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Stop Hogging MY We-Vibe!!!

Overall, the We-Vibe II gets 5 stars from me. Although you have to poke your own charger hole, I don't think that should take away from how awesome the toy really is. It's pretty quiet, has two powerful motors, and is great for both myself, and my husband! There's not much more I could really ask for in a sex toy. I'm glad that I found this toy!
Multiple uses, Couples or Solo, Silicone, Rechargeable, 2 motors, Storage included
Have to poke your own charging hole, Doesn't work in all positions
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"Babe let me use the vibrating cock ring tonight, please. You always get to use your MiMi." He begs...

"Sweetie you know that irritates the hell out of me. Let me just use this vibe on my clit and you can feel it a little bit too. Not as much but you'll still feel it." She argues...

Is the above what it sounds like in your home before sex? That's how it sounds here at my home with my husband and I have sex. It really shouldn't have to be that way. Sex should be spontaneous, effortless, and unplanned - But how is that possible when you have to choose who gets to use the toy tonight, how to use it, which one to use, etc.?

This is where the We-Vibe II comes in to save the day!

Although the We-Vibe II is not 100% effortless, it is extremely easy to pull out on a whim and use during sex. What's the best part? Both the male and female and feel the vibrations! No planning, no arguing, no begging... Just ecstasy.

The recommended way to use the We-Vibe II is to put the G-Spot end inside of the female's vagina, so that it vibrates and rubs against her G-Spot with it's textured surface, while the C-Spot (clitoral) end lays over her clitoris and rubs against it with it's textured surface. The shape makes it easy to stay in, for the most part. A little adjusting is needed, but not too much.

I know what you're thinking. "Well, all this sounds like is a girl's toy. What does the man get out of this?" Well, calm down there, sir. Did you know that the We-Vibe II is left in during sex? Yes, that's right. You can leave the We-Vibe II inside of your gal during sex, and enjoy all the same features from the head of your cock to the shaft of your dick, all the while having sex just as your normally would. Your side is smooth, free of any texture that might cause discomfort, but filled with intense vibrations. Be careful though! You might cum instantly!

So what if you don't like this idea, or this position doesn't work for you? Maybe you're feeling a little generous and you'd like your male partner to have all the fun, or let him try something new? Well, my husband and I have found two new ways to use the We-Vibe II, and here they are:

1. Put the We-Vibe II Around the cock to use as a vibrating cock ring. No, it wont be tight, and will not help you last longer. However, yes, it will vibrate against the scrotum and it will vibrate around your cock - even sending vibrations to your gal's clitoris depending if you decide to use it upright or dangling down.

2. Cup the scrotum with the We-Vibe II. This can be tricky, and it depends on the size of your man's balls, but it is possible. I think cowgirl is the best position to do this in, and we prefer cupping it from the bottom up (making a "U"). The ring comfortably wraps around my partners balls, painlessly, yet tightly (he's larger... quite larger than most) and sends very intense vibes throughout his scrotum during sex.

Okay now, single ladies. I didn't forget about you. If you don't have a man, or simply want to play by yourself, insert this baby just as you would before sex and be on your way about regular masturbation. You can easily use a dildo with the We-Vibe II (with lubricant, of course) and just let it do it's job while the clitoral end does all the massaging on your clit. No hard work for you! I even have fun using the We-Vibe II by itself! I simply stick it in, and rock my body a bit until I orgasm... How easy is that?

So you can tell by now that this toy is revolutionary, and very unique. You wont find another around with the same style, or the same quality. There are several others that have the same general idea for use, but none will be this comfortable or this easy to use. Believe me, the We-Vibe II is something everyone should own.
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    • Couples
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Scrotum

Material / Texture

The We-Vibe II is made out of 100% medical grade silicone that has no smell or taste, whatsoever. It is also hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. That makes the We-Vibe II very easy to clean, and very easy to maintain, and safe for everyone to use. Just be sure to stay away from silicone based lubricants as that can slowly cause the silicone to become tacky and fall apart over time. It's always best to stick to water-based lubricants when using toys made of silicone. A good lubricant would be Maximus, or Pink Water lubricants. Maximus is a bit thicker, if you need extra lubricant, and Pink Water is thinner.

