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G-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe

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Well, I'm Vibing Anyway

Another well made product that seems to be a hit or miss with people. Either it works, or it doesn't. Well, for a good number of women, this will provide an excellent source of yummy dual stimulation during sex. For others, well, it might work well as a solo toy.
Hands free, Safe materials, Will work for a number of people
Won't work for everybody, Some might find the vibrations lacking
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


In theory, the We-Vibe is like the woman's version of a cock ring, sort of. Designed to be worn vaginally during sex (or play with a toy), the we-vibe is designed to simultaneously stimulate both the g-spot and the clit. For some women, it's like the holy grail of sex toys. For others, not so much.

Material / Texture

The parts that you come in contact with on the we-vibe are made of a shiny silicone with a bit of drag to it. It doesn't take much to stop my finger while running it across the surface, so I'd recommend some lube before use. It's mostly smooth, with the exception of the underside of the 2 heads, which both have some ribs for added stimulation. There's a slight scent that I can't quite place my finger on, but it's not all that unpleasant, and it's noticeable if you're looking like you're trying to snort it, which I also don't recommend. It is, unfortunately, a bit of a lint magnet, so keep this in mind when storing.

Design / Shape / Size

It's designed like an elongated C, or a U, depending on which way you're holding it. The arm that's supposed to be inserted for g-spot stimulation is about 3" long, shaped like an awkward oval, and about an inch wide and 3 1/2" around. It's got 6 little ridges that run down in size, that coupled with the bullet in the end, provide some nice stimulation. The g-spot arm is attached by a very flexible elbow to the "c-spot" arm. That side is a bit bigger and bulkier, looking more like a rounded out exclamation point without the added period. It's got virtually the same dimensions as the g-spot arm, only it's a bigger oval.

It's going to work well for a good number of women, and if you happen to leave it out, it's not likely that anybody would be able to guess right off that bat what it's supposed to be used for.

Functions / Performance / Controls

After you charge the we-vibe up, you press the little protruding knob on the front of the clitoral arm. It's barely noticeable, and you'll have to work to change speeds, but honestly, it's much better to have to work at it, than have a speed change accidentally when you don't want it to.

So press it once to turn it onto its lowest speed. You'll get some nice deep rumbly vibrations that might give you some itchy fingers if you hold it too long, but it's barely audible. Another click of the button brings you up to the next solid vibration, a more intense version of the first, and still pretty quiet. A third click takes you to a cycling of vibrations that goes through sort of a high-medium-low thing. The next click does the same thing, only a little slower. A fifth click gives you a pulsing vibration. A sixth gives you an escalating vibration, similar to an engine revving. A seventh gives you a steady set of pulses slightly stronger than the lowest initial setting, followed by a short spurt of lower and faster pulses. The next click very slowly goes from low, to high, and back down again. The next one sort of reminds me of a cha cha, with a da da dadada pattern. Click it again, and it turns off. Want to turn it off at any point during that rotation? Just press and hold the button for a few seconds and it turns right off.

I was initially kinda nervous about the waterproof claims, since I knew that the charger had to basically puncture a hole in the skin to work, and I was worried that water would somehow find its way in there and cause it to stop working, but I submerged it running in a sink of water and it just clattered away happily.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty simple. Avoid using silicone based lubes, because those might cause some damage to your expensive new toy. Just stick with water based. Otherwise, you can spray it with a toy cleaner, wash it in the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap, or wipe it down with isopropyl alochol or a 10% bleach solution. You'll probably also want to give it a light rinse before use, since it does tend to pick up plenty of lint and other stuff.

You'll want to charge it at least 24 hours before your first use, and since there weren't any indicator lights of any kind (that I could see), just make a note of what time you plugged it in, and just plug it in for a few hours after every couple of uses to make sure it's got enough juice for you.

And you can keep it in the handy dandy storage pouch it came with.


The box was very nice. Not discreet, since it did advertise its contents, but still nice enough to give as a gift. Inside it had the we-vibe, a storage pouch, a very detailed instruction pamphlet, and the charger boxed separately.

Personal comments

Note: to charge it, you're going to have to fight with it. Seriously, I turned mine on countless times the first time I was trying to get the plug into the we-vibe. Since you can't see where you're aiming, you have ot feel it out, and since the 'skin' isn't attached to the port opening, sometimes you miss.


I wanted so badly to like, be in love with this. But alas, it just doesn't seem to work that well during sex. No matter how we would position it, it always ended up a little uncomfortable, like the top arm was pressing too hard and had moved up too far, but I couldn't move it down any farther because the bottom arm wouldn't move right. As far as how it worked with a penis, well, if you can normally take your partner with ease, there shouldn't be a problem, but it is going to make your vaginal canal that much smaller, and might cause some discomfort.

I was just about ready to give up on this toy altogether, when my laziness one evening gave me a great idea. We had tried it again during sex, still nothing, but this time, after he pulled out so we could go get something else that would work better, I left it buzzing away inside of me. And it felt, good. Good enough that it's worked its way into my group of solo toys. So at least it wasn't a total bust.

Ladies, if this doesn't work with your man, don't give up before trying it on your own.
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