We-Vibe Touch

Clitoral vibrator discontinued
by We-vibe

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If you're looking for a clitoral vibe that won't go missing in action if you're using it with a partner and is easy to keep a grip on in long sessions without hand cramps. Try the Touch.

The Touch is heaven in a toy. It is powerful and discreet. I love how easily I can conceal it around those I don't want to know about it. It is waterproof, which is a HUGE plus for those times that you want to be alone. I would buy this vibe a hundred times over. I recommend it to all those who ask about it. It is a perfect personal play toy and enhancer for another toy, as well as during sex.

The Touch is my personal favorite toy to use both solo and with my partner. The silicone material makes it a very safe toy to have in your collection. It provides the perfect amount of pleasure delivered right to my clitoris. It’s easy to clean and store, plus rechargeable.

This product is pricey - but you get what you pay for. I love the We-Vibe Touch. It is my favorite vibrator in my collection. It is a fabulous product and can be used by yourself or with a partner.

I absolutely love this vibrator. It is one of my top vibrators that I own. I really enjoy the deep, rumbling vibrations that this offers, compared to the buzzing of traditional vibrators. This gives me mind blowing orgasms almost immediately. I love the design and the ability to use the tip for precise stimulation. I also love the magnetic charger and the fact that this vibrator is rechargeable, as several of my other traditional vibrators are battery guzzlers.

It is an amazing toy - it helped me to reach my first orgasm ever, and it has been in heavy use ever since. My favourite toy, worth the price very much! Having to recharge it after just a couple of uses can be a bit inconvenient, but the vibe makes up for it a lot with its strong vibration and various vibration settings (4 increasing continuous vibrations and 4 rhythmic patterns).

Get this toy!! It is great for anyone looking for a new clitoral stimulator. It is worth every penny! Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and buy it!

The Touch is simple to use. It's beautiful, sleek, and has a great choice of settings. This vibrator is not too loud that you have to worry about everyone hearing it. It's adequately small for easy travel. It costs more than some of the similar products out there, but you get what you pay for. I recommend this as a must-have for every woman out there.

It's a bit pricy, but I would buy the We-Vibe Touch again. The vibrations are very deep and rumbly, and I'm really happy with the shape and size (which are sort of a hybrid of the Mia and the bcurious). It's very comfortable and easy to use. I would highly suggest it.

I picked this toy up on a whim, and I wasn't expecting a lot from it. It's not a perfect toy by any means, but the power that it brings more than makes up for all of its downfalls. if you can deal with the short battery life, give this is a shot; I don't think you'll regret it.

We-Vibe Touch is a great rechargeable toy that will suit a wide range of people. With the great variety in function, powerful vibrations, and easy to use controls; even a total beginner could appreciate this toy. The silicone is a little tacky for my taste and attracts a lot of lint, but other than that, this is a great vibe to have on hand!

The We-Vibe touch is a quality vibrator. It's made of a safe materials, has a strong vibe, and is rechargeable. Writing this review has changed my opinion about the We-Vibe Touch. It's not the ideal toy for my tastes, but I do enjoy it. I recommend it for anyone looking for a flexible clit vibe.

Overall, I do really enjoy using this toy. While there are a few things I wish I could change, this is my favorite clitoral vibrator at the moment. I bought the Form 2 around the same time and I use the Touch a lot more. I find that it has more power and is easier to control where the vibrations land than the Form 2. I believe the We Vibe Touch is worth the investment.

The Touch is a good, discreet clitoral vibrator! The design, waterproof nature, power and quietness make it better than most, but has a glaring flaw. I didn't find that the way it lost power was debilitating to its function, but it is annoying at this price.

My forever friend has been getting me off for years, and still works like the day I got it! Great size; doesn't get in the way during penetration by a partner.

Overall, this is now my favorite vibe. I could not find nothing wrong with it you will have to try it yourself!!!

While its sister toys are more likely superior, the We-Vibe touch is another lovely addition to this toy line, and a great option for those who want the We-Vibe motor in a silicone toy. Honestly, if We-Vibe comes out with any other clitoral vibe, I would probably purchase it without even looking at reviews. It;s that awesome.

A silcone, waterproof, rechargeable clit vibe that can be used when alone or as a couple. It doesn't get in the way and makes this one a keeper, but the short battery life can make it hard to orgasm.

On my search for the perfect clitoral vibrator, I have come across several inadequate candidates before finding the We Vibe Touch. This waterproof, rechargeable vibrator comes with tons of power, an ergonomic design, and plushy soft silicone. Amongst the slew of clitoral vibrators out there, this toy is certainly a diamond in the rough.

I was very unsure of spending this amount of money on a clit stimulator when there are so many cheaper ones out there. I found a deal on this one and now that I have it and would gladly pay full price for another one. This will be my go-to, travel anywhere toy. I think it is truly an amazing toy.

The we-vibe touch is a wonderful clitoral vibrator; it’s made out of this thick silicone that makes the vibrations feel deeper. The we-vibe is waterproof so you can take her into the shower with you. Her vibration are pretty strong for a toy her size and noise volume. The we-vibe touch is perfect for roommate living; your roommate won’t hear the we-vibe at all. You just have to make sure they don’t hear you squeal in ecstasy.