It's important to use lubricant with this toy to help the "glide" during sex. It will be hard to use this toy with a condom, so if you regularly use condoms take note that there is a little extra risk of it breaking or of it not working well. Use some extra lubricant, preferably thick like Maximus, and lather up your dick very well before play. This will keep the condom a little safer from breaking.

We had a condom break while using this toy, but I'm on back-up birth control so it doesn't matter much to me. My husband and I just wanted to see if it was possible to safely use one with the We-Vibe II. We hardly use condoms anyway so it's not a giant deal for us.

There is ribbed texture against the G-Spot and C-Spot portion. The C-Spot texture is more subtle and less intimidating. I can definitely feel the G-Spot texture but the C-Spot texture is honestly.... just right! I was afraid that it would be too much against my naked clitoris. To my surprise it felt just right, and led me to multiple orgasms in no time at all! The We-Vibe II didn't bother my husband or myself at all.

    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The We-Vibe II is in the shape of a "U". I would say a "C" but it's much flatter than that. I was worried that the shape wouldn't fit my body, but it has fit me very well and I haven't had any problems using it. The design, I'm sure, had a lot of thought put into it. You can see how flexible the center area is (the bottom of the "U"). Please refrain of bending it too much as there are wires in that area that could possibly break. Nonetheless, this toy is sure to fit most women. The shape works easily, but it seems to only work easily if you're doing missionary position, which is man on top, woman underneath.

There is a diagram of this in the user's guide in case you're a little confused on what position to use. I did successfully use it cowgirl style after about 3 times of practice (Yes, it was a little bit annoying. Just a little bit, though.) The only issue is that it's more likely to fall out in that position, so you have to do more of a grind, rather than bouncing up and down on your partner's cock. It's tricky!

The toy's size really did surprise me. It fit right in the palm of my hand. I expected it to be just a little bit larger. However, good things come in... eh... small packages! I am afraid of losing it since it's so small so I do make sure to keep it in the purple pouch it came with after every usage. It also seems easy to break if someone were to twist it wrong so I have to keep it away from my animals (they like to eat sex toys). This is really important, so make sure you have a safe place to keep this toy.

The We-Vibe II is perfect for travel because of the small size. It could easily fit in your makeup bag, suit case, or even your pocket (I don't recommend keeping it in your pocket. It was just an example!). Take it on a train, take it on a plane, take it anywhere you'd like. It's the perfect size!
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

As you may have read in several reviews, the We-Vibe II has the most awkward control button, and it only has one. This is one thing I disliked quite a lot for a few reasons. First off, my husband and I had family over and they walked up to the door while we were in bed. There was no "emergency off" button, so they definitely heard the vibration. An off button is something that this toy really needs.

The button is right next to where the charger hole is. You really have to press down extremely hard to hit the button correctly, and it can take quite a while to turn the toy off. You cycle through the settings completely before being able to turn the toy off. There are two speed settings, low and high. After that they are all patterned cycles. There are 9 settings total that you have to cycle through before being able to turn the toy off.

Aside from this issue, the We-Vibe II is quieter than my husband and I expected. It's about 2 bees, and can possibly be heard through a door, depending on the home and situation. This wouldn't have been a huge deal if it wasn't for the fact that we've had family over since Wednesday and will have them over all this weekend, and that our bedroom door is the opposite of soundproof.

The cool thing is that once the We-Vibe II is inserted, the toy gets down to a 1-2 bee. So it can no longer really be heard outside of your blankets and sheets. So the sound issue really only applies when the toy is in your hand.

There is a plus to the annoying control button - you wont accidentally change the cycle because it's so hard to press down on. So it's a bittersweet type of thing. On one hand you hate having to press down so hard, but on the other hand you are glad your cycles aren't changing all on their own.

