definitely feel the bottom node caressing my G-spot with every stroke of the dildo, divine. My only problem now is the weak clitoral stimulation. As of yet, things aren’t looking so great for the We-vibe, but I still haven’t worn it with a partner!

After getting good and warmed up with my guy, we were ready for intercourse! Anticipating the “harmonic throbbing” sensation described in the promotional video, he placed the We-vibe inside me and began to insert his penis. “Ouch!” we both said. The squeeze was too tight for me, and he said the vibe felt irritating, so we lubed good. Insertion was easier, and reduced friction for him. We both agreed that while the We-vibe felt nice, it was nothing earth shattering. It was difficult to maneuver the We-vibe to hit my G-spot and clit during intercourse. Sometimes the We-vibe even got twisted around. The best position was woman on top. Missionary sucked because the vibe kept getting twisted around. In close second was doggie style. It seemed to stay put, and stimulated my G-spot more in this position, but the top node had to be held in place by one of us if I wanted any clit stimulation. When it wasn’t held in place it kept jumping away from my clit during thrusting, so much for “hands free”.

Important Information:
- This product has a 90 day manufacturer’s defect replacement guarantee.
- It’s flexible, but excessive bending or twisting may hurt vibrator.
- Use with water based lubrication only.
- Wash with soap and water before and after each use.
- This product can be sterilized for sharing.
- You cannot overcharge this product.
Both my guy and I hate giving our wee little buddy a bad review because it seemed so perfect! Unfortunately, it failed to meet our expectations, and was a $130 that need not have been spent. We get better results from a vibrating cock ring on him, and a Hitachi (or Xtreme pack G-spot bullet ☺) on my clit. Sure, they’re much more cumbersome, but who cares when it comes to pleasure. They’re also much more affordable.

You can find cheaper products that do similar things, but here are a few suggestions for alternate uses for the We-vibe:

(The We-vibe can hold its charge for 2 hours. On low it is very quiet and unlikely to be heard by others if there are any other noises around such as fans, TVs, cars, etc.)
- Wear it under your clothes to spice up house cleaning.
- Take the mundane out of exercising, & wear it while taking a brisk walk, or lifting weights.
- Have trouble falling asleep during boring econ lectures or corporate meetings? Go bold! Put on your big girl panties and let the We-vibe keep you awake.
- Stuck in a traffic jam? Turn to jelly while wearing the We-vibe en route.
- Wrap it around your/your man’s penis for a vibe-tacular handjob.
- I’m not sure if this is safe or recommended, but my guy likes to wear it anally during intercourse. He likes the way if feels in his ass, and loves the vibrations at the base of his testicles.
- Use it as a kegel exerciser.
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  • PurpleReign
    Too bad the design didn't quite work out for you Machina. I guess it fit us a little differently. As noted, the vibe strength isn't going to get many people off alone...but the list of adaptations you've made I think puts it in the win category.

    The anal insertion should probably be fine, since the connecting neck on this is so very thin. I never would have thought of it. Glad your guy finds that works for him like this...but it must twist about rather easily that way?
  • Machina
    Thanks PurpleReign! I figured I should find some other fun ways to use it since I paid so much for it. I do love how it is extremely versatile, & hopefully I'll be able to discover even more fun things to do with my We-vibe in the future!
  • Minxy
    Hello Machina,
    I own the We-vibe and I couldn't agree with you more. I really loved the suggestions for alternate use,excellent review!
  • Machina
    Thanks Minxy! I was really worried I would get a lot of -not useful at all- votes on this one because everyone else seems to just love it!
  • Liz2
    I have been concerned about this toy as it appears that your clit and g spot have to be hit, 100% accurately, at the same time. Tall order! But the concept is appealing to me.
    I also thought that it would be stronger. Oh well!
  • Machina
    Liz2- It gets an A+ for effort, and it's versatility is amazing, but it is such an expensive toy for something doesn't do the trick every time, you know? If I were you I'd wait for an improved model, or similar product that has some of the kinks worked out.
  • Mamastoys
    Sorry it didn't work out for you but I like the alternative suggestions. Sounds like a good idea but just not perfected.
    Nice review.. Thanks!
  • Perish
    Nice review!
  • Machina
    Mamastoys & Perish-Thanks for the sweet comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the alternatives!
  • Sexthusiast
    The website states that the We-Vibe 2 has 9 different vibration settings? Is this not the case?
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for the review!
  • krisvida
    Great review!
  • iveversxe
    Great review. I love the alternative suggestions as well. ( :
  • Chris15461
  • Teacookie
    thank y0ou
  • MissCandyland
    Nice ideas on how to use it!!! Thank you!!!
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
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