The We-Vibe touch - the pleasure claw that scratches me to a blissful crescendo.

The We-Vibe touch is one of my favourite toys. The price is right, its discrete, strong, charges quickly, and, most importantly, seems to be shaped perfectly for total clitoral satisfaction. Plus it can be used all over the body, both for both males and females, solo or partner. It's ergonomic shape- both in the hand and against the vulva or penis, makes it a preferred toy for one handed use, leaving your other hand free for thrusting.

Currently two different clit vibes called Touch are available. One is from the makers of the We-Vibe couples vibrator, and this is the one to buy. Its vibrations are powerful and rumbly, and the single button control is easy to work. But what really sets We-Vibe Touch apart from other clit vibes is its shape. There's a nice tip for pinpoint stimulation, and and a smooth scooped out underside that's great for grinding against.

Awesome rumbly vibes! If the issues were fixed, 5*. As is 4*. The Touch is a fantastic clit vibe but she's got a few very annoying quirks including power decreasing at the application of any pressure and charging issues. It feels like We-Vibe had a good idea but failed on the actual production.

If you only had to have one vibrator for the rest of your life, this would be the one. Of course, having a good G-Spot vibrator is good to, but this is *the* one!

If you are looking for that toy that will stimulate your clitoris and give you variations, this is the toy for you. It has great vibrations and is completely waterproof. It was the perfect addition for me when I wanted some clitoral stimulation during sex with my husband or when I'm alone. I absolutely love the We-vibe Touch.

If you're yet to experience the joys of a luxury clitoral vibe but don't want to spend over the $100 mark, then I recommend giving the Touch a try. With a smooth texture, so in no way irritating, and having four constant intensity levels, this one should be able to please most users. Of course, if you require Hitachi power I'd look elsewhere.

After being impressed with my Salsa, I decided to try some more of We Vibe's line. My bottom line is that I really like the Touch, but I'm not completely in love with it. I think it will be my new go to for sex because the curve works well for that use in terms of maintaining its position and not getting in the way. For solo use, however, I don't see myself grabbing this that much. The vibrations are about a speed below where I'd like them to be and when I apply pressure I can almost stop th

The We-Vibe Touch is a great external vibrator that can be used by anyone. It is rechargeable and offers various speeds and patterns to please different users. I highly recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a new vibe for external play.

We-Vibe Touch is a quality clitoral vibrator with all of the hallmarks of a must-have. Rechargeable, waterproof, silicone with classy packaging. It's design is great to offer something for everyone- cupping, pinpoint drawing, or flat vibrations all over. I think many people will enjoy it, however those who want really intense and strong vibrations will do better with another toy.

This is a power tool! I know, it may be hard to believe if you're comparing it to the power of the Original We-Vibe. Believe me, it is a strong little sucker! I can orgasm on the speed just below high. No other clit vibe can do that for me. The vibrations are deep and satisfying. The Touch is quality all around. I can't imagine this vibe not working for everyone, so I highly recommend it!

When I got the product I had really high expectations, something that either leaves me very impressed or totally disappointed. Fortunately I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions and the product turned out to be one of the most powerful, quiet and easy to use intimate accessories of it’s kind. From the sleek and supple medical grade silicone to the deeply penetrating vibrations, the We-Vibe Touch is simply amazing.

A Lovely Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is a neat, great-for-penetrative-sex vibrator that fits perfectly between two bodies. It's very quiet in sound, and it doesn't discreet during intercourse while it still can provide good and rumbly vibrations.

This is a great clitoral stimulator. I love the design and it fits perfect into my hand. No more running out for batteries since it is rechargeable. It is waterproof so I can take it in the shower. It is super quiet and has 8 settings with powerful vibrations. I love this toy and it is my go-to for a fantastic "O"!

A focused, light, fairly strong clitoral vibrator made of soft textured silicone. Lots of variety in intensity and patterns. What's not to like? We love our We-Vibe Touch. The only reason we give it four stars instead of five is that there are more powerful finger vibes out there and sometimes the width of the nose is just a little too diffuse to get my wife exactly right.

The We-Vibe Touch is a high quality toy with strong, deep vibrations, and a lot of great features. My only real complaint is that the shape didn't give me the kind of stimulation I prefer, but that was easily solved by flipping the toy over.

Touch Me

The We-Vibe Touch is the Ace of Clitoral Stimulation. It offers deep, rumbling vibrations and 8 different functions. It is controlled by a push button located at the base of the toy for easy use. The Touch is rechargeable and has a running time of 120 minutes. Take the We-Vibe in your bed, shower, bath, or other place of desire. Just touch it and it goes where you go.

We Vibe has continued making quality and innovative vibrators with its newest line. Touch is not only attractive but effective at delivering deep vibrations--all in a couple-friendly shape that can easily be incorporated into your sex life. This is THE toy for use between your bodies and you shouldn't even consider any other toys if that is your goal.

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