One impulse buy that I don't regret.

I picked this toy up on a whim, and I wasn't expecting a lot from it. It's not a perfect toy by any means, but the power that it brings more than makes up for all of its downfalls. if you can deal with the short battery life, give this is a shot; I don't think you'll regret it.
Waterproof, Cute colors, Rechargeable, Easy to use, Powerful, Quiet
Doesn't hold a charge for long, Charging port can be a bit awkward, Silicone has lots of drag
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The We-Vibe Touch is a luxury clitoral vibrator, and it's suitable for both beginners and more advanced toy users. It is priced a little high for something so small, but I think that it's completely worth it. The vibrator is rechargeable, and made out of high quality silicone. It's also very powerful and rumbly for a toy of its size, which was a total surprise.

You can use this with a partner, or you can use it alone. I find that the shape fits between my partner and I really well during sex, but Touch also does amazing things for me when I use it alone.

Touch is intended to stimulate the clitoris, which it does well. The slightly pointed tip enables users to get pin-point stimulation. You can also hold it so that the little scooped portion is pressed against your clitoris, if you want to apply more pressure.

The Touch can also be used to stimulate a male partners genitals. You can use it to stimulate other sensitive parts of your body, as well, regardless of your gender. Keep in mind, however, that this toy is not really meant to be inserted. It could technically be inserted vaginally, but it would be a bit awkward using it that way, due to the toys size and shape.

Material / Texture

The Touch is made from silicone, which rates as a 10 on Eden's safety scale. Silicone is hypoallergenic, non-porous, phthalates-free, and latex-free, so it's a really safe material to use.

The silicone on this toy is really glossy looking. Because of the glossy appearance, I was expecting the toy to be a bit slippery to the touch. I was really surprised to discover that this toy has a lot of drag. A lot of it. I mean, to the point that I could barely run my finger across the toy without using lubricant. The silicone just doesn't feel as fantastic as what I'm used to; it's a bit sticky to the touch, and the amount of drag is ridiculous. That being said, I still really like this toy, even though I'm not crazy about the way the silicone feels.

As I use this as a clitoral vibrator, I don't really use lubricant with this toy. I'm someone who tends to just hold a clitoral vibrator in place and let it do its thing, so it's not really important to me that a clitoral vibe glides nicely. If you tend to move your clit vibes around a bit more, you might want to apply a few drops of water-based lube.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a fairly small toy, measuring only 4" in length, and about 1.5" at its widest point. I love the size of the toy, because it fits conveniently in my hand.

This toy is sort of curved to fit your body, so it can between you and your partner during intercourse. I'm not saying that it will stay in place without someone holding it there, but it will fit nicely regardless. If you just lay it on your body, you're going to find that scooped portion is what stimulates the clitoris.

If you hold the vibrator, you'll have the option of using either the scoop or the pointed tip for stimulation. The scoop will provide you with more broad stimulation, whereas the pointed tip will give you pin-point stimulation.

For the most part, the toy is pretty firm, but the very tip of the Touch is flexible.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The touch is a rechargeable toy, but it's charging method is a little funny...In fact, it's kind of aggravating. It's a magnetic charger, so you really need to make sure it's placed just right for your toy to charge. The trouble is, the magnetic charger is not strong; it doesn't attach firmly or securely to the toy. All it takes is one little bump, and the charger comes off.

The Touch takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge, which isn't too bad. The battery life, ont he other hand, is really disappointing. It just seems to drain REALLY quickly... I mean, I will charge the toy until it has a full charge, and it still only seems to last just a little over an hour until it completely dies. For a toy that costs so much, I would expect the battery life to be a little better.

What really frustrates me about the battery life is the fact that there's no way to tell when it's dying. It doesn't light up or flash any specific colors... Nope... it just... dies. Sometimes, it'll start out working fine, and then, when you're right on the edge, it'll die. Talk about frustrating! I really wish that there was some type of warning sign, so that I could be prepared for this.

Moving on, let's talk about how control this thing when it's charged. It's simple, really... there's just one little push button. The button is really easy to press, and you use it to turn the toy on, cycle through vibrations, and then turn the toy off. I like how simple the button is, but it can be frustrating at the same time.

The one button control system is frustrating, because it doesn't allow you to cycle back through the settings. This means that if you happen to go past a setting that you enjoy, you need to cycle all the way through the settings, turn the vibe off, turn it back on, and then find your preferred setting. When you're in the heat of the moment, that can be irritating.

This toy does remember what setting you left off on, if you turn the vibe off at your favorite setting. So, say that setting four is your absolute favorite, and you want to make it so that you never have to go through all the other settings again. In this case, you would turn the Touch on and get to setting four, and then you would simply hold the button down for a few seconds. The toy will then shut off, and when you turn it back on, it will start off on setting 4.

The touch features four speeds of steady vibrations. The first vibration setting rates in at about 2 vrooms, whereas the fourth setting is about 4 vrooms. Along with having four steady speeds, the Touch also features patterns. There's escalating and pulsating patterns.

The vibrations of this toy are what really do it for me here. They're rumbly, deep, and strong. Sure, they're not as powerful as a wand massager might be, but they're great for a toy of this style.

This toy is waterproof, and it works fabulously in the water.

Care and Maintenance

The Touch is a major lint magnet. If I have it sitting out for even a few minutes, it ends up covered in pet hair, which is frustrating. For this reason, I would recommend washing the toy both before and after use. Thankfully, it is waterproof, so it's really easy to clean up. I typically wash it using basic antibacterial soap and water, but you could also use your favorite toy cleaner as well. You could also use a toy wipe or a baby wipe, if you prefer.

For lubricants, you're going to want to stick with water-based product. This is because the toy is made out of silicone, and silicone lubes could potentially ruin the material.

For storage, I would suggest putting this toy in a pouch. The Touch comes with its own white, satiny pouch, which is what I use for storing the toy.

Personal comments

On another note, the Touch seems like it would be the perfect vibe for travel. It's small, and it's pretty discreet. Unfortunately, though, the Touch does not have a travel lock. I was disappointed about the lack of a travel lock since I do lot of travelling, and I would love to take Touch with me on some of my overnight stays.
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  • Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review! I've been going back and forth on this. I don't like how draggy the silicone is...I think that's the only thing holding me back
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    Thanks for the review!! For how pricey it is, I really expected this to be a better/softer/less draggy silicone.
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    Fantastic review, thanks for sharing it with us
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    Thank you for the great review.
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    Excellent detail, thank you!
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    Really, you think the battery time is short?
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