G-spot rabbit vibrator discontinued
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Ultimate hands free vibe for couples!

The We-Vibe is a wonderful device if you're looking to enhance your partner sex but it works well for solo action too. I loved the g-spot and clitoral stimulation that the We-Vibe added to our sexual encounters and my lover truly appreciated my new vibrating pussy! It really caused stimulation to so many points all at once that it wasn't long before I was pushed over the edge. During solo use, it took me a little longer to achieve orgasm but when I did, it too was strong and satisfying!
Hands free, phthalate free, discreet and enjoyable by both partners.
None really.
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The We-Vibe is one of the most versatile and unique couples toys that we currently own. It's like a vibrating cock ring for her, or maybe more suited to be called a vibrating vagina ring? Or how about a vibrating pussy ring? No matter what you call it, it will turn your pussy into a vibrating delight for your lover while you enjoy vibration to your g-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

Sure, the We-vibe is not a one-size fits all toy. It really is dependent on your anatomy as to how well it's going to work for you. That being said, if you require very strong vibrations to get off or already feel full to the brim when your partners penis is inside of you, then there's a chance that the We-Vibe isn't going to work out for you. But if you're the type that constantly craves just a little bit more from your partner or just want more g-spot stimulation during intercourse, the We-Vibe may just be your dream come true. I can honestly say that it's worked marvelously for us and is literally a dream come true!

Of course the We-Vibe can be used for some solo action too and that's one of the things that makes it so versatile. Its small size and mild vibrations are geared more toward enhancing your sexual experience with your partner though. Because of that and my need for intense vibrations for solo masturbation, I rarely use it to fly solo. That doesn't mean it won't work for you though. It really is comfortable and hits all the right spots for me, it just can't get me off fast during masturbation and that's usually what I'm going for when I'm alone.

Material / Texture

The entire surface of the We-Vibe is coated in premium silicone so it's not only phthalates free but it's also latex free. The material is also scent free with a glossy finish that provides a nice amount of resistance when drug against your skin. This resistance is easily reduced with the application of a water-based lubricant.

Design / Shape / Size

The C or U shaped design of the We-Vibe allows for the bulged ends, which each contain their own vibrator, to sit directly against your g-spot and clitoris. The smaller bulge goes inside your vagina to nestle against your g-spot while the wider bulge remains external, against your clitoris. Both bulges are slightly ridged for added stimulation but the controls and charging port are located on the larger, clitoral bulge.

The thin, flexible, middle area between the bulges is very forgiving and comfortable. You can bend it to conform to your curves but it always goes back to its original shape when you're finished. It probably isn't a good idea to forcefully twist or manipulate this flexible area though. It could possibly cause permanent damage to the toy.

As far as size goes, the We-Vibe is quite literally about the same size as a regular playing card. As a matter of fact, a playing card is just a bit larger than the We-Vibe. It also fits into the palm of my hand as well. The bulged ends are only about 1" in diameter and it's a total of about 3" long when it's stretched out. It's just really a small, cute and discreet little toy!

Functions / Performance / Controls

We found the We-Vibe easy to control via its slide adjustment on the clitoral bulge. It's on the very tip so it's in close proximity of your clitoris during use. The little slide was a bit hard for us to locate at first but there is a little dimpled area to help locate it. Instructions are included though so make sure to retain those until you get the hang of the locations.

The We-Vibe has two speeds. They are located on opposite ends of the slide adjuster with the center being the off position. I personally prefer the highest setting because the low speed is just barely there. The high speed is a bit more powerful than what I had anticipated though. While it is by no means a jack hammer, it is of ample power to get me off during intercourse.

The charging port was also a bit hard for us to locate. It's just such a tiny little hole by the controls that it's easily overlooked. Again, make sure to keep your instructions for reference because this little device must be charged for 24 hours prior to use. The instructions further state that the We-Vibe cannot be over charged and it's best to place it back on the charger after use so it's never dead when you're ready to go.

We found the We-Vibe to be really quiet. It was just barely audible to us in the same room as the toy. It definitely can't be heard through a closed bedroom door.

The We-Vibe is not waterproof. It's only resistant to water so it's safe to use plenty of water based lube with the We-Vibe. Just don't submerge it in a sink full of water, bathtub, hot tub, lake or going swimming while wearing it and it should be ok.

Care and Maintenance

Being that it's covered entirely in glossy, premium silicone, the We-vibe should only be used with water-based lubes. It's easily cleaned with soap and water, just remember to keep the charging port dry at all times. You could also use your favorite toy cleaner but your only option for sterilization is wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution because the We-Vibe cannot be boiled.

The We-Vibe can easily be stored in its included black storage container that looks like an eyeglass case. I doubt that anyone would even think it was anything but an eyeglass case. It will help to protect your investment as well as keeping it away from prying eyes though.


The We-Vibe is packed inside a simple, white cardboard box. There's no models plastered all over just the We-Vibe peeking out from the center. Simple yet effective.

Packed inside along with the We-Vibe you'll find the hard case for storage, the wall charger unit and a set of instructions that are extremely useful until you become more familiar with your new toy. I have been successful in charging the We-Vibe while in the case but I just cannot get the We-Vibe and charger to both fit inside together for storage. That's really my only gripe and it's really not exactly a gripe. Just a thought really.

Personal comments

When I first ordered the We-Vibe, I had expected it to fail miserably. I just thought it sounded too good to be true. I guess you could say I was practically dumbfounded when it arrived and we started to play with it. It really was all that it was cracked up to be and I was lucky enough to be able to insert and use it without any problems at all. Sure, I didn't get it quite right the first few times but with a little practice and patience, my partner and I have become experts on how to position the We-Vibe to work for us. It really is a hands free little marvel!


We have a lot of fun using the We-Vibe to enhance intercourse. That's really how it works best and really shines for us. It also leaves our hands free to explore each other.

I've had some fun using the We-Vibe for solo sessions but I usually prefer to get off quickly during masturbation. But while the We-Vibe doesn't get me off quickly when used alone, it gets me off thoroughly and powerfully when I do reach orgasm. It's definitely worth the extra effort if I have the time!
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