Care and Maintenance

To clean off the We-Vibe II after use I prefer using toy wipes, such as Eden Toy & Body Wipes, as it is safe for toys and will avoid getting any water into the tiny charger hole. However, you can quickly rinse the We-Vibe II under warm water with antibacterial soap. Do not immediately connect the toy to the charger and allow for it to dry an hour or so.

Charging your We-Vibe II for the first time is the trickiest thing ever. You have to literally penetrate your own charging hole yourself using the end of the charger. There is a small dot to show you where to poke a hole through the silicone, but getting the charger in correctly is the hard part. I think that this is a bit of poor craftsmanship, and the makers of We-Vibe II could have definitely made us a nice charging hole with a cover. That would also make this toy waterproof if they had done that, which would have been really nice as well.

When you first recieve the We-Vibe II you have to charge the toy for 24 hours before you can use it at all. This was so hard because my hubby and I were ready to use it ASAP! However, we followed directions and found that we would get an entire 3 hours of play out of one charge!



We-Vibe II

Personal Massager


"Worn While You Make Love

C & G-Spot Stimulator ~ Couples or Solo Play"

Soft, Flexible, Comfortable, Medical Grade Silicone, Charger Included, 2 Motors, 9 Modes, Water Resistant

Packaging isn't totally discreet, as you can clearly see the toy through the front of the box. As you can tell from above, the words aren't technically discreet either. So if discretion is an issue, you'll want to open this behind closed doors. Every part of the box is recyclable paper, cardboard, or plastic. There's TONS of plastic pieces on the inside, so have your recycling bin near if that's your plan. I was surprised at how well the We-Vibe II was packaged. The company definitely wanted to make sure this item shipped safely, and for that I am thankful.

With your toy you will recieve a small light purple satin bag for storage, the device's charger, and of course, your We-Vibe II. You will also get an instructions manual that includes a 1-year warranty, along with a diagram of the best position/way to use the We-Vibe II. There isn't a whole lot of useful information on washing the We-Vibe II, or caring for it.

Charger: AC/DC Adaptor

Input: 100-2400V ~ 50/60Hz 0.25A Max

Output: 6.0V ~ 40mA

I think that the package alone is just fine for giving as a gift. It comes with everything you need, and the satin pouch adds a nice touch. If anyone had gotten this for me in the past I would be perfectly happy! Of course, you will probably want to wrap the box! Other than that, this is a great gift. The box is also good for storage since it is pre-fit to hold the We-Vibe II.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I did mention that this toy is not waterproof. The box calls the We-Vibe II "water resistant," but I suppose they are only talking about the material. The tiny hole (in which you poke yourself, to charge the toy) could easily take in water. So I do not personally recommend taking this into the shower or tub. Be very cautious about washing as well.

If you haven't already please check out the video tutorial at the top of the page to help you charge your We-Vibe II for the first time. It's a tricky process.


Overall, my partner and I have had a lovely experience with the We-Vibe. We're learning new ways to play with it each time we use it, and the suggested position is a whole lot of fun as it is. When my husband is a way I have tons of fun using this toy solo, and it makes a great addition to the usual masturbation routine. It's compatible with other toys, as well as your partner, so you can use it any time, anywhere.

I might have to go ahead and buy another, because my husband and I can't seem to decide which one of us gets to use the We-Vibe II the way we want. He loves the way it feels wrapped around his balls, but I love the way it feels inside of me. So although this is a couple's toy, beware of falling too much in love with the We-Vibe II!!!
Follow-up commentary
Well, my dog decided to eat the We-Vibe II, so it's life has ended... unfortunately. I want to murder my dog (not really, I love my puppy). But in that sense, you should know that I was very upset that I lost this toy. Definitely can say that it was becoming one of my new favorites very quickly. I will hopefully buy another soon but I'm really saving up to add to my already HUGE glass collection!